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China rejects Vatican's criticism as very imprudent [Copy link] 中文

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China rejects Vatican's criticism as very imprudent

Updated: 2010-12-22 19:50

BEIJING - China has rejected the Vatican's criticism of a recent national congress of
Chinese Catholics, blaming the Vatican for damaging relations between the two sides.

A spokesperson for the State Administration for Religious Affairs (SARA) said Wednesday the
Vatican's criticism was very imprudent and ungrounded.

In a statement dated December 17, the Vatican condemned the congress, which elected the new
leadership of China's Catholic church, and accused China of violating religious freedom.
The congress from December 7 to 9 elected the heads and other senior members of the Chinese
Catholic Patriotic Association (CCPA) and the Bishops' Conference of the Catholic Church in China

The spokesperson said the congress, which is held every five years to amend the CCPA's and BCCCC's constitutions, elect a new leadership and set future agenda, does not deal with Catholic doctrines or violate the fundamental Catholic faith, and "there is no question of getting recognition by any
foreign organization or state."

The spokesperson said China's religious freedom was protected by the Chinese Constitution, and it
was a misinterpretation by the Vatican to declare the incompatibility of Catholic doctrine and the
Chinese Catholic church's principle of independent self-governance.

China's Constitution grants Chinese citizens freedom of religious beliefs, but requires independence
of religious organizations and affairs in China from foreign influence.

Under this constitutional provision, the Catholic church and other religions in China adhered to the
principle of self-governance and self-support, the spokesperson said.

The CCPA and the BCCCC endorsed this principle in their new constitutions adopted at the congress, according to the spokesperson.

"The BCCCC fulfills her Pastoral Mission at the Faith and Evangelization according to the power and
authority of our Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit endowed upon His Disciples," said the
BCCCC's constitution.

On the dogma and moral teachings of the Church, the constitution said the BCCCC is "in union with
the Successor of St. Peter, the Head of the community of the Disciples."

"Has the Vatican not read the two constitutions? Or is it obscuring the boundary
between faith and politics on purpose?"
the spokesperson said in response to Vatican's declaration of the incompatibility of the constitutions
with Catholic doctrine.

The spokesperson called the Vatican's practice of seeking to push political
ideology through religious belief "very dangerous" and warned it could have
serious percussions for the Catholic church's development in China.

The spokesperson said the congress, which was established over 50 years ago, is a democratic
assembly for Chinese Catholics that has the full respect from the Chinese government.

The Vatican has resorted to various methods to prevent the Congress convening in recent
years, including by threatening to "punish" the Chinese Catholic clergy who attend it.

"Who is actually using coercive measures and demanding Catholics betray
their conscience? Isn't it crystal clear?"
  the spokesperson asked.

At the eighth congress, Bishop Fang Xingyao was elected CCPA chairman and Bishop Ma Yinglin
was elected head of the BCCCC.

The spokesperson said the senior leaders of the two organizations were elected with a majority of the vote,
reflecting the will of the congress's representatives.

In condemning the elected leadership, the Vatican had trampled and shown its contempt for the
democratic will of Catholic clergy and laymen in China, the spokesperson said, adding that the
condemnation was extremely arbitrary and rude.

"Does a Chinese religious organization have to get a 'majestic authorization'
or 'gracious approval' from a foreign group to elect its leadership?"
the spokesperson refuted.

The spokesperson blamed the Vatican for unilaterally causing the current "regretful situation in
China-Vatican relations."

Hoping to improve China-Vatican relations, China had shown its willingness to have sincere and
constructive dialogue with the Vatican in recent years, the spokesperson said.

Despite China's efforts, some people in the Vatican always stymied Chinese efforts to improve
relations by making unreasonable demands, the spokesperson said, calling the Vatican's
condemnation of the Congress the latest example of such moves.

The Vatican, moreover, had interfered in the internal affairs of China's Catholic Church in
both open and clandestine ways in an attempt to control the church, the spokesperson said.

China-Vatican ties were cut after the founding of the People's Republic of China in 1949.

The spokesperson said China hoped the Vatican could speak and act prudently,
so as not to further damage the relationship and to allow talks between the two sides.

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China opposes US report on its religious status

Updated: 2010-11-26 06:53

BEIJING- China on Thursday slammed a US report concerning the former's religious
situation, saying it firmly opposes the US intervening into China's domestic affairs by issuing such a

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei made the remarks when asked to comment on the

The U.S. State Department released its annual international religious freedom report on Nov 17,
which continued to include China on a list of countries of particular concern.

"China is firmly opposed to the U.S. side of attacking its situation of religious human rights
by issuing reports of the kind year after year and  interfering with China's internal affairs,"
Hong said.

Chinese people of all ethnic groups enjoy full freedom of practising religious beliefs in accordance
with the law, Hong said.
"We urge the US to do more work that benefits development of bilateral relations."

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the vatican cant even solve their...

tabooism (not a word but youknowhat i mean tho, RIGHT) is ev'rywhere in the name of christianity  

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Poll: More Americans believe humans evolved without God

Mon, 20 Dec 2010 12:20 CST

52% of GOP reject evolution; 36% reject creationism

More Americans today believe that human beings developed without any
involvement of a higher power,
according to a new poll. Gallup reported that since 1982, the number of Americans believing that
humans evolved over millions of years increased by seven percentage points. The current figure -
16 percent - has trended upwards since 2000.

Since 1982, Americans who believe that humans evolved with God guiding the process haven't
changed (38 percent), while Americans who believe God created humans in present form has
decreased four points to 40 percent.

"These views have been generally stable over the last 28 years," the report said. "Acceptance of
the creationist viewpoint has decreased slightly over time, with a concomitant rise in acceptance
of a secular evolution perspective."

It continued, "But these shifts have not been large, and the basic structure of beliefs about human
beings' origins is generally the same as it was in the early 1980s."

Gallup reported that education and religiosity levels affect one's views of the origins of human life.
Those who have a "creationist view" tend to be less educated;
however, those with more education are more likely to believe "one of the two viewpoints involving
evolution," the report said.

More Republicans (52 percent) than Democrats (34 percent) and Independents (34 percent) tend
to hold a creationist view, the report noted. More Democrats (40 percent) and Independents
(39 percent) than Republicans (36 percent) hold an evolutionist view.

"Americans' attitudes about almost anything can and often do have political consequences,
" the report said. "Views on the origins of humans are no exception. Debates and clashes
over which explanations for human origins should be included in school textbooks have
persisted for decades."

The report concluded that based on its historical data, debates among creationists and
evolutionists over the origins of human kind would likely continue.

Results for the poll are from telephone interviews made Dec. 10-12, 2010, with a random
sample of 1,019 adults, aged 18 and older, living within the continental United States.

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"The Vatican, moreover, had interfered in the internal affairs of China's Catholic Church in
both open and clandestine ways in an attempt to control the church, the spokesperson said."

This is hilarious.  Has this 'spokesperson' never tried looking up the meaning of 'Catholic church'?  Here's a clue: the Pope is kind of a big deal.

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Don't mention it!  Now, if only we could stop him from meddling in the internal affairs of the Catholic Church... who does he think he is, its leader or something?

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