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Originally posted by mechanic at 2011-3-21 08:12

You hateful genocidal murderous scums are the last ones to teach and lecture others. Your whole existance is based on LIES and STEALING other's property. You fascist Western ####s really ARE  ...

Face reality....even the lowest educated Hispanic is more capable than you.
Patria est ubicunque bene/Obsequium amicos, veritas odium parit

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NATzO Confirms Brega Strikes, Insists 'No Information' on Deaths

by Jason Ditz, May 13, 2011

According to reports coming out of the disputed city, a NATO air strike has hit a peace delegation in Brega, Libya, killing 11 Muslims clerics as they slept.

The state media reported 16 people killed, including the imams, and 40 others wounded when an air strike hit the government "guest house" in the city. This was apparently where the peace delegation was staying.

NATO said it had no information about who was killed in Brega, but confirmed launching a number of air strikes against the city. They insisted the strikes targeted "command and control" centers and did serious damage to the military.

Images of the slain imams were broadcast on Libyan state television.

Taken from: ... ega-kills-11-imams/
No Virgin Girl in America

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from wirehaired:

... i watched one of those moronic sky news reporters waffling on about it being a command and control bunker,
the stupid bastard didn't get it, that even if it was those NATO gangsters have no business ombing Libya in the first place,of course the sky news moron knows that but doesn't give a damn because he is working for the REICH agenda,i would put the clown on the next flight out of Tripoli with the rest of that REICH rabble

...General sir david richards calls for more targets to be bombed in libya,this guy should be facing a war crimes trial like those other NATZO killers.I can see this bombing going the same way as the attack on Serbia.

From Nemesis:
They certainly have some psychological issues once they start the murderous rampage, repressed hostility gets let out and they literally have orgasms at the death and destruction like the sick psychopaths they are. They should end up like Hitler in his bunker and company, sooner rather than later. They need to hang these bastards.

From Venezeula:
I find all of this WESTERN FOURTH REICH killing very inhuman and unnatural. My hair turns white while reading these horror news (it was grey, now is white !).

Killing an innocent young man, Gaddafi's son, a student in Germany - killing three of Gaddafi's grandchildren - killing imams who went to BREGA to pray ...

Will nobody ever stop the WESTERN FOURTH REICH monsters ?

Other Comments:

the anglo empire only want the lybian oil, nothing else, there is nothing personal between the crusaders and the lybians.
you people need to understand that stealing the oil from you is the anglo empire's only salvation. otherwise, china will become umber one super power both economically and militarily in 5 years. your oil will enable her majesty to have a monopoly on oil resources for next three hundred years, she will use your oil to build up her military and economic power to prevent china and india from surpassing her.
god bless the english and the irish throughout the world for, they are the children of king arthur and thus destined to remain in power. their english language is simply beautifull. their holywood movies about cowboys and star wars are fantastic.
their hershey's chocolate bars are out of this world.

and disneyland is utterly fantastic.
there will be a disneyland built in all corners of the empire.
No Virgin Girl in America

American can not live without SEX.

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