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Chinese Tourists Oversea Misbehaved ? [Copy link] 中文

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Most of chinese people are civilized,but every chinese people oversea is a  representative to all.

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If the government ask Chinese people not to wear pajamas in public ...

If the government ask Chinese people not o spit ...

If the government ask Chinese restaurant owners not to offer    d o g   meat ...

If the government ask Chinese people not to jump the queue ...

Is that government also ridiculous and racist.

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Chinese tourists

Hello from the USA:

As I travel around the usual tourist areas in the US (Kennedy Space Center, Universal Studios, New York City etc), I see and hear many tourists from around the world.  Many foreign languges are spoken.  I do notice recently a much larger number of Chinese tourists than in previous years, frequently in tourist groups.  I think it is wonderful that the Chinese people are now enjoying travelling abroad.

Something I do notice, which is merely an observation, is that certain nationalities tend to be very loud.  One of these groups is the Chinese.  When a family is together talking together, they often talk at such a loud volume that one cannot hear what is going on.  For example, at the various rides at Universal Studios, there is usually a speaker up front...and I noticed frequently, groups of Chinese (and some others as well) talking so  loud, the speaker was very difficult to hear.  I would turn and look at these groups, hoping it would be apparent that they were too loud, and would quiet down, but to no avail.  

That is about all I can say on this issue.  Other than this, I have found Chinese tourists to be very friendly and happy, and very much enjoying themselves.  Having lived in Hong Kong for a couple of years, and having visited China before as well, I have encountered many, many Chinese, and I have found them to be among the friendliest people in the world.  I think their culture does not frown on speaking very loudly in public, however,  not realizing that it is considered rude.  I just wanted to pass along my observations on this matter.  


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Chinese Exclusionary Act

For all practical purposes, the Exclusion Act, along with the restrictions that followed it, froze the Chinese community in place in 1882, and prevented it from growing and assimilating into U.S. society as European immigrant groups did.[7] Limited immigration from China continued until the repeal of the Chinese Exclusion Act in 1943. From 1910 to 1940, the Angel Island Immigration Station on what is now Angel Island State Park in San Francisco Bay served as the processing center for most of the 56,113 Chinese immigrants who are recorded as immigrating or returning from China; upwards of 30% more who showed up were returned to China. Furthermore, after the 1906 San Francisco earthquake, which destroyed City Hall and the Hall of Records, many immigrants (known as "paper sons") claimed that they had familial ties to resident Chinese-American citizens. Whether these were true or not cannot be proved.

The Chinese Exclusion Act gave rise to the first great wave of commercial human smuggling, an activity that later spread to include other national and ethnic groups.[15]

Later, the Immigration Act of 1924 would restrict immigration even further, excluding all classes of Chinese immigrants and extending restrictions to other Asian immigrant groups.[7] Until these restrictions were relaxed in the middle of the twentieth century, Chinese immigrants were forced to live a life apart, and to build a society in which they could survive on their own.[7]

Furthermore, The Chinese Exclusion Act did not address the problems that whites were facing; in fact, the Chinese were quickly and eagerly replaced by the Japanese, who assumed the role of the Chinese in society. Unlike the Chinese, some Japanese were even able to climb the rungs of society by setting up businesses or becoming truck farmers.[16] However, the Japanese were later targeted in the National Origins Act of 1924, which banned immigration from east Asia entirely.

[edit] Repeal and current status
The Chinese Exclusion Act was repealed by the 1943 Magnuson Act, which permitted Chinese nationals already residing in the country to become naturalized citizens. It also allowed a national quota of 105 Chinese immigrants per year, although large scale Chinese immigration did not occur until the passage of the Immigration Act of 1965. Despite the fact that the exclusion act was repealed in 1943, the law in California that Chinese people were not allowed to marry whites was not repealed until 1948.[17][18]

Even today, although all its constituent sections have long been repealed, Chapter 7 of Title 8 of the United States Code is headed, "Exclusion of Chinese."[19] It is the only chapter of the 15 chapters in Title 8 (Aliens and Nationality) that is completely focused on a specific nationality or ethnic group.

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Most Asians have No Idea of the history of chinese in the US

Clueless Sheep

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i am glad you brought this up.  look up my post and see i did mention about being so loud in public places that it aggravates other tourists and causes resentment and rejection for themselves.   I like to see that Chinese tourists are respected whenever they go and are welcomed.  They bring respect to their fellow countrymen.  True, friend was robbed in Rome airport, cheated by Taxi drivers in Europe.   That is fact of life.

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Go travel and see how westerner tourists misbehave

Mr tan go, when was the last time you visit china and hong kong? Most People are civilized and observe rule of law, spitting is fined, discarding garbage at proper bins in public places is observed. Chinese from the rural and villages behave less civil, ditto rural Canada and USA and Euros. Queing in line is part of daily life except for those from rural area. Often I see westerner tourists flagging a taxi at a road with double yellow lines( universalj rule for no-stopping), don't que up and talk loud! Why don't you do more traveling? Tourists have a way of disregarding the etiquette and civilized ways especially if they think they can get away with it in Asia.
As for littering, you should see the way the Filipino maids trashing HK Central during their holidays on Sundays. Loud music and yelling! Disgusting!Sample TextSample Text

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