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Adult children must visit parents regularly by law   [Copy link] 中文

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what a wonderful world...

Originally posted by leokun at 2011-1-5 01:02

children visit their own parents by law ,what a sorrowful law

(not a title song from louis armstrong) and i believe we all should do it if our parents dont have any otherway to care for themselves; especially just so many migrant workers (not just china but the US as well). in the US we have so many elderly ended up in senior homecares and their kids dont even bother to visit em on a regular basis just let em die slowly in the nursin is a very sorrowin situation & happenin around the world and this this should be a mandated by restricted law  

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Even it is written in the law, it doesn't mean it is prevalent that the elderly are neglected by their children in China.

Every Spring Festival, hundreds of millions of people brave the cold wheather and the crowded trains, buses, ships and thousands of kilometers to go home.  

In this coming Spring Festival, China's transport system is expected to serve 2.8 billion passengers.

Who are those people and why they take so much trouble to go home?

They are the filial Chinese children heading home to spend the most important festival in China with their parents!

Filial piety has been in Chinese culture for thousands of years and it is in the blood of Chinese people.

Only a very small number of people who neglect their parents' spirital or material needs and the new law is made just for them.

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Chinese children fight to get train tickets to go home and see their parents in the coming Spring Festival

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Originally posted by Joe_cq at 2011-1-8 11:19
we can see chinese's conscience is less and less from the law.
i'm a little disappointed to my mother state.

Why are you disappointed ?

I think you should be happy and welcome such law.  If I were you, I would look forward to the law being implemented as quickly as possible.

What we are definitely seeing are the changes in China and her leaders.  Instead of the old ways of sweeping problems under the carpet, they are bringing them out in the open, review, scrutinise and deal in a realistic manner.  They are now removing the "face" veil that western countries are often fond of criticising and picking on China.

This is a realistic move by the Chinese leaders and is important for China's development and making sure she and her people are moving on the right track while pursuing their ambitions.

To me, the law has many advantages.  It preserves the Chinese old tradition of filial piety.  It makes it imperative that employers must now allow their employees home leave to see their parents on a regular basis, and thus thwarting any attempts by employers to exploit their workers without breaking the law.

The law serves to enforce the voices and aspirations of all the Chinese parents to want to see their children more often.  Without the law, the parents may waver for their children's sake so as not to put them in a spot.  With this law, whether it works or not, parents and the children know they have the backing of the state for a reunion, not just once in a year but more often now.

Whilst chasing our material dreams (like career, our dream house and lifestyle) is important, if we forgot who we are and who our kins are, we will only end up as a zombie, a workaholic and being exploited, and may in turn exploit.  An enforced leave such as this will rein in all these and make people stop and think.

I am sure many people would have wished their countries had implemented such laws  to bring family members together.

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not this groovy kinda love...

Originally posted by NE_Tigress at 2011-1-9 05:47
Chinese children fight to get train tickets to go home and see their parents in the coming Spring Festival

the US we do the same during the thanksgivin week & easter weekend but here we're strictly dealin just for this specific inner thought  

*tryin to pull a quik one on your folks thye will get you for that  

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I love my parents , but I have much limits .

First , If I have three days , I will go home to visit my parents , Although my working city (Beijing,the capital of China) is close ,taking three hours and a half , I go home twice of the year . One is in October , the other is Spring Festive . Normal working time , My company just has one day of the week , so I have no time to visit my parents and my grandmother being 85 years old and loving her.According to the draft law , I think I am  illegal .But I realizely is no way to involve the problem .

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I don't know  how will this law will produce, if it can bring good result, then it should be approved of.

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