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8.9 Earthquake Hits Japan [Copy link] 中文

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Originally posted by LCSULLA at 2011-3-13 23:28

for one,

people'd need reading fluency in German to inform themselves by that.

The international/English version of SPON is also up to date today...
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Originally posted by Alex2010 at 2011-3-13 22:25
I hope our forum's armchair generals who love to talk about how they would nuke the sh#t out of the US and Japan see this and start rethinking....

for one, I think for them it's already too late for any rescue, hilft nur finaler rettungsschuss.

2, remember Edisonone lives in Vancouver, and take another look at that fallout map,
doesn't look that bad now, actually does it?:)

mhh, some stuff forgot, must be the rads.....
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State of reactor vessel?

Did you guys manage to "poison" the chain reaction with boric acid?

Since it is an old GE Hitachi BWR reactor, I assume you pumped the acid in with the coolant? It would be foolish to continue the process if the temperature and pressure keep rising, we are only fracturing water into hydrogen and oxygen, a dangerous turn of event.

If the high pressure steel containment vessel is already fractured, you might as well try using small conventional charges to shatter the core and pour graphite powder into it. I don't mean to blow it up, you might end up with a nuclear explosion, but to split the core so you can inject the graphite, mixed with boric acid if you must. Even high-tensile strength steel becomes pliable in that sort of an environment.

Just, don't pump sea water into it, that's utter desperation.

The rest is battle-field triage you have to accept.
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perhaps its just that cestmoi

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Originally posted by LCSULLA at 13-3-2011 05:53

And what usefull training would you have to support rescue efforts?
How would you be of any help and not be even counterproductive?
I'd consider Haiti and Japan slightly different Situations.

True, true...

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Why use graphite?

It is a good moderator, it slows down those runaway neutrons, they are the culprits.

Heat can fracture water into hydrogen and oxygen, causing hydrogen to burn explosively, but the heat cannot fracture graphite.

Super heated steam, like in a steam engine, has already caused explosions. Graphite does not cause a build up of steam pressure whilst slowing down neutrons.

Why shatter the reactor core from the center?

You DO NOT want the enriched fuel to "clump" together into a critical mass, this is a "melt-down" and is your worse nightmare. You DO want to separate them, and you can do that with small shaped charges.

After shattering the core, you can inject more graphite powder into the center and around, to smother it and to bed the remains down in graphite.

Are there any real military types here who can show the politicians what small, shaped charges can do?

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Will hear from the Emperor?

Since you know my topic I would like to offer my condolences to the Japanese of Japan and worldwide but as we seem to see only know what the tv has brought us the Emperor is missing from the "news of the earthquake tsunami region".  Why hasn't he anything to say except when the public admires his family.  Are his family any part of this tragedy?

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