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Political Science: Freezing Proves Warming [Copy link] 中文

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"Before you throw your wild accusations at China, take a good look around you
and you can see civil liberties are been eroded in those countries which in name are democratic"

You also seem to have trouble understanding my point, so what you're saying is irrelevant.  I'm not accusing China of anything.  I am saying that these people you quote about global warming are AMERICAN RIGHT-WINGERS.  Do you really imagine they would have friendly opinions about China?  Do you imagine they would agree with you about 'western propaganda' and the Chinese people being free?  Of course they wouldn't.  So I find it amusing that a supporter of China's authoritarian, single-party Communist government is using the arguments of right-wing 'libertarians'.  If they knew about you, I imagine they'd be very confused.

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By the way, which civil liberties are being eroded?  And do you think these liberties are better preserved in China?

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It’s all about the greed

01/05/2011 · 7:15 PM

It’s all about the greed

You see, we have a thing called government. Government is fine within limitations. But we
now have in most instances, regardless of country, government run amok! They need more
money! More money! More money! Ad infinitum! Government today is like a never-ending
Ponzi Scheme!

Oh, poor bastards, no agreement in Copenhagen, no agreement in Cancun, most will say to stick
the Kyoto Protocol where the sun don’t shine, so now that cap & trade is basically D.O.A., we now
suddenly need carbon taxes as a solution! Which is really what all this global warming, climate
change, climate disruption is about. It’s spelled M.O.N.E.Y!

According to Bioscience Technology……(my comments in parenthesis)

For global warming policy, the 2009 United Nations Climate Change Conference (Copenhagen
Summit) was a major disappointment. (DUH!) Designed to negotiate a successor to the Kyoto
Protocol, which expires in 2012,(Justifiably so!) the Summit concluded without a binding
agreement because of deep divisions on the distribution of emissions reductions and costs
(called everyone wants to reap the rewards but they don’t want to pay for them!). In addition,
the United States failed to take action on a carbon cap-and-trade bill in 2010 (hopefully
Congress isn’t THAT dumb!) Confronting this policy vacuüm, leading climate economist William
Nordhaus argues in the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, published today, that carbon taxes are the
best approach to achieve significant emissions reductions. (Ah yes, tax it!)

William Nordhaus argues that the cap-and-trade approach used in the 1997 Kyoto Protocol will
not accomplish the goals of slowing climate change (read the goals of screwing the taxpayers
out of more money). As currently designed, it is both economically inefficient and ineffective
(because the public isn’t THAT stupid) and should be supplemented or replaced. Additionally,
a carbon tax could be a useful means to cut budget deficits while meeting environmental
objectives. (Environmental objectives my ass! It’s the money!!!!!)

You’ll love the next quote……

If economics provides a single bottom line for policy, it is that we need to correct this market failure
(AKA: No one believes their bull----) by ensuring that all people, everywhere, and for the indefinite
future, face a market price for the use of carbon that reflects the social costs of their activities,”
Nordhaus states.

Basically this says let’s f**k everyone!!!! Out of every penny we can get!!!!!

Economic evidence suggests the cost of this limited participation is high.

Yes! It’s certainly “high!” Think of EVERYTHING you buy. Gas, oil, food, housing, cars, boats,
planes, travel, flowers, electronics, and anything and everything you care to name AND THE

Given a choice between a cap-and-trade system (such as is embodied in the Kyoto model), and a
carbon tax system (such as is used for limiting gasoline or cigarette consumption), Nordhaus favours
taxation: “Countries have used taxes for centuries,” he says. “By contrast, there is no experience –
as in zero – with international cap-and-trade systems.”

Yes, countries HAVE used taxes for centuries! They’ve also screwed the taxpayers for centuries, too! If you want to continue the big screw job then by all means please buy into the carbon tax ripoff!

The final quote from this article is……

“The international community should move quickly to replace the current cap-and-trade structure by
one in which the central economic mechanism is a tax on greenhouse-gas emissions,” Nordhaus

Yes, by all means move quickly before the taxpayers wake up and tell you to stick your carbon
taxes where the sun don’t shine!

CO2 Insanity of the empty your wallet kind. Remeber “Don’t steal…the government hates competition!”

Source:  Bioscience Technology

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01/05/2011 · 5:04 PM

While we’re at it…more science fraud

I keep harping on global warming fraud and how the media hypes science things based upon what
they want the outcome to be or based on ing newspapers, magazines, websites and even TV news
show regardless of the truth. I can’t fathom what is going on with science lately but something
definitely needs to be changed as the mainstream media and science have become so corrupted
lately that it’s almost unfathomable. If you want details you can peruse my website and the ones in
my Blogroll.

We just reported on media hyping things yesterday and today (already!) we have another case of science gone bad. USA Today has an article titled “Report linking vaccine to autism ‘an elaborate fraud.’” Per them…….

An infamous 1998 study that ignited a worldwide scare over vaccines and autism—and led
millions of parents to delay or decline potentially lifesaving shots for their children — was
“an elaborate fraud,” according to a scathing three-part investigation in the British medical
journal BMJ.

Last year, The Lancet issued a formal retraction. British medical authorities last year also found
the study’s lead author, Andrew Wakefield, guilty of serious professional misconduct, stripping
him of his ability to practice medicine in England.

Now, the BMJ reports that Wakefield, who was paid more than $675,000 by a lawyer hoping to
sue vaccine makers, was not just unethical — he falsified data in the study, which suggested
that children developed autism after getting a shot against measles, mumps and rubella.

So, here you have more corrupt science. It’s not about global warming, but it’s another case of money buying results. I think all will agree that regardless of what side of the global warming fence you live on, that this is wrong. I’d really like to know what happened to the old days when science was science and it was rare to have a fraud perpetuated upon the public.

I know there are plenty of good scientists about, but it seems we don’t hear from them anymore, they often get hushed up or impugned by the mainstream media and whoever is controlling them, including the government.

Where’s Einstein when you need him? While the man was indeed a true scientific genius, I believe he was a complete genius because he welcomed anyone to try to trash his theories. Now that’s real science. Results were results back then and we did not suffer from science that created results to fit preconceived conclusions. Nowadays we have plenty of junk science to go around. Yet more CO2 Insanity.

Source: USA Today

I think Albert would be sticking his tongue out at a lot of the so-called scientist of today
albert-einstein (1).jpg

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Reply #14 seneca's post

I think the readers in this forum can think for themselves. Don't insult their intelligence. As for your
own modus operandi it is obvious what you are doing for...... a fee. If you could condemn a Noble
Prize recipient in physics an idiot, because you disagree with what he has written, then what are
you yourself.... a super genius? You don't have to stoop that low to prostitute yourself. In any case,
as many scientists have often stated, climate science is not a settled science.

By the way, those crabs which died in big number don't died in this manner ('We believe the sudden
temperature drop causes the crabs to suffer from hypothermia and die.') every few years.

"Last year, the Environment Agency set up an inquiry amid fears a mystery virus could be to blame.
But an inquiry concluded the deaths were linked to the cold weather."

"The Velvet swimming crabs - also called devil crabs - are thought to be victims of Britain's coldest December in 120 years, which left sea temperatures much lower than average."

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Piers Corbyn Warm Weather Not Causing Cold

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