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Does the US respect dissents?

Shame to the profound blind bigots of the US!

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The crap drudged up and blown out of proportion by the idiots in this forum


I mean hateful racists

the ones who want to enlist 'soldieers' to murder innocent people

and timbatu is a liar and one of these idiots if not one and the same fool with the multiple screen names


Allah Akbar!
The Brotherhood of Knights of the Mystic Sea

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Bradley Manning's lawyer details prison abuse

Sat Jan 22, 2011

Bradley Manning, who is accused of being responsible for the WikiLeaks releases, was placed both under "maximum security" conditions and suicide watch.

Growing public concerns about the mistreatment of detainee Bradley Manning were confirmed… when David E. Coombs, Manning's lawyer, announced that he had filed a complaint with the Quantico brig accusing them of abusing Manning. Antiwar

Coombs insisted there was absolutely no legal reason for Manning's classification, and that the treatment amounted to unlawful pretrial punishment, a violation of the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

Quantico spokesmen insisted that Manning's treatment was perfectly legal, and that he was placed in maximum security because of the threat to "national security."

They added that Manning was "being treated the same as anybody else" in the same classification, which probably wasn't meant to sound nearly as ominous and unreassuring as it came off.

The details of Manning's declining condition under these restrictions have been detailed in the past, and the UN is also said to be investigating.  Antiwar

In recent years, U.S. prison inmates have been beaten with fists and batons, stomped on, kicked, shot, stunned with electronic devices, doused with chemical sprays, choked, and slammed face first onto concrete floors by the officers whose job it is to guard them. Inmates have ended up with broken jaws, smashed ribs, perforated eardrums, missing teeth, burn scars-not to mention psychological scars and emotional pain. Some have died.

Between 2007 and 2009, the number of prison inmates that were subjected to sexual misconduct by prison staff in the country's 93 federal prison sites doubled.

In 2008 an estimated 60,000 cases of prisoners were being raped across the United States.

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No Links Between Manning, Assange, US Admits

Justice Dept Hope of Charging WikiLeaks Founder With Conspiracy Falters
by Jason Ditz, January 24, 2011
| Antiwar Forum

The Obama Administation’s efforts to find some sort of crime they can actually charge WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange with will undoubtedly continue, but it is unlikely that those charges will include “conspiracy,” despite previous comments to the contrary.

That is because NBC News has been told by US military officials that the investigation into Pfc. Bradley Manning found absolutely no evidence that he ever had contact with Assange, let alone that he and Assange directly conspired with one another.

US officials had hoped to convince Manning that he could bargain down to a lighter sentence for his leaking of classified material while an active member of the Army, a violation of a US Military Code of Justice, in return for his help in tying Assange to some sort of crime. Officials claimed to have found some evidence that Manning downloaded the documents, but nothing related to Assange.

Lacking any evidence to support such an allegation, officials will likely have to invent some other charge to lay against Assange, who is currently in Britain pending extradition. Assange has promised to oppose any effort that would end with his being sent to the US, fearing that he would be executed as a “terrorist” by the Obama Administration even though they don’t appear to have evidence to charge him even with a minor offense.

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Hi firstcause, not using your other aliases this morning, yet, huh?

THE NEW ISLAMIC ORDER has a better idea!

The world needs an bleesed clergyman from Allah to oversee all things!


Basic Principles of the New Islamic Order should be clear!

1. Fear
3. Deceit
4. Perversion

The Brotherhood of Knights of the Mystic Sea

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play it SAFE...

just not sure why wikileaks released his name sake out in the open...i wouldnt leak anythin IF i knew somethin like that happenin to me (yeah, you can call me...pu ssy)  

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Bradley Manning Faces New Wikileaks Charges

Thursday March 03, 2011.
By Adam Tate.

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange is facing charges of his own in Sweden

Bradley Manning is currently being held at a Marine base in Virginia while authorities
investigate how State Department cables and military documents came to be published

The US military says the former intelligence analyst is now accused of "wrongfully causing
intelligence to be published on the internet" and "aiding the enemy", which is a capital
offense under military law.

The military has said it will not be seeking the death penalty. However, the 23-year-old
could face a life sentence, a reduction in rank and a dishonorable discharge

Wikileaks described the new charges as "a vindictive attack" on Manning.

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