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Tibetans should be treated like American Indians [Copy link] 中文

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China says Tibetan exile gov't 'illegal' ???

Damn! What we (as in China) needed is a bold, smart, and creative
speech writer
, one who are well versed in the English language as well as [a deep understanding into
the American psyche]
hence knows what makes the American psyche tick .  

Reason: The word "illegal" should not have been employed in reference to the group.
How Beijing should have responded to it should have been that '"the Tibetan gov't in exile is an illegitimate representative
(or b*st*rd child) for Tibet, PRC, or [for Chinese of Tibetans ethnicity inside Greater China].

Yes, the term is [Chinese of Tibetans ethnicity inside Greater China]!

[Size=-4]China says Tibetan exile gov't 'illegal' after vote


[Size=-4]China on Thursday attacked the Tibetan
government-in-exile as “illegal” following the election of a new prime minister to take over the organization's
political duties from the ageing Dalai Lama.

Putin's a killer. This was the claim made by Fox News journalist; Bill O'Reilly during his recent interview with Donald Trump. Trump's reply came in the form of a simple question. What, you think our country's so innocent?

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snakey should learn from the separatists, at least they leave China out of dissatisfaction toward the central goverment.

But snakey refuse to leave China and continue to exploit a girl for visa.

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Originally posted by edisonone at 2011-4-30 00:43

China says Tibetan exile gov't 'illegal' ???

Damn! What we (as in China) needed is a bold, smar ...

Ein Volk,ein Reich,ein Fuehrer! Heute hoert uns China und morgen die ganze Welt,die Edisons dieser Welt marschieren immer weiter auf dass die Welt in Truemmern faellt.
Patria est ubicunque bene/Obsequium amicos, veritas odium parit

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# 50

Das hast Du aber (fast richtig) schoen gesagt. Passt ja zum Trend in der EU, Niederlande, Schweden, Finnland, Italien und nicht zu vergessen Ungarn. Die haben sogar ein entsprechendes Ministerium hierfuer. Ich wusste bis vor kurem nicht, dass die Ungarische Sprache solche Anleihen aus dem Deutschen hat.      Siehe Image

Wer ist als naechster Staat in diesem Klub?

Rough translaton:

Well said, almost flawless. This suits the new trend within the EU. The Netherlands, Sweden, Finland, Italy and above all Hungary. The Hungarians even have a special ministry which is in charge for the new trend. Until recently I didn't know that they took the word for such a ministry from the German language (see image).

Which country is the next to join the elite club?
Ministry in Budapest.jpg

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No offense to the Hans, but they have 55 minorities that they have always treated in similar fashion as the Native Americans, just in recent years has that
changed. Similar to the ways it has in the US. The natives now make up about 1% us of the US population and that counts for the full bloods living on reservations. Those reservations are exempt to US Federal Law and maintain their own jurisdiction. They also keep some of their practices that are forbidden to US citizens such as smoking peyote. Many of intermarried with other races, such as my grandparents. Beijing Chinese already acknowledge that Xinjiang and xizang are not Chinese, yet maintain control for territorial integrity and the worlds largest source of fresh water. They have thus organized somewhat forced assimilation, while American tribes are not English, they are also taught by their "elders" even though many are forgetting their old ways or are leaving to become part of the rest of the US.

Sins of today cannot be compared to sins of the past, you must learn from the past rather than use it as an excuse for today.

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The Old World and the New .............

When the Lama ruling clique lauded over the Tibs and held them in slavery and bondage as serfs ........

They told their people that each eye gouging, tendon removal, beating and abuse was 'Karma' ........

And the Tibs accepted it stoically as their fate  ..........

Now the dethroned clique tell their people they are subjugated and should rise up ........

Is that because the current karma is not the one decided by the clique, or do they just not believe in their own theology ........  ?

Conversely, the demise of the N. American Indian was by American standards the Indian's karma for being 'there' and they disappeared through their own fault in violence and disease .............

And now are a minority in their own land with little to no voice ........

Yet this latter group of invaders and defilers now support the hypocrisy of the former group who greedily accept this and show that neither have any real standards or morals ........

When it comes to achieving their own baseless beliefs and hidden agenda ............

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