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Movie recommendations anyone? [Copy link] 中文

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"My way or Guantanamo Bay"

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does anyone know the name of a movie that came out a few years ago about a live radio show set, before the days of television, where they aired dramas and showed people making the sound effects etc, just like the old mystery radio shows?

i cant remember it and cant find it

the reason i stick to wikipedia for movies is that you are just introduced with some facts, and are free to make your mind up by yourself.

you can look up actors, directors, studios, producers, cross-reference their work on other movies etc.  i've found alot if films that arent even on the wikipedia list of yearly films that way. besides, what is the popular consensus on cult classics? my point exactly. whats the movie popularity rating for films like Gentleman Bronco, Nacho Libre, Once were Warriors, FeiTianWu,  etc? there are hundreds of epic movies from private studios and obscure producers and independent film makers that have a story, a message, a view point, etc, all of which go directly against the mainstream opinion and shared views.

if all you see is what is rated highly by the doofus squad / mainstream, then you havent seen anything really, and most of what you have seen is utter crap

Robert Downey Junior is another favorite of mine, i laughed the whole way through the movie Tropic Thunder in a HK Theater along with half the other people there.

Will Ferrel is great too, anchorman, Semi- pro, That ice-skating one, blades of glory or something, and Dawn of time or whatever..Sometimes i see a movie just for the actors, i also like digging up old movies of up and coming actors and actresses after their first major role makes them well known, just to laugh at them.. even the movie is terrible, i just watch it for the acting of someone specific, which often leads me to looking up other actors and their film history.and i do the same thing for directors, see their earlier styles of cinematography

but actors can be disappointing too. dont mess with the Zohan, and 'Funny People' (the most unfunny people i've ever seen) are two examples of how a previously acceptable and even likable actor ended up bombing his entire career and popularity. i dont think Sandler will ever get another Disney movie.. he completely discredited himself, and nobody wants him near their children anymore.. unless he goes Gay, Disney is an example of how a great company can just be completely discredited, all the years of hard work by old mr. Walt Disney has degenerated into a red flag for most parents concerned with sexually explicit connotations and homosexuality and pedophilia and black-philosophy, and other dangerous perversions, which directly destroys their standing and credibility or the sake of a very few crappy personalities

in general, hollywood is pretty defunct.the only good movies coming out anymore are by independent film makers. Hollywood crap is very difficult to watch these days, everything is riddled with political agendas, homosexual agendas, 'jewish' agendas, perverse agendas, black agendas, or atheist anti-Christ agendas

holly-woof has become more of a platform for perverted interest groups to spread delinquent propaganda

the only consistently good films coming out are by Pixar and Marvel

in fact, all i watch these days are movies that came out in the 80's and 90's. i prefer Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Thai movies, but only ones about ancient times or fantasy stuff, hk cant make a good movie if their lives depended on it. culture heavily influences movie quality, and all HK has done or can do is make the 900,000th movie about political corruption, and the most degenerate of criminal behavior, but somehow told somewhat differently every time, and occasionally the actors even vary a little bit. the only thing they can do semi-competently is ancient stories, the modern ones directly reflect their modern cessy culture.

and thats the reason hollywad films are all turning into crap. it reflects the lives and attitudes of the people, and america happens to be a place of agendas, black,gay, 'jew', perverse, atheist, darwinist, anti-Christ, etc. thus, thats the sum total of their movies. even the great war movies are becoming more inbred than they are interesting.

its the apparent reason they keep remaking films adding their own agendas in, like robin hood, depicting Richard the Lion Heart, as a gay pussy-hearted bafoon who doesnt believe in the God of the Mighty Crusades, no, he was apparently actually a scared gay atheist with a foolish idea about a non-existent 'God', which all of England laughed at him about

i suppose they do remakes because their own movie would just be one about cursing God and being gay, semi-evolved homo-apes, without any storyline or plot whatsoever

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Originally posted by Baiquen at 2010-10-11 21:33

Col. Mustard with the revolver in the Study

Don't think it was actually the study door was jammed closed with some>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Lead Pipe

Chao Ren VFP

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Originally posted by cjamesyee at 2010-9-27 19:53
This is one of my favorite movies, i never have enough watching it. each time is like seeing it for the first time. the Arabic version of it is just as excellent with a all Arab actors. the directo ...

I agree with you

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i am very disappointed , because  good movies from hongkong  becomes less and less. so now i rarely go to the movies

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Snappy does Alex was a real hit for some.
jia na da ren

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Haven't seen that one.....who plays Alex? I'm in favour of George Clooney
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