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Movie recommendations anyone? [Copy link] 中文

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THE motion picture about the history of Islam

If you are a muslim, you must see this,
if you are interested in Islam, you must see this, and all others should still see this.
It's an experience of a lifetime! It shows the true meaning of Islam, its roots, its basic beliefs, and so much more...
When I first saw this film, it left me in tears and speechless for quite some time after.
When I watch it today, it still does! I don't believe anyone can watch this film and not become moved or even shaken
by what he/she sees and hears! If the movie has one shortcoming, it's that the main character,
prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him), is never actually seen or heard, as it would have been
a deadly sin to have an 'imposter' playing Him in the movie.
Although this takes some getting used to and creates some lengths (i.e. dialogs which are rather more monologues with pauses),
the rest of the movie compensates in full! Watching this movie will probably not make you go out to become a muslim
(although I have read that most of the cast/crew involved did so), but certainly put some thought and understanding into you.
One of the must see movies or all time!!!

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A great epic movie!

I must say that Anthony Quinn is one of the greatest actors of the 20th century.  The movie is about the birth of Islam in the 6th century.  Moustapha Akkad did a great job with this picture. The locations where very good, good actors, beautiful photographed by Jack Hildyard (he was also director of photography in "the bridge on the river kwai"), and the beautiful music who was conducted by Maurice Jarre!! I must say the music in this movie is one of the best film scores in the film history!!  one last thing: Moustapha Akkad, I like your 2 epic movies very well but I don't understand why you have not make a movie since 1981?? You are a great director but you should be make more movies!

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most amazing experience

I saw this film when I was working and living in Brussels in 1979. Most of my friends were North African, ergo Muslim. When this film came out, we all went to the Bourse Cinema. The film itself was very enlightening, and the fact that Mohammed himself was never 'in the picture' (so to speak) I found contributing to the profoundness of the film. What really struck me was that when in the film religious (holy) verses (like psalms) were sung or played, the whole audience would reverently sing along. Very moving.  Of course, it was 25 years ago, and I cannot remember a lot of it, but it was my first encounter with Islam and made a major impact.

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...I might even look "The Message". cjamessyee's first post that doesn't smell like cut'n paste propaganda.
Patria est ubicunque bene/Obsequium amicos, veritas odium parit

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Originally posted by Alex2010 at 2010-9-27 19:33
...I might even look "The Message". cjamessyee's first post that doesn't smell like cut'n paste propaganda.

that was before he posted more reviews praising the film.........
Patria est ubicunque bene/Obsequium amicos, veritas odium parit

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The 13th Warrior is another great one

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The Message is relevant today

I watched the film about the founding of Islam called The Message ( AKA Mohammed, Messenger of God ) tonight.

It's 3 hours long, but never boring.

Of Course it's script was "Approved" by various Islamic Scholars, and whatnot, and had the unusual conceit of never showing the prophet, or giving his character voice [ Except thru a narrator ( The great voice of Richard Johnson ), or by characters relaying his message, and orders, as required by the script ].

This was supposedly in accordance with Muslim beliefs, and meant that his seven wives, his daughters, and his sons-in-law could not be depicted.

This left Mohammed's uncle, played by Quinn, as the central character from the perspective of the newly forming religion.

The characters speak to the Camera when talking, and reacting, to The Prophet, and the Point of view of The Prophet is seen from the cameras view of what is in front of it, especially when he moves around.

This film was made to give voice to a Moderate Islamic perspective of a religion that its practitioners felt was misunderstood, or unjustly characterized by the West.

It fits squarely in the tradition of all the Biblical films familiar to western audiences in the 50's, 60's, and 70's.  The more unsavory facts of the life of Mohammed, the founding of his religion, and the contents of the Koran, of course, are nowhere to be found, but I don't hold that against the filmmakers of the time.  
To say that they would not be able to get away with that in the current climate is a waste of time, just as saying that making a reverent film equivalent, in quality, and unfamiliar perspective, to the Last Temptation of Christ would result in protests, and Fatwahs of the vehemence of the reaction to the recent Danish Cartoons.  The Script does its job in an intelligent, and thoughtful, manner.  
The acting, by its 3 famous leads is uniformally excellent, as are the performances of an international cast of Europeans, Arabs, Westerners, and African-Americans, in other important speaking roles.  The most unusual of this last was seeing early Christianity portrayed by Black actors as the King, Advisors, and courtiers of a Kingdom bordering the Arab territories.

The Cinematography is breathtaking, and the several full-scale battles are as well executed as any comparable ones of the time.

The Score was well deserving of its Oscar nomination.

The scenes shown under the closing credits are a reminder that Islam, radical, and moderate, is a religion that has spread around the world, and makes you sit up and take notice of this fact if you haven't already.

The film took 6 years to prepare, and a year to film, and the effort shows in its quality.

This is a film sadly long forgotten, but that should be seen now by anyone who wants to get a little knowledge of Islam unaffected by their own, or any Media's prejudices.

You will come away from this educational film with an understanding you may not have had before, and may be inclined to look for more information so as to be better informed about the Conflict with Radical Islam that the West has found itself in since at least a year after the release of this film.

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