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what do you think of China Russia military alliance? [Copy link] 中文

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Originally posted by BingSilk at 2010-8-10 22:53
Putin I think wants to form military alliance with China, but China was not interested  thinking make money with the west.

but now, the west esoecially US is restricting china economic developme ...

One word: Silly!

Russia is "WHITE" and we Chinese are... are... BEIGE :)...

Russia is Kruschev... Russia is Brezhnev... Russia is as racist as some of us Chinese are racists (me a fine example)... Russia boldly cut off MiG-21 tech and nuke assistance to China to an extent where no other nation has ever gone before on the premises we are yellow peril and hence tries to impose limitations on us... Russia conspired with America to nuke us!!!!

Russia and China is...  is... is as what we Chinese would term it -- similar to what's oil mixed with water...  Damn! I'm beginning to sound like a BP disaster report here... But come to think of it, it is as dissatororius as a BP disaster...

In other words: Don't be naive!

Putin's a killer. This was the claim made by Fox News journalist; Bill O'Reilly during his recent interview with Donald Trump. Trump's reply came in the form of a simple question. What, you think our country's so innocent?

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So let a Russian speak out what he thinks about China. I hope you understand.

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Russia is a polar bear,and it's insatiable!!

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Don't confuse Russia with Soviet Union plus communism with new imperialism under reign of Tsar Putin.

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Go to any russian site and search "china", the majority of Russians hate the chinese.

The only time that the russians were friendly with us was under Stalin but that was because under communism everyone was equal.

The russians hate everything about us, they hate our yellow skin, they hate our slanted eyes.

A lof of Russians share Nazi beliefs in that non white races are gentically inferior.

They believe that chinese are gentically inferior which is why they can only copy and steal russian arms.

Many Russians have a belief that China is invading Siberia with immigrants.

Many chinese immigrants/tourists are openly attacked in Moscow

Apparently on a russian poll

a higher % of Russians viewtheir fellow "white Christians" (Americans) more favorably than "colored heathens" (Chinese). Chinese are far more likely to be lynched on the streets of Moscow than Americans.

Then theres the question if the Russians can be trusted.

Lets say Russians have a reputation for dishonoring their agreements.

The leaders of Russia may not share this view, but I do not think alliance is possible if one population actively hates the other side.

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Originally posted by BingSilk at 2010-8-11 10:12
it's only half of the story.
No. It's "NOT" the only story. They (Russians) gang banged us together with the rest of 8 nation military coalition (Boxers) in the eighteen hundreds and the nineteen hundreds and they force us under the barrel of a gun to cede vast square kilometers of Chinese Siberia to them which included vast area of Manchuria. Port Arthur (Dalian) is a legacy to that.

remember Russians kicked out the Japanese and handed Manchuria back to China. and then gave atomic technology to China.

Don't be naive. Will you give something away for nothing?

There has to have been some kind of quit pro quo between [Stalin the Turk] and Mao, an alliance of kind maybe such that Mao's China gets Manchuria back while an informal one-on-one none-officialized deal was worked out between Mao and Stalin that Russia (USSR) gets titles to Chinese Siberia and the Northern Island of Japan once Japan is forced from the Asian Maninland.

Soon as this Turk (Stalin) kicked the bucket and Kruschev (White Russian) took over, the SSR/Russia withdrawn all assistance in breach of signatory agreement inked between Mao and Stalin. China should've sue for damage.

Stalin and others are starting go against China when Mao wanted Siberia back,  which was a very bad mistake on Mao's part.

Long live Mao Zhedong. The one and only real Chinese leader...

And no, Stalin didn't betrayed China. It was Kruschev who lost popularity at home because of his incompetence in the Cuban missile crises hence launched his yellow peril phobia (yes, he did made the yellow peril remark) storm at China (I suspect it might have been inspired by American strategical thinkings).

When Breznev took over, he picked up the pace by heavily mobilizing the USSR's eastern flank which borders China. China was preparing for a nuke attack from the USR then and that's when the underground city in Beijing was initiated.

If the Russians have the assurance China is not going to take back Siberia, then they will feel assured.

That's like saying West Germany won't want to reunite with East Germany and/or vise versa. Chinese Siberia is clearly part and parcel of the Qing empire hence Chinese territory. It was illegally forced from China hence we have every rights to demand for its reincorporation back into the Chinese nation.

For those of us who are Chinese: Beware of Russia, Vietnam, and India.  These three are troubles and, they are assuming we are easy to taker advantage of because we were so weak for so long. Therefore we must get out of this Sick Old an of Asia cacoon we've been encase and break free into the real us otherwise people sees us as easy pickin's...

Over the long term, I'd prefered Anglos and Americans over that of Russia, French, or the Germans as allies or as true comrades and buddies because we can at least talk to them and know what makes them tick.

We might be going at it with the Americans at the moment because of different national interests. But, over the long term, and based on the direction Beijing is taking, I'm betting when the Sino-American storm blows over, the term "Super Fusion" indeed will materialize.

But before that happens, America must be made to understand that there are things that we just won't tolerate and that we are prepared to go all out for it.

Putin's a killer. This was the claim made by Fox News journalist; Bill O'Reilly during his recent interview with Donald Trump. Trump's reply came in the form of a simple question. What, you think our country's so innocent?

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