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Something Not Shown in the UK Free Media ....... [Copy link] 中文

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Originally posted by expatter at 2010-9-4 20:30

Yes what an interesting post from you .....................

The topic is media freedom in the UK ...............

A couple of quick questions:

Who did he send the DVDs to?

Why is he referred to as He or Him i.e. capitalized. Does he see himself as some kind of god?

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Originally posted by drwatson at 2010-9-5 23:51

A couple of quick questions:

Who did he send the DVDs to?

Why is he referred to as He or Him i.e. capitalized. Does he see himself as some kind of god?

The judge ..................................

Yes, someone pointed that out earlier on ........................

That could mean that the person who wrote the site believes that the antecedent for a person should be in caps .........

Or that the person who wrote the site thinks the guy is Godly ..........

I don't know the answer to that .............

I mean the guy could be sane or deluded I have no idea .........

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Muad’Dib - delusional or scammer?

V for Vendetta or J for Justice?

Website: h t t p : / / j f o r j u s t i c e . c o . u k

Download the British Defense Website leaflet: British Defense Website.doc

(This message is directed at all British territories, which, if not yet enduring all the extreme state oppression underway in the U.K., will come to experience this soon if nothing is done about putting a stop to it.)

Sick of being lied to by the propaganda machinery, robbed by the head of state and her functionaries, including the Inland Revenue?

Want to fight back and put an end to this incessant legislated theft from your pocket?

Tired of politicians’ lies, living in a police-state, and being watched everywhere you go by CCTV cameras, and being prosecuted for victimless so-called/invented crimes, being fined/robbed and punished for harming no-one and thus really doing nothing wrong? Perhaps for possessing a weapon for self-defence, having harmed no-one.

Want to fight back against government tyranny, lies, abuse, theft and oppression? You CAN prove your innocence without relying on expensive lawyers, who are really only in it for the money and not for YOU.

Lost your driving license and/or been fined for victimless so-called traffic offences?

Would you like to defend and free yourself and others by putting an end to state daylight and highway robbery and the state terrorism that THEY* perpetrate (like 9-11, 7/7/2005** and the murder of Jean Charles de Menezes) and use to keep you afraid, intimidated, compliant and in line? Want to avoid being branded a criminal by the state? Be aware that any convictions against you could have serious repercussions if you ever need to find work.

If so, I will provide you with a bullet-proof (if used properly) defence that you can use in court (if THEY* don’t immediately panic, get scared and drop all charges against you), in front of a jury of your peers, to clear yourself of all charges and bring down the evil system once and for all. Don't get mad, get determined!

To obtain this documentation and advice on how to fight against the evil police-state, including all necessary video and photographic evidence needed to clear yourself of all victimless charges, please send a donation of £100 sterling. We are so confident, that it works, that we will give you your donation back if it doesn't.

How much tax do you pay? Constantly rising council tax bills and costs of living, with the ever-decreasing value/purchasing-power of the money in your pocket, cannot possibly be met by your pension.

How much will the motoring fine be? How much is your driving license worth to you? How much will it cost you in higher insurance premiums, if you are convicted of a victimless crime and/or lose your license?

THEY* tell you to swear on the Bible, to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help you God. When they use lies and deceit to convict and steal from you. They are the spiritual wickedness in high places.

Threatened with court action, imprisonment? Worried you don't have a chance of beating the system? Well now you have that chance! Clear your name the only way possible. Gird your loins with TRUTH and put on the Breastplate of Righteousness and wield the Sword of the Spirit. Use God’s Perfect Laws of Liberty against them.

Please send your donation, only in cash, with your name and address, to:-
c/o JAH Publications,
P. O. Box 2129,
Canvey Island,
England.  SS8 9UF

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post is pending but you might want to have a look at one of his other sites:

h t t p : / / j f o r j u s t i c e . c o . u k

Delusional might be nearer the mark. Also sounds like a scammer!

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this one is even better:

h t t p : / / j a h t r u t h . n e t  /

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I kid you not ....!

you gotta read this!

h t t p : / / j a h t r u t h . n e t / s t a r w a r . h t m


(Episodes 4 to 6 inclusively)

Fact NOT Fiction
by JAH

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And he is a bible-basher....

Would be interested to have your opinion on his interpretations of scripture, Expatter. e.g.

"There actually was a REAL star war thousands of human years ago, in this galaxy, on the "Morning Star" [Venus] (Revelation 12 v 7; 22 v 16; Isaiah 14 v 12 in the king James Authorised Version of the Bible [which was the ONLY translation worth reading until the new "King of kings' Bible" was completed]); (Koran sura 6:76 and 86:1-4) and you were ALL on the losing side."

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