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Suspicious prostitutes' relatives receive letters from a police station [Copy link] 中文

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A police station in Hangzhou sent letters to relatives of suspicious prostitues to advise them to persuade their daughters or close relatives not to work in the salons. Those girls whose relatives received letters are workers of illegal hair salons which are suspected to have sex trade. Many of them do not contact their families for years. But its is uncertain whether they are really prostitutes simply because they worked for salons. Also, is that correct to send letters to their relatives?
I am a Beijing girl.

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This could explain why, under the preferred immigration visa pathway, visa 457, In Australia, hairdressing was removed from the list of desired professionals quite recently.

A quick look around shows that hairdressing is a two year course at a low level institute in Australia, about $9000 per year in fees.

There was an interesting article in The Age, I think, just a week ago, about the army of Chinese prostitutes coming to Australia on a student visa. The best hookers earned $10,000 AUD and the average hooker got $2000, per week. All tax free. The money is sent back to China, most likely.

So, Chinese hairdresser/prostitutes could come to australia, make a ton of money and successfully immigrate.

Maybe Australia would be wise to strengthen its connections with the Hangzhou police.
(beast ex machina)

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One really smart student sold her virginity on ebay i think the bid was a million quid from some pervy old geezer who has more money than sense.

From virgin to millionaire prozzy for one nights work, i call that smart.

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but look at this, really cheap Russian girls...

really don't know whey girls came to China to earn money like this. How much can they earn?  They depend on quantity nor quality...

global times

A dry spell

Business is a little slow these days for Tao Sanjie, a Beijing woman who provides foreign and Chinese prostitutes to male customers. She noticed things changed in April after authorities raided several establishments suspected of having ties to the sex trade.

Tao (not real name), a middle-aged woman, used to make big bucks but two of her top workers, Iva and Eva from Russia, packed up and left Beijing in May to avoid the stepped up enforcement.

The two prostitutes used to have more than 10 clients every day but the widely publicized police raids against prostitution dens, shady nightclubs and hair salons have scared away many such women.

"There have been no foreign women in my place for months," Tao told the Global Times. "There are only several Chinese girls."

Clients paid 200 yuan ($29) to have sex with Iva and Eva. Tao said the low cost made Iva and Eva receive more clients.

Tao met Iva and Eva through a middleman who used to solicit sex services from foreign women at the Seven Star Island nightclub in Beijing, one of the venues closed down earlier this year.

One of Iva's male clients told the Global Times that Iva had sex with more than 15 men a day.

During the crackdown, places like the Passion Club, or Tianshang Renjian, were among the popular venues that were padlocked.

Tao said efforts to find and hire new foreign prostitutes to replace Iva and Eva have not been fruitful.

"My friends even cannot find prostitutes from Japan and other Southeast Asian countries," Tao said.
"We have prostitutes leaving, but no one is coming," she added.

Tao said she is trying to be more cautious after the crackdown, and regular customers need to whisper the word "Siberian" when contacting her in order to get a woman.

Beijing police closed more than 250 hair salons that allegedly offered sex services and they have detained more than 1,100 people since April 11.

Police have broken up about 140,000 sex businesses involving 250,000 people annually, the Xinhua News Agency reported last year.

Wide network

The higher people's court in Shaanxi Province reported on its website Tuesday that two men in Xi'an, the provincial capital, were sentenced last month to 14 years and 8 years in prison for coercing three foreign women into the sex trade starting in December.

The three foreign women, aged 19, 23 and 29, were tricked by a man surnamed An who met them in Beijing and promised to help them study Chinese at colleges in Chengdu, Sichuan Province.

After they arrived in Chengdu, An turned them over to a man surnamed Xiao, who then forced the women to provide sex services in nightclubs.

The women tried to escape, but were beaten with electronic sticks.

One of them eventually managed to get to a police station.

The report said managers at hotels in Xi'an were invited to a hearing.

Police suspended the business licenses of the Hilton Hotel in Chongqing for 10 days in June after they discovered a club provided sex services.

Police later arrested the top shareholder of the hotel, Xinhua reported.

Zero tolerance

Wang Lequan, deputy secretary of the political and legislative affairs commission of the Communist Party of China Central Committees, vowed on August 31 that the government would adopt a "zero tolerance" policy toward the sex trade, gambling and drugs.

Beijing police also cracked down on shady businesses prior to the 2008 Olympic Games, the Southern Weekend reported earlier.

Two female Mongolian students who studied in Beijing ran a sex business before they were busted during the operation, according to the report.

Liu Wenyan, a lawyer with the All-China Women's Federation, said that foreign prostitutes are usually brought i
nto China by international criminal gangs that recruit women abroad and then  them to the other agents after they arrive in China, the report said.

Most enter China with a tourist or student visa but many come under the guise of being a member of an art performance troupe, Liu said.

Foreign prostitutes in China are often citizens of Russia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and some eastern European countries, the International Herald Leader, a newspaper run by Xinhua, reported earlier.

There are about 6,000 Russian women working in the sex industry in China, the report said.

Liu Wenyan said officials usually tackle the problem by issuing a warning to the women, reporting them to their country's embassies, and expelling them out of China rather than fining or detaining them.
I am a Beijing girl.

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If the author of the article is correct, and that requires a great leap of faith, as journalism is only slightly less ignorant and slightly more honest than politics, then we can assume (at "face" value), that women are brought from poor countries to China and raped/exploited for their sexual value.

Even still, the income is comparable to what is publicised about earnings in australia.

29 per trick (assumed USD) and 15 tricks a day =  450 USD per day. Chinese are said to make, on average, 2000 AUD per week. Exchange rate is not bad...90 cents AUD to the USD.

I expect the conditions are not comparable. Beginning with the rape issue.
(beast ex machina)

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Originally posted by St_George at 2010-9-8 14:13
One really smart student sold her virginity on ebay i think the bid was a million quid from some pervy old geezer who has more money than sense.

From virgin to millionaire prozzy for one nights  ...

Deffo smart, I remember the buyer was a Hong Kong Millionaire Businessman> perv

Chao Ren VFP

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Repulsive but sex s
Watch your thoughts, for they become words.

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