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Liu Xiaobo's Nobel Peace Prize could harm China-Norway ties [Copy link] 中文

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Awarding the Nobel Peace Prize to China's Liu Xiaobo desecrated the prize and could harm China-Norway ties, said Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Ma Zhaoxu on Friday.

Ma made the remarks in a press release after he was asked to comment on the award, which was announced earlier in Oslo, Norway.

Liu was sentenced to 11 years in jail on December 25, 2009 after a local court in Beijing convicted him of agitation aimed at subverting the government.

The Nobel Peace Prize should be awarded to people who contribute to national harmony, country-to-country friendship, advancing disarmament, and convening and propagandizing peace conferences, Ma said.

He claimed this was the wish of Alfred Nobel, founder of the Nobel Prizes.

Ma said Liu was a criminal sentenced by the Chinese judicial authorities for violating Chinese law.

"What he has done is contrary to the purpose of the Nobel Peace Prize," he said.

The Nobel committee's decision to award such a person the peace prize ran contrary to and desecrated the prize, he said.

China and Norway had enjoyed sound development of bilateral ties in recent years. Ma said this was conducive to the fundamental interests of the two nations and their peoples.

Awarding the Nobel Peace Prize to Liu might harm China-Norway ties, Ma said.

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its ok

all will become clearer with time

(beast ex machina)

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Scandinavian Scam Again

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the idea is to remove peace

as there is no more money in peace

all gone

(beast ex machina)

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Originally posted by voice_cd at 2010-10-8 22:13
Awarding the Nobel Peace Prize to China's Liu Xiaobo desecrated the prize and could harm China-Norway ties, said Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Ma Zhaoxu on Friday.

Ma made the remarks in a  ...

China-Norway ties?

No way!

No Norwaygian salmon fish from today!  

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In a contrast to reports last year, this Nobel Award has made headlines all over Western Media especially in the US.

Let me think how I can explain this well to the Westerners.

The way of thinking and reporting shows a clean Christian way of life. That is faith based. Westerners ignore fact, and they believe their faith, or what they want to believe, is true. We have seen this kind of media under the title Mission Accomplished.

The reality is that everyone in China who is older than 28 years old, know about Liu. The second reality is that Liu has poor reputation in China. It is not that most Chinese dislike him; it is like everyone dislike him to various degrees. In an interview to the media, he admitted that he is a minority.

One of AP news described a wishful thinking: claiming young students would care about this. Chinese young students can ask their parents if they care. The response from their parents would be a very negative view on Liu, his works and his ideology.

After the complaint of how Western media reported the Beijing Olympics, the Chinese people young or old have resentment and suspicion of the West. Now, with this unpopular figure receiving the Nobel Price, the Chinese will buy into the CPC view immediately.

The reality is that: no matter how the West pray and report, this event has turned the Chinese majority away from any trust in the West. A sizable Chinese youth would be quite angry about the West. Older Chinese would be even less friendly toward the West. Liu will enjoy an even more isolated situation in Chinese society in the next 50 years.

CPC has won in this case. The reason is that CPC is able to understand completely how the West works. At the same time, the West, including their scholars, has no Chinese language skill and they show no possibility in their life time to understand Chinese culture.  After all, the West did not need to understand others in the last 200 years.

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A pointer is that this thread is posted by Super Moderator. He over-rides any local misunderstadning or decisions.

I read the latest AP news, here are my comments:

1. It is not completely that we Chinese people feel the West underestimates the improvements of living conditions. Yes, this is a concern.

2. But it is that we Chinese fundamentally are nonreligious. We feel the West cannot accept this Chinese culture calmly. This Chinese culture yields a different set of freedom and way of thinking. This way looks at things differently from the West.

For example, we Chinese have a hard time witnessing the heavy civilian casualties and war casualties in the recent bloody wars started by the West. We feel the human rights of the millions killed by the West are simply not respected. Given the facts of torture, abuse and Guantanamo, we feel the West lacks a stand to point finger at others.

3. We feel the West show a severe form of racist bigotry and Christian arrogance. With so many Chinese capable of fluent English with extensive oversea experiences, we feel the West is severely ignorant and backward when it comes to understanding China.

4. We Chinese find the Western news very insulting to our people. It is insulting to insist the Chinese people can possibly be manipulated by the CPC government. The fact and the reality are exactly reversed. CPC carefully watch and adjust based on the needs of we Chinese people.

Conclusion, we feel the CPC is treating us Chinese people 100 folds better than the racist, profoundly bigoted Christina Western nations.


I do not think China cares about her tie with the non-nation called Norway.

I think the Chinese government is in a win-win situation on this.

The Chinese majority will buy into the CPC view that the West is hostile and behaved inappropriately toward China. Any Chinese who hear about the award will find it inappropriate, and thus have substantial dis-support toward anything related to Liu.

This price, instead of making any change in China, it has foundamentally diministhed any qualification of Liu among Chinese people.

Norway's Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Ragnhild Imerslund said: "If the meeting has been cancelled due to the Peace Prize, we find that to be an unnecessary reaction from China, "

Let me think how to explain this to the Westerners.

China is never dominated by Christianity-like religion. But China is dominated by Confucianism for extensive time. The key of this philosophy is a moral saying that government must please people and people must respect government, teachers and the elderly. The CPC is doing just that. Their aim, especially after Deng, is to find out what the majority of Chinese like and what benefit the development of China. They carefully serve the complex interests.

When the West criticizes the moral of China, this is a serious matter for all Chinese people. When the foundation of the criticism is seen as unfair, and the method of the criticism is seen as unreasonable, any Chinese will find the West not worthy of engaging in the mean time.

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