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Chinese,how are they in your eyes? [Copy link] 中文

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The Chinese are really rich

Originally posted by greatlady at 2011-2-19 14:59
[quote]Originally posted by greatlady at 2011-2-18 21:56
In your eyes, how do you think of Chinese?

Are Chinese rich?

as they pay by cash.

"The Chinese are really rich"

Economic development of China "good quick!" , "the Chinese really rich!" Asked about side foreign friend abut China ‘s economic impression, are nearly all these two answers. There are many Swedish friends say they find Chinese absolutely too rich. Some years ago, one  Chinese businessman in southern Sweden invested billions of sek build business city, it even bothered to the king of Sweden. In ordinary swedens it seems that only as Ericsson, Volvo such big enterprise will take out such a huge sum of money, a Chinese businessman was so powerful, unbelievable. No wonder since this year, Sweden's small and medium-sized enterprises wondered how to attract investment. Sweden former prime minister Mr .Persson said: "in order to attract more Chinese enterprises to Sweden development, the Swedish government made various efforts, put in a great deal of resources".
Sweden’s situation is an investment epitome from European and American countries. To attract Chinese investors has become one of the economic development emphasis in many European and American countires.

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Originally posted by 468259058 at 2011-2-20 21:08
I think Chinese lady is ... ...

(the following adjective words which you have written down)

maybe you are little smart than me.

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[quote]Originally posted by yasawakic at 2011-2-20 20:49
I dont like such questions, because it's easy to have many hate, racism or simply stereotype answers.

this is up to personal posters  how they are going t o reply.

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Originally posted by seneca at 2011-2-20 13:29

As a Western gentleman I don't check on such personal matters. Why ask me? This is not gentlewomanly behaviour!

this is not about personal matters.

I don't ask you,either.

This is the merely post,nothing to do with gentlemen or gentlewoman.

why bother?

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[quote]Originally posted by MaKaiYan at 2011-2-21 00:32
I think we can't help but stereotype. Even the Chinese do this among themselves, as do Americans and most other people, I imagine.

Southerners are ______________.
Northerners are ______________.
The poor are ________________.
The rich are _________________.
Minorities are _______________.

... etc, etc. This is the process called 'Othering' which is paradoxically necessary to understand the minds of those outside of our own communities AS WELL AS the cause of the prejudices we may harbor against these people. In the end, it's much like a balancing act -- Yin-Yang in the Taoist tradition -- there's always a little prejudice in our understanding and a little understanding in our prejudices. We have to search for a balance that allows us communicate with each other without losing our own sense of identity.

even for myself,once for a while,I do self-review,or self-study.

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Originally posted by 1584austin at 2011-2-20 05:25

I'm humble and shy like that and I am not Chinese:)

Chao Ren VFP

you are naughty,but not shy at all.

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Originally posted by greatlady at 2011-2-21 04:15
In  foreigner eyes, Chinese "rich" is not only reflected in enterprise investment, Chinese tourists go up and generous. Paris, the famous department stores average daily announced reception Chinese tourists ten thousand person-time, has special Chinese customer service department. While in champs elysees there are more and more international famous brand shop also began to hire speaks Chinese clerk. However, the real also makes the average European very perplexed. Because in their reading the news report, China's per capita GNP even just European' oddment, almost everyone is very strange, why news coverage and they saw the facts have such a large discrepancy? ...

The rich people such as government officials have the regular welfare to travel around the world, which financed by government spending.
Many government officials, State-owned companies' managers and villagers in urban area have several, tens of, or hundreds of apartments in downtown area. (Many former public apartments were sold to them at a much low price.)
These rich group is richer than the rich people in U.S.A and the European countries..

Huge gap between the rich and the poor began to widen rapidly from the early 2000s to the present.

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