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Is it time for China to promote Buddhism? [Copy link] 中文

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I think that saying Buddhism is similar to medicine is a very good way to describe it. That is exactly what it is. And you can also think of it as a philosophy. It's a philosophy that helps people face difficulties in life without being disturbed and retain their ability to make good judgements, even under difficult conditions. It potentially has these benefits but how much benefit there actually is depends upon whether persons apply Buddhism to their life.

As for promoting it, it might not be a good idea because many non-Buddhists would not like that. There's one thing I would like to see though. I would like more people at least have some idea what Buddhism is about. It seems there are many people in the East and West that don't understand it.

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Originally posted by Baiquen at 2010-10-1 01:42

Fine. No Buddhism for Mr Baiquen

I just suggest China to give special support to Buddhism
Not ask everyone to believe in Buddhism

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Originally posted by matthew5_3 at 2010-10-1 03:53

Sometimes ‘Lao Tian Ye’ is a bit far away for ordinary people to rely on

If they really need some help, let Buddha give a hand, better than nothing

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Originally posted by Desaview2 at 2010-10-1 03:58

does that mean u are writing about things u do not know and understand or dont believe?

Look, my logic is going as below

Big changes happened and are happening in China
Social conflict is a big challenge for the government and the people
Chinese people feel great pressure than before

Believing some religion might help to release the stress and peace the mind
Also some religion philosophy might help people to see the world from a different perspective

Among all the religions,
I recommend Buddism as it shows Chinese culture to some extent

Is it clearer?
Do I have to be a Buddhist?  

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Originally posted by St_George at 2010-10-1 05:03
Religions only become a problem when they are politicised.

Though im not a Buddhist i like some of their ideas and i dont class Buddhism as a religion.

The Budda for example doesn't believe i ...

That's also the reason I like Buddhism

Be kind to others, be tolerant and forgiving

Behave oneself and conduct oneself

At peace with oneself...

All these are valuable ideas in the modern society

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Originally posted by canada_man at 2010-10-1 06:06

Buddism is firmly in place in China and will always be there.
Let the Chinese individual decide which religion they want to practice. It is a personnal choice.
If I chose t ...

I totally agree that it's a personal choice

I suggest that some policies should be made to show a bit more tendency towards Buddism

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Originally posted by seneca at 2010-10-1 09:57
A few valid points in your post, Freetofly, but the whole is poorly thought through and clearly motivated by a confrontational, i.e. un-Buddhist, mindset.

Religon should be any citizen's persona ...

Mr Seneca,

You have divided our people into two groups: government officials and ordinary people
And you suggest that Buddism shouldn't be promoted by the government officials
I partly agree with you

With the encouragement from the government, Buddism can be promoted more smoothly in China
It is Buddhists and Buddhist temples who should take on the responsibility. They are not so active now
The government can give more finance and policy support :):)

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