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Are Chinese Atheist? [Copy link] 中文

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It is a Myth That Chinese Don't Believe in God

Chinese believes in Heaven, which I call Heaven-God. with almost all the powers and attributes of God, even though Chinese atheists don't accept him as God. ... d=634434&page=1
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The Rothschild conglomerate is said to have wealth valued at over 300 trillion

So, what you are saying is that Chinese worship the Red Shield
(beast ex machina)

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Majority aetheist from my observations thats what most of them told me.

Paganism predates Christianity and monotheism.

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Your billionaires will join the NWO.

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Originally posted by kyosan at 18-9-2010 13:17
I'd like to restate and clarify what I said above.

The kitchen god and the dragon king are Chinese mythology but I imagine there are few if any people who believe in them nowadays.  

The reli ...

Does it boil down to simply "taking your pick".

Humanity has a long history of "gods" - these gods came in handy back in antiqity and even today they are handy in places where education does not embrace true science.

Humans are tribal in essence - they congregate in tribal clusters forming villages, towns etc. as tribal beings we come under the control of people who "take charge" of the tribe or community - setting themselves up as leaders usual through their strength and willingness to be ruthlessly aggressive when they feel threatened.

But one thing these leaders cannot deal with is the lack of knowledge about the real causes of natural phenomenom - things like lightning, thunder, crops growing , the Sun , the Moon, the Stars....... all these things presented a problem for a leader when asked to explain them.

But the answer beyond further question was "god" - in one form or another or as one deity or another. Now back this "god" explanation up with a punishment for questioning the existence of the deity and you have a very very powerful control tool that can keep someone in power.

Create a preisthood and build temples and organise feasts etc. and the deities rise in stature and over time a belief becomes embedded in the people - they use the gods to keep children from wandering into danger - they create a whole system of mythology to personify the deity. It becomes a more and more powerful control tool when properly applied.

Mutli deity societies were seen to be a very wastefull system about 1500BCE - so the invention of one single all powerfull deity was called for - enter the new age of god as "Sutech" - this one god system radiply evolved and spread - far more ecconomical - and of course a lot easier to present and provide.

But one problem always remained - the need to keep god as mysterious and intangible as possible.

Today the educated know what causes thunder and lightning, they know the Earth orbits the Sun, they know what causes the tides and rain and they know what makes the crops grow - the very basic mysteries that gave birth to the host of deities are the very things that show us the bs of religion - because they were the birth of deity worship.

Religion has evolved continuosly to keep pace with the way the stupid beliefs have been exposed - still some people are too superstitious to let go of the beliefs that have been so deeply ingrained in them since childhood - they want to believe the lies about religion that give them a warm fuzzy feeling - never once pausing to examine the big picture because they have been told that they must have faith.

The spread of xtain and islamic religion are probably one of the greatest feats of trickery ever performed.

Both based on the texts written by the Hebrews - albeit with islam many twists and turns have been added and the regime of extremely strict enforcement of the belief has kept it empowered. The xtain system is in a state of decline today - the Pope even said that in a speech in the UK yesterday.

The belief in dieties was replaced by the "one god" system - the one god system will be replaced by reality eventually where education and science highlight the trickery that is religion - the islamist religion will survive in a stronger form while the xtain system decays.

One of the silly mistakes they made when the xtain belief system evolved from the terrifying Sutech to the kind and gentle Jesus system was they forgot how powerful they said Sutech was - if we go back to the first book of their bulldust we find god created man and called him Adam then created a partner for him and called her Eve - great story for kids - add a snake personified as the"devil" - add some temptation and insinuate sexual activity - bingo - best er.......

But moving on they found the need to phase out the old fellow because he was to angry and kept destroying cities and whole nations of people - so the need to evolve brought about a kind and gentle personified god - the mother of this new god was visited by the angry god who raped her and the new god was conceived.

Ummm - hang on a minute - this bad guy CREATED everything from nothing yet he had to make a virgin pregnant - make her carry the new god in her womb for 9 months - have her give birth and let him wait until he was 30 years old before he was set loose to work his magic?????

All this from a god who created everything from nothing - I doubt it - if he wanted to he could have just created and instant son like he did with Adam.

Of course the people who wrote the story forgot how powerful the big guy was didn't they.

The Chinese had so many gods - some kind and gentle and some fierce and angry - they never seemed to have the need for their gods to evolve - the mythology was a series of often beautiful stories - they served the same purpose as the multitude of gods around the world - they formed part of the overall control system - they gave a more rounded power to political control. But the head god was the Emperor. Much the same as the pre-Sutech god was the Emperor or Pharonic head.

Where the multi deities came in very handy was the blame for things like crop failure or floods could be blamed on them instead of the human god - so staying on side with the preisthood became a very important part of political power - and a very good reason to enforce religious belief on the members of the tribe or society.

Face the Future With Dignity - Man created god before god created man
Man created god before god created man and the world has been in turmoil ever since. Dots freak some people out - so they join them with lines that aren't really there.

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Originally posted by nebula1 at 18-9-2010 10:23
There are no atheists in foxholes.

That is in the main correct - probably because they are too young to have found out the truth about the bulldust of religion that was force fed to them since the cradle.

If a person grows up not taught religion would he not also be in a foxhole? Is it only believers who go to war?

I must admit that as a young man at war I did believe in god - war soon changed that - I begun to doubt then I took to studying more deeply the religious beliefs - not just the xtain belief - but I could not find the truth in any of them so I became a realist. Not an atheist - a realist - believing in nature and the natural laws.

My god became the one true god - the Sun - for that is where life is - we would not be here without it.

Face the Future With Dignity - Man created god before god created man
Man created god before god created man and the world has been in turmoil ever since. Dots freak some people out - so they join them with lines that aren't really there.

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