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Worldwide Protests Against the Yanks! [Copy link] 中文

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Brazil cracks down on anti-US protesters
Sat Mar 19, 2011 6:23PM

Brazilian police attacked demonstrators opposing the US President's visit to the country on 18 March 2011

Brazilian police forces have attacked demonstrators who staged rallies in Rio de Janeiro in opposition to US President Barack Obama's visit to the country.

Hundreds of protesters marched from the city center to the US Consulate in Rio on Friday. The rallies were organized by the Unified Party of Socialist Workers (PSTU), a Press TV correspondent reported.

The demonstrators chanted slogans and threw shoes to the US flag hang in front of the Consulate building.

Meanwhile, anti-riot police fired rubber bullets, injuring dozens, including a reporter from the Brazilian CBN radio station. Fifteen people were reportedly arrested during the unrest.

According to Colonel Lima Castro of military police, the attack on demonstrators was necessary since they threw Molotov cocktails.

However, PSTU has strongly denied any violent attack on the US Consulate, saying it was an infiltrated man job.

“They reacted with violence against a peaceful demonstration … We are against any kind of violence,” said PSTU Director Marcia Lopes.

On Monday, Brazilian political and social organizations released a statement saying they consider “President Obama persona non grata,” and are opposed to his presence in their country.

Larger demonstrations are expected to take place on Sunday.

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Dark future awaits US: Iran MP

Tue Mar 22, 2011 (presstv)

Iranian lawmaker Kazem Jalali

A senior Iranian lawmaker has urged US President Barack Obama to think of the massacre of innocent people in the region, predicting a dark future for the United States.

“Instead of being concerned about certain blind moves inside Iran, the US president had better be concerned about the killings of innocent people in the region,” a member of the National Security and Foreign Policy Commission of the Iranian Parliament (Majlis), Kazem Jalali, said on Monday.

“The wave of hatred of the United States is currently felt in the region and a dark future definitely awaits the Americans,” Jalali told Fars news agency.

He emphasized that innocent people in Bahrain, Yemen and Libya are being brutally killed while the US and its allies claim to defend human rights and democracy.

The lawmaker described as “ridiculous” Obama's message on the occasion of the new Iranian calendar year and noted that the US has been disgraced in the region and has an awful situation at present.

He pointed to the US miscalculation on Iran and emphasized that Obama has made a "blatant mistake" in his message “because the Islamic Republic of Iran is among democratic countries in the region.”

“The Iranian nation supports the Islamic establishment,” Jalali reiterated.

In his message to the Iranian nation on the occasion of Nowruz, the Persian New Year, Obama criticized the Iranian government for what he called “a campaign of intimidation and abuse” following the June 2009 presidential election.

He claimed that the Iranian government has demonstrated that it cares far more about preserving its own power than respecting the rights of the Iranian people.

The US chief executive also said that “the future of Iran belongs to the young” and reiterated that he would stand by the Iranian youth in determining their future.

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Not worldwide.

In most Western countries, who adhere anti-war march will be labeled a Muslim sympathizer.

Or to wish the worst for the brave Western soldiers who are risking their precious lives (well understood, only the brave soldiers lives are precious, unlike the civilians who are seeing the bomb burst over their heads. About these civilians, in the West, their fate still needs a more compassionate pundit with a most influential voice in the West to say something favorable about them)

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Originally posted by firstcause at 22-3-2011 01:39
Brazil cracks down on anti-US protesters
Sat Mar 19, 2011 6:23PM

Brazilian police attacked demonstrators opposing the US President's visit to the country on 18 March 2011

Brazilian police  ...

Obama has just spent a bit of time in Brazil pouring USD$ on the troubled waters there.

The visit seemed to come as a response to Brazils making noises about dumping the WTO and forming a new trade body with China and India.

Obviously the US Pres has spent enough to buy another poodle for a while at least - which means Doha 2011 should be a push over for the EU/US tool WTO.......

And those same USD$ should buy enough US support from the Brazilian Govt. to get them to turn out the troops against any public display of anti-amerikanism for a while...... it's called "buying friends" which seems to be the only way the US is able to stay afloat now as their empire begins to crumble around them..... :)
Man created god before god created man and the world has been in turmoil ever since. Dots freak some people out - so they join them with lines that aren't really there.

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Protesters against Obama have heads shaved in prison


By Journal Consciência.Net

An arbitrary imprisonment in Rio: "What is happening is simply unbelievable. Not because they are still prisoners," affirms Anderson Bussinger, of the Human Rights Commission of the OAB-Rio de Janeiro, who follows the case. Among the prisoners arrested for "threats to Obama," is the "Tricolor Grandma," 69 years old. After a Molotov cocktail was thrown against the consulate, she was grabbed, along with 12 others that barely heard the sound of the exploding device, Diário da Liberdade.

On Friday, the 18th, following a protest outside the U.S. Consulate, 13 people were arrested. After spending the night in jail, nine men were taken to the Ary Franco prison, where they were forced to have their heads shaved. The image recalls the pictures of political prisoners in Guantanamo Bay, the U.S. base in Cuba, marked by the utter, absolute disrespect for human rights.

"We are seeing the situation repeated here in Rio. Due to Obama's arrival, innocent people have been imprisoned since Friday. They are political prisoners of Cabral and Dilma," protests Cyro Garcia, president of the PSTU party that has 10 militants in the prisons.

"What is happening is simply unbelievable. I do not understand why they are still imprisoned," says Anderson Bussinger, of the Human Rights Commission of the OAB-RJ, which follows the case. In fact, it is difficult to suppose that the youngest, the 16 year old, still remains in a Screening Center on Governor's Island. Or to find the reasons that made the judge on duty to consider that Maria de Lourdes Pereira da Silva, 69, should poses a threat to the U.S. president and his entourage.

The lady, who is also known by Fluminense fans as the "Tricolor Grandma" for her game attendance, was passing through downtown Rio on Friday when she agreed with the reason for the protest and joined the group that said "Obama, go home." After a Molotov cocktail was thrown against the consulate, she ended up arrested, as well as 12 others who only heard the sound of the exploding device before police advanced. Since Saturday morning, she shares a cell in Bangu 8 with an art student and a professor at UFRJ (Rio de Janeiro University), who were in the demonstration, and another inmate.

On Sunday, shortly before Obama's arrival at the Municipal Theater, a march of 800 people approached the street on the sidewalk, demanding the release of the 13. Many friends and relatives of the prisoners were there. Cirlete Proença, who has a couple of children in prison, spoke, and moved, even compared today to the days of the military dictatorship.

The arbitrary arrests sparked many gestures of solidarity. The sweltering heat on Sunday did not prevent the presence of lawyers Marcelo Cerqueira and Antonio da Silveira Modesto, two symbols in the defense of political prisoners during the military dictatorship. Modesto, 84, was once kidnapped by the DOI-CODI and is the author of the Amnesty Law. Lawmakers, including Senator Lindberg Farias, of the PT, have also shown support with a public statement.

On Monday, at 11am, a demonstration will be held on the Fundão campus of the UFRJ, for the freedom of the prisoners, and will be attended by lawyers and professors of the Faculty of Law. The campaign to free the 13 also hit the internet. An online petition has received almost five thousand signatures in just two days and a cartoon by cartoonist Latuff is being replicated in sites and social networks around the world.

PSTU lawyers are preparing a new request for freedom, now facilitated by the end of Barack Obama's visit. "But we do not want just their release. It is necessary that the charges be dropped, so they are not imprisoned in the future. It is no crime to participate in or organize a peaceful protest," says Cyro Garcia.

Translated from the Portuguese version by:

Lisa Karpova

No Virgin Girl in America

American can not live without SEX.

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Security, Immigration, Libya on Obama's Agenda in El Salvador                           
San Salvador, Mar 23 (Prensa Latina) U.S. President Barack Obama on Wednesday concludes his visit to El Salvador, strongly supported by  and shadowed by the bloody aggression against Libya.

  As on the other stops of his Latin America tour which began Saturday, Brazil and Chile, Obama's was met here by demonstrations opposing his government's interventionist policy.

Social organizations, students and others condemned the war against Libya and demanded the end of the blockade of Cuba and the release of the five Cuban antiterrorist fighters unjustly imprisoned in the United States for the last 12 years.

After official talks, Obama praised Funes' leadership and announced El Salvador's inclusion in a new program of his administration dubbed Partnership for Growth.

Funes thanked Obama for including El Salvador on his tour, describing it as the strengthening of a new bilateral alliance, and the so-called economic partnership.

Funes reaffirmed the need for a regional fight against organized crime and drug trafficking, and to fight poverty and social exclusion as causes of crime and migration.

The issue of the attack on Libya, recurrent in street demonstrations, was inserted in a news conference by U.S. reporters.

Obama told Funes he expected to visit the crypt of martyred Salvadoran Archbishop Oscar Arnulfo Romero, spiritual leader of the nation.

The change of agenda sparked rumors of his early return due to the situation in Libya, but the president's official spokesman, David Rivas, denied them.

Obama's agenda today also includes meeting with U.S. embassy staff and visiting the Maya ruins in San Andres, after which he will return to Washington.
No Virgin Girl in America

American can not live without SEX.

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