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You mean white people?

You mean white people, in white countries? The same white countries who have innovated practically every new piece of technology for the past 100 plus years. The same anglos who gave us cars, nuclear fission, TV, computers, gas burning engines, electricity, AC and DC, blenders, hot tubs, movies, x box, trampolines, rockets to outer space, satellites, cell phones, you mean those white people?

It never ceases to amaze me the sheer abundance of ignorance, as well as the sheer lack of education that most of the Chinese on a forum like this display. Don't knock anglos, you owe whatever comfort you might have to them, from air conditioners to your car, to the bicycle you may ride, yet you disparage them at every turn. I guess once the person is fed and no longer needs the hand that taught them to feed themselves, they turn on the hand and bite it. How very sad that so many people lack a comprehension of the big picture, and have so little gratitude, or the education to know enough to even have gratitude. Get a life and stop hating westerners. Maybe the person you really hate is staring you right in the mirror. Bye.

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Read properly!

Originally posted by Restorer at 2010-11-1 20:23
You mean white people, in white countries? The same white countries who have innovated practically every new piece of technology for the past 100 plus years. The same anglos who gave us cars, nucle ...

They said ANGLOS not white people!

Europeans are not uncivilized and barbaric like the Anglo troublemakers who have gone around the earth causing trouble.

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The imperial age is over...

time to move on guys.

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as long as the anglos are stayin at home...

what happened when columbus discovered america or some dutch discovered down under...unfortunately quite a few discovered zhonggou and the far east; they're just too hunger for human flesh  

*oops, almost bout africa & the carrib  

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Originally posted by petera at 2010-9-19 19:33
The Anglos got ahead because their pirates grabbed some of the vast amounts of loot the Spanish were
shipping out of the Americas.After the Spanish Inquisition and the return to England of the Jews after
Cromwell,England was financed and couls then rape the rest of the world and finance the Industrial.

Brilliant post! I am afraid it's lost on these types of people. As long as they look outward, they don't have to face what's within. These Anglos have a long history of projecting their evil ways onto other races. In fact, they've twisted and turned things in order to justify their evil and place themselves on platforms either as saviors or saints.

Remember that the American Indians who helped them survive here were savages. Although they brought disease and alcohol to the Indians, stole their land and even today one can see the damage. Indians from India were treated like crap by the imperialistic Anglos and deemed savages,, coolies, sand nigga, etc. all their wealth and knowledge stolen with them left to starve while their riches and resources were sent outside to feed the voracious appetite of the greedy, reprobate Anglos. Let's not forget the savage Africans whom stealing their resources weren't enough, but they had to enslave them! To justify that, they were savages too, the Aborigines, the Hawaiians(sp) and on and on.

This is a race of people incapable of admitting their faults. If you expect them to acknowledge that there are criminals amongst them, you won't read it here. Look at the crime stories they're so fond of quoting here and you see their children killing them, them killing each other, raping and kidnapping boys and girls and keeping them prisoners for years!

Dumb soap operas is their world and they're going to shove it down everyone's throat that is as crazy as them to believe that bs. They talk about black youths killing each other but no mention of the Columbine killers or other white youths who take out as many people as they can and ARE THE REASON SAFETY RULES FOR SCHOOLS HAS BEEN ALTERED!

Don't expect anything other than what we've always received from these people and that's LIES ABOUT EVERYTHING! AND NO ACCEPTANCE OR RESPONSIBLITY FOR THEIR EVIL ACTS, but they'll be happy and feel it's their duty to point out the minor problems of other races and that my friend is what HYPOCRITES DO AND ARE!

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EGYPTIANS and TUNISIANS are fighting back!

People in the Middle East are sick and tired of being enslaved by the Anglos.

They are wanting freedom from the Anglos.
No Virgin Girl in America

American can not live without SEX.

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UK caused world's historical problems

Wed Apr 6, 2011 3:21PM

British Prime Minister David Cameron says his country is responsible for the many of the world's wars and economic downturns, including the conflict in Kashmir.

Cameron tried to blame previous governments for the historical problems, tensions and wars, distancing himself from the current global conflicts.

“I don't want to try to insert Britain in some leading role where, as with so many of the world's problems, we are responsible for the issue in the first place,” said Cameron when he was asked about the conflict in Kashmir between India and Pakistan.

Following his remarks, political commentators accused him of apologising for the country's past.

“David Cameron has a tendency to go to countries around the world and tell them what they want to hear, whether it is in Israel, Turkey, India and Pakistan,” Tristram Hunt, the Labour MPand historian, said.

Tony Blair once apologised to the Irish people for the shortage of food in 1997. The Former British PM also expressed his regret for the British role in the African slavery in 2006.

Gordon Brown, the former British PM, apologised formally to the tens of thousands of children for being shipped to Australia and other Commonwealth countries in 2009.

Cameron's remarks shocked the audience as he had always praised Britain's past and called Viscount Palmerston a historical inspiration.

However, British Foreign Secretary and late PM in the mid-19th century shamelessly had backed their intervention in other countries, which later was known as “gunboat diplomacy.”

Kashmir, the northwestern region of the Indian subcontinent, has been in conflict since 1947. The original borders of India and Pakistan were drawn by Viscount Radcliffe, who was a British law lord and the chairman of the two boundary committees.

In 2010, Cameron's remark on Britain's approaching its previous imperial possession was strongly criticised.

In addition to Kashmir, some historians blame Britain for other international disputes. The Israel-Palestine dispute is also said to be Britain's decision in 1917 to make a safe home for Jewish people in Palestine.

The border of many countries in the Middle East, including the unstable border between Pakistan and Afghanistan, were drawn by Britain.

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