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8.9 Earthquake Hits Japan [Copy link] 中文

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It is reported that China will  also suffer from an eartherquake in Suzhou,is it really?

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I am a new comer,My English is so so,I think can  improve my English here!

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Originally posted by kxxjj123 at 2011-3-15 20:29
I am a new comer,My English is so so,I think can  improve my English here!


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Originally posted by red-guard        

Originally posted by andr11 at 2011-3-13 23:19
Europeans are far better informed by their media than any mainland Chinese, yes probably even better than the average Japanese.

You lying fcuker!

According to Western newsreels, only 3,000 MusIims have been killed by NATO bombings of Iraq and Afghanistan to date.

Others in Asia put the figure near 20 millions.

Sholve your European media up your arse boy!
You daft non-educated c.unt!

You gotta love wikileaks. Leaked documents clearly reveal the figure to be around 2000 deaths. The "Others in Asia" are haters like you who are given a free voice to scream your hatred in a xenophobic internet culture. Meanwhile those who ask for reform are silenced.

We see you. You lie. You hate. You seek to spread hate. Then you blame those that you hate for your hatred. You are sick.

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Chinese mourn for Japanese quake victims, donations pour in

BEIJING, March 15 (Xinhua) -- Farmer Yang Zhongyan from Beichuan County of southwestern Sichuan Province, well understands the grief those Japanese who lost their loved ones in Friday's massive earthquake are suffering.

"I and my fellow villagers suffered the same sorrow three years ago when our hometown was buried by landslides caused by a 8-magnitude quake. We all hope that the Japanese people can overcome the difficulties and rebuild their homes as soon as possible," said Yang of the Qiang ethnic minority. Most of the houses in Yang's village collapsed on May 12, 2008 when a powerful quake struck Sichuan's Wenchuan County, leaving about 80,000 people dead or missing.

"There's not much we can do to stop natural disasters occurring. But people must be strong and reconstruct their lives after them," Yang said. With the help of the government, Yang and his 70 fellow villagers built uniquely designed countryside inns to attract tourists after the quake.

"Go Japan," said Chen Huaquan from Beichuan's Shiyi Village. Chen said he felt sad when watching news about Japan's massive quake and resulting tsunami.

Monks at the Arhat Temple in Shifang City, Sichuan Province, have held a ritual to mourn for victims of the quake in Japan. Abbot Suquan rang the bell and pounded drums, wishing it to alleviate the pain of Japanese people caused by the disaster.

"Scenes of the Japanese quake reminded me of the Wenchuan quake as well as the pain and sorrow that happened around us," the abbot said. Other major temples in Sichuan also prayed for victims in the Japanese quake.

Wang Huazhi, a retired worker in Shenyang of northeastern Liaoning Province, said massive disasters had global impacts, and people in every corner of the world should share the Japanese people's sorrow out of "humanitarian considerations."

In the streets of Changchun, capital of northeastern Jilin Province, more than 200 volunteers, mostly college students, raised donations from passers-by for Japanese victims, as well as for quake rescue and relief work currently in southwestern Yunnan Province after a 5.8-magnitude quake jolted the province's Yingjiang County one day ahead of the Japan quake. The Yingjiang quake killed 25 people and left more than 250 others injured.

China's Changchun and Japan's Sendai, which was devastated by the massive quake and ensuing tsunami, established sister-city ties in 1980. Many schools of the two cities also had friendly relations. Hundreds of Changchun students currently studying in Japan were reported safe.

"After the Wenchuan quake, many Japanese donated money for Chinese victims and the relief work, and now we should return our gratitude by offering help," said a Changchun resident who had donated money to both Japan and Yunnan's Yingjiang.

China's Red Cross Society has donated a total of 6 million yuan (around 909,000 U.S. dollars) in emergency aid to its Japanese counterpart.

President Hu Jintao on Monday offered condolences to Japanese Emperor Akihito over the massive quake and pledged further help. Hu said the Chinese government and people "stand ready to offer necessary help."

Chinese billionaire and philanthropist Chen Guangbiao is currently in Japan to participate in the rescue operation. He said he would donate cash and emergency medicine. "The efforts of the Japanese rescuers during the Wenchuan quake moved me a lot. Now that they are in trouble, we must help them, too," he said.

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Students of the prestigious Tsinghua University donate money for quake-hit Japan in Beijing, capital of China, March 15, 2011. The student union of Tsinghua University Monday launched a two-day donation-collection activity to raise money for the quake and tsunami victims in Japan. (Xinhua/Xing Guangli)

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China's Jilin sends aid to quake-hit Japanese sister city

China's Jilin Provincial Party Committee and the Jilin Provincial Government have donated 100,000 U.S. dollars to its sister city in Japan's Miyagi Prefecture to help its people rebuild their homes.

Meanwhile, the Changchun Municipal Party Committee and Changchun Municipal Government also donated 500,000 yuan to Japan's Sendai.

Jilin Province and Miyagi Prefecture have maintained good relations and cooperation in fields such as politics, economy and culture since their friendly relationship was officially established in 1987. Miyagi Prefecture, located in the disaster's epicenter, is experiencing extremely serious despair.

Taking humanitarian aid and the friendship between the people of the two cities into consideration, the Jilin Provincial Party Committee and Jilin Provincial Government decided to donate 100,000 U.S. dollars of relief funds to Miyagi Prefecture on behalf of the people of Jilin Province to support local earthquake relief work and post-disaster reconstruction. They hope that Miyagi Prefecture can overcome the natural disaster as early as possible, rebuild their homes and resume their normal lives.

Moreover, Japan's Sendai is the sister city of Jilin Province's capital Changchun.

By People's Daily Online

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