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firstcause Post time: 2012-4-30 15:56

Britain seems to have expanded its role in South Sudan from an ini ...

Well I'm so glad that the northen forces and their Ayrab Janjaweed allies are coping. God forbid that they not be allowed to continue doing whatever they want, forcing half a country to secede from the whole since they were being slaughtered like goats.

Thank the nine hells for friendly vandal muslims.

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chinsyou Post time: 2011-9-30 21:11

Hi Uncle Chinsy0u!

This thread make me hungry

Time for foods!!!

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seneca Post time: 2012-4-30 20:48
See how great we Anglos are - a single Anglo can cause two African states to go to war against eac ...

Anglos are amazing of course.

An Anglo only has to glance at the borders of a foreign nation and should he so wish he can impose his will upon the peaceful but primitive tribesmen below and will them to fight. He only has to utter the phrase "let there be war"  and there is. alternatively by reporting conflict in the news, he also has the power to retrospectively cause the conflict being reported. Timewarp mega death power?.  

Time and time again humanity is afflicted by this ability. If it wasn't for anglos there would be no ethnic tension, bunnies would hug foxes, foxes would kiss hounds, and Sunni and Shi'ite muslims would send their women out in bikinis to belly dance in the local mosque and make sweet music with their former hated enemy (only hated ofc because of the anglos evil death stare power).

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verdane Post time: 2012-5-1 18:39
Anglos are amazing of course.

An Anglo only has to glance at the borders of a foreign nation and ...


Thankyou Verdane and Seneca, your comments have made my day.

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Obviously Wahabihaha does not have a sense of humour and takes offense at my mirth.

Obviously you are retarded or HAVE no sense of humour. Truth is, you are both. (I am an adjective and I am not a noun?)

Basic grammar fail Wahaha, obviously you are more retarded than me. I have a spot free in my Wednesday special Education class if you want to join. We are learning how to talk to adults next week, I'm sure it will be useful for you.

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Examine the extreme racist language by this Anglo:

zglobal Post time: 2012-6-13 06:41
You see how jfenix cannot be argued with. The logic part of her brain doesn't function.
Glad to se ...
The big black mouth decided to mouth off
The big black mouth then tore up the paper.

SO BIG BLACK MOUTH, don;t mouth off

Simple really

How is this extremely racist Anglo allowed to say this on China Daily?

Is this the Toppix Forum where hateful spiteful Anglos are allowed to put forward their racist views against black, asian, european, african and middle eastern peoples?

Diane Abbot (British MP): Anglos love playing divide and rule
David Cameron (British PM): Anglos caused most of the world's problems!

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Those damn Anglos. They are always doing something. First they invented penicillin, then vaccines against smallpox, polio, diphtheria, bubonic plague, open heart surgery, chemotherapy against cancer, cures for almost everything, the bastards.  Can't they use their time better?  I hate those Anglos and their foolish contributions to humanity.  They should be aborting the second born of every family in America.  Now that would be useful.


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