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Political Science: Freezing Proves Warming [Copy link] 中文

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Political Science: Freezing Proves Warming

December 28, 2010 | By BoomerJeff In Eco-Hysteria

“Scientific” validation of the global warming theory literally changes with the weather.

Those who prefer authoritarian government over liberty have adopted global warming/climate change
as the perfect justification: global catastrophe looms if government doesn’t control, tax and ration
energy production and energy consumption.  When politicians control your access to energy
they will control your life.

Legitimate science finds the global climate to be immensely complex and not readily understood or
explainable in glib sound bites.  But to support the political goal of exploiting the threat of climate
catastrophe to increase the power of government “scientists” and others claiming to speak for
“the overwhelming majority of scientists” have produced a chaotic series of simplistic reports
and predictions packed with contradictions and inconsistencies.

Not long ago we were regaled by articles predicting the end of winter as we have known it.  Some
of these articles have recently disappeared from the web.  But this one is still up.  Published in
January, 2008 in the online version of Environmental Magazine it directly linked global warming
to the mild winters and resulting loss of winter sports opportunities in 2006, 2007 and 2008. The
article titled “As Climate Change Takes Hold Our Coldest Season is the First Casualty,” included
this excerpt:

[T]he overwhelming trend is clear: it’s getting warmer, and winter is losing force,
intensity and duration, changing America’s ingrained habits in the process. If you’ve ever
enjoyed ice skating, sledding, skiing, snowboarding or building a snowman, you should
know that the future of these enshrined institutions is by no means guaranteed.

So you might think it logical that if mild winters validate predictions of future global warming
then a winter with record low temperatures would contradict those predictions, right?

Wrong, according the the acolytes of the Global Warming/Climate Change political movement
who would brand you an ignoramus.  On Christmas Day The New York Times weighed in with
an article by Judah Cohen, director of seasonal forecasting at an atmospheric and
environmental research firm.  An excerpt (emphasis added):

As global temperatures have warmed and as Arctic sea ice has melted over the past two and a
half decades, more moisture has become available to fall as snow over the continents. So the
snow cover across Siberia in the fall has steadily increased.

The sun’s energy reflects off the bright white snow and escapes back out to space. As a result,
the temperature cools.

Some obvious questions that global warming disciples refuse to answer:

Would any observable weather pattern contradict the theory that climate catastrophe will result if
human behavior does not change dramatically, under the heavy hand of government?  Or, do all
possible weather patterns confirm it?

How would we know if the vast expansion of government power the climate change movement
demands actually stopped the dreaded global warming?  Would winters be warmer or colder?  
Do we have to just wait and hope the “scientists” who pore over computer models behind
closed doors would tell us?

We’ve always been told global warming results from humanity generating carbon dioxide that
traps the sun’s heat in the earth’s atmosphere.  Yet this article says that same phenomenon
ultimately resulted in the sun’s energy escaping back into space!  Is this part of a natural
climate mechanism that might prevent the predicted disaster?.

Can we really trust that the global warming establishment, a coterie of scientists, computer
modelers, environmental zealots, “green” business interests and politicians is fully competent
to both predict and prevent the imminent cataclysm by seizing our liberty and regulating our
lives – and enriching themselves in the process?

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Yes, down with authoritarian governments!  They'll only lead us toward communism!

Here's another part of the article which, strangely enough, isn't quoted here:

"Obviously, global warming science is complex and hardly monolithic--some parts of the world continue to experience very cold temperatures and record snowfalls, just as the climate models say they will. You might even be reading this magazine as a blizzard fulfills the promise of a white Christmas."

..but hey, why pay attention to what it actually says?

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Now now, Wahahaha, let's try and think a bit before we go calling people names on the internet, shall we?  If your mother could see you now, you know she'd be disappointed.

As is obvious from the rest of my post, I don't agree with that silly article.  So when I said 'down with authoritarian governments', I was kidding.  I wanted to point out that Sansukong- who presents himself as 'pro-China'- repeatedly copies-and-pastes stuff from US right-wingers, whose greatest fear is over-powerful government.  I have no doubt that when these right-wingers get paranoid about 'world government' and governments 'controlling people's lives', they are talking about countries like China- where, in the name of achieving Communism, the government is unapologetically authoritarian.  I just find that quite funny.  To put it simply- I'm sure that if you asked any of the people who write this stuff about China, they would be aggressively 'anti-China'.

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Reply #4 thepeop's post

I think your mind has been caged in by western propaganda for too long that you cannot see the light of
the day. As Deng Xiaoping insightfully and intuitionally put it: It matters not if the cat is black or white, so long
as it catches the mice. How true! China, may be a communist country, but in reality it is the biggest creditor
nation in the world. While many countries are falling like nine pins, China is playing the role of a friend in deed
to those countries in need! Before you throw your wild accusations at China, take a good look around you
and you can see civil liberties are been eroded in those countries which in name are democratic. Today,
these countries don't practice what they preached. Don't just look only beyond your nose. Could you
believe that Prime Minister Wen Jia Bao was invited to give a speech in the Greek Parliament ... the prime
minister from a communist country, giving a speech in the Greek Parliament ........... the birth place of
democracy! If you can't see that, you are surely suffering from tunnel vision!

By the way, everyone is entitled to breathe to live. When you have to pay for the air you breathe you become
a non person irrespective of who you are and where you are. Meanwhile, try to look beyond your nose for a

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Reply #5 sansukong's post


China had lived under foreign bondages for more than a century. Today, China is free from any form of bondages
and can breathe its own free air. Never again, will the Chinese allow themselves to be enslaved.

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Reply #6 sansukong's post


Note: This is what I meant and what China is doing......................

China is playing the role of a friend in deed to those countries in need!


To back Europe, China vows to buy more bonds

China is to support Spain financially to help it overcome crippling debt woes, as Beijing has vowed to buy more Spanish public debt despite market fears of an Irish-style bailout.

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