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Rural children should shun university? [Copy link] 中文

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Originally posted by DanseMacabre at 2011-3-20 18:14

Very clever of you to dodge the bullets.

1. I am the one who dare not face the real issue? Please tell me why.

2. It's true you have to pay all these stuff, but read my lips: "Why is ...

Very strange evening I had today.  I have 2 idiots calling me clever. :)  Though I should be "flattered" to hear this, but really, "No, thank you !"

I "dodge the bullets" ?  I "dare not face teh real issue" ?

Hmm .... I thought I had made myself clear from the start and clearer as I posted and receiving more of 468's cut-and-paste right to this post that I AGREE with the suggestions made by the Congress member, Wang Ping.

Am I clear enough ?

Goodbye, and I have no interest, nor wish to waste my time, in discoursing with a retarded kid any further. You've LOST to me.  

Now, SHOO !

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this subject has led to many subjects that reflect our social problems.
i think the government should responsible for subsidizing a full tuition for rural children who indeed lack of money to higher education.
and don't agree that like Beijing University should raise the overall tuition rapidly from ulterior motives for their higher salary.
we need a balanced world to calm down grudges in other less famous universities.
e.g. same aged teachers in two different middle schools in our city. one can buy a new apartment only with several working years in a famous school, but another may need 15 years or more in an ordinary school.
why? because the fomer has extraordinary energy taking more part-time jobs?....the answer is that their students have rich parents.

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Originally posted by Everynowhere at 2011-3-20 20:26

Personally, I believe right the contrary: IMHO, too many young Chinese visit universities. Many students don't find a decent job and vocational education is lacking behind. Instead of pushing e ...

You've got a point  -- SKILLS and finding a niche for oneself in society is far better than a costly tertiery educaton that, maybe, assure a cheap piece of paper to prove that one is a graduate.

I see the suggestions of the Congress member as trying to reform the thinking of the Chinese people.

Unfortunately, Chinese like 468 are diehards, highly insecure and needed to be spoon-fed all the time.  He is like a block of wood and his greatest comfort is to be part of the herd of cattle.

Can't do much for him.

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468, I said before you ought to learn to be humble but you ain't !

Originally posted by 468259058 at 2011-3-20 19:28
Double sticks is really clever..hahaa..

Okay as you have said it's a imperfect system.

Would you be bold enough to say sth on how to impove the imperfect system? or just as the past, you only suggestted the village children accept the fate which the present imperfect system imposed on them?

Sure, I have the answer but what does that matter ?

You've already made up your mind to think and believe only what you want !  Why should I waste my time telling you the answer when you will not listen ? :)

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Originally posted by 468259058 at 2011-3-20 19:28
Double sticks is really clever..hahaa..

Again, I wish more and more Chinese get tertiary education, whether city children or village children. Maybe their family members suffer more now in the imperfect system. But they struggle for their deams now and have the hope of a brighter future for their family. Probably another more astronomical scientist come and a less sweeper go for our nation.

STUPID thinking !

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Originally posted by 468259058 at 2011-3-20 19:28
Double sticks is really clever..hahaa..

High tuition:
Before the education reform in the late 1990s, Chinese student didn't need to pay the present high tuition. They can easily finish their tertiary education.
Some government advisors said the low tuition actually harm the village children because these city children can escape from the high tuition. College would redistribute the tuition to the village children if college collected the high tuition from all of students.

However, in reality:

[quote]QUOTE:Originally posted by 468259058 at 2010-12-15 15:27
similiar like other fields, Bureaucractic is rooted in education field.
money is spent on project beautifying school grounds and for administrators to travel, rather than on salaries of faculty (though there are notable exceptions). Also, anyone who has worked in Chinese education for very long notices that top school administrators and the Party members all drive very fancy cars, yet it’s widely known that their salaries could not possibly permit them to buy such vehicles.
The curriculum are mandated by bureaucrats, equally lacking in dedication. Most colleges don't teach students much of survival skills.  most colleges don't teach students much of survival skills. They study politics and economy, and most of these courses have little relevance to real life. ...  


Well, that is the more reason why I couldn't care less to spend my poor parents' hard earned money in a tertiery education.  Who is sponsoring who ?

Now,  I understand why a Chinese friend, who qualified to be enrolled in a university and his family could afford his tuition fee, rejected going to the university.  He now has his own business (built from scratch all by himself with a little help from the family) and is doing very well.  

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