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IN MEMORY OF MY SISTER(who passed away in 2010,Nov.9th,8:45 am) [Copy link] 中文

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but sth bad indeed happend after you passed away.
I was in 3rd uncle's home,our little Aunt wanted to visit us,in her way coming,she hit one old woman ,luckily the woman did not get hurt so much as money solved the accident.she told me it will not  have peace if there is relative died recently.she also mentioned another similar stories that happened to her when another relative died last year.I believe there is sth in heaven that controlled our destiny,but why you sister? you are young,you are beautiful and nice woman,you have a big family to take care and to support,your-parents-in law become disable in their life now,how hard the life will be for them? who would take good care of them?

mostly,I worried your boy,he can't go to school last week and I did not see him on msn,I know he must doing not well.

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Originally posted by greatlady at 2010-11-15 21:51
but sth bad indeed happend after you passed away.
I was in 3rd uncle's home,our little Aunt wanted to visit us,in her way coming,she hit one old woman ,luckily the woman did not get hurt so much a ...

Such caring words

Chao Ren VFP

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[quote]Originally posted by 1584austin at 2010-11-16 04:55

thank you austin that I can get ur on-time support in this cold and special season.

I feel better when you said I do my best in my life circumastances.

my sister and I lead a totally different life,she is traditional chinese woman who put all her energy and love for her beloved families. for her down-paied apartment,she finished the loan one year ago,how ever,she worked so hard in a rubber factory as a man ,she refused the promotion to be a accountant just to get extra 100 yuan for her heavy job in factory as a worker, and she worked in that factory for 10 years. when she got her final examination for her problem,the doctor surprised to see her lung turned to be very black( it is due to long-years hard work in that rubber factory) and asked my sister if she was a chain-smoker in which made me admired her so much who never complian any things in front of us.she never did.after she finished the payment to the apartment,she just take one year off from the work,and she passed away very unexpectably. Life is so short.for me,she doesn't care about her at all,she never like me sitting in nice resturants or go for body massages.

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[quote]Originally posted by greatlady at 2010-11-16 11:18
sister, to write sth here about you and us can help me not so suffering from loss you in my life so I will keep going on and going on.
your husband sent me text msgs that he can't stand the life without you,his head is full of your image now.
I suggested him to move out apartment that you and him bought togehter and rent another one in different area,he did not responses,I told him to be strong in life without the loved one.

your son is going with 2 days test and after that I will talk to him on line and hope he is doing better without your push and support every day. i feel very bad with him. the day when you passed a way and I held him cried a lot,poor little boy,lost mom in his earlier age.

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Good Luck ..............

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Dear sister,
dan dan is leaving home tomorrow who helped me couple weeks when you did not feel well, I really want her to stay here  with me to learn sth which is good for her own future,but she refused as the not right bf will be back from his works. that is the only reason can explain how she changed the idea. i noticed her mother for that.

sister, dan dan grows up in our family until her 14,at that time,she was very adorable little girl with strong personalities,how different she is now I think you also discovered that. she got no characters and carry some bad sides from our family,I guess the reason is that after she left our home,she were raised by few different relatives.poor girl. she behaves like a child and with no grace .I tried to teach her and to guide her also to give her more chances,but since she got bf messges,she goes back to her own again..i was so disapointed and my fiancee feels worse than that...

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last friday,I got chance to talk to your man and your son,both are trying hard to get over the difficulties.the husband is trying to move his position in your city so that he can take good care of your son. the company is studying his problems now.

your son said when he suddenly think of you,he would feel so sad even he told me he can concerntrate on his study even his life is so different now. I suggest him to write diary so that he can talk to you whenever he thinks of you. he said he will try.

life is the same as before expect your gone, your son still work on his home work until eleven pm,he will not talk to me on computer until the weekend (that is ur rule when you alived).your parents-in-law stay with your son and man even they are unable to do sth. ..nothing was changed until now.

our parents are doing better,when I called them I dared not to talk about you or your son,we just said hello,how were you doing those normal words that we used before,father is taking care of my shop currently.

our bother 's wife got 4 month pregnant,unluckily, the baby  will got no chance to know you. ..

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