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"Men's Day" [Copy link] 中文

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personally i support the advice although i'm a woman. why don't establish a festival anyway if it can please a large group of people, especially our "half sky"? of course, if that can be a holiday as well, that'll be best.

Calls for 'men's day' sparks heated public debate

china daily

A recent online poll of 6,021 people nationwide found 80 percent saying Chinese men are under so much stress that a "men's day", which is supposed to fall on Aug 3 every year, is essential.

Only 9 percent of respondents, on the other hand, felt such a day was not needed, partly because it lacks a historical precedent, among other things.

Many voters said Aug 3 is appropriate because it is the third day of the eighth month, the opposite of International Women's Day, which is the eighth day of the third month.

"Men are living under greater pressure than women, and statistics show the life span of men is 10 years shorter compared with women in general," said a netizen named "dazzling breeze" on the forum. "In this sense, men deserve to have such a day to ease their burdens."

A decade ago, the song It's not a crime for men to cry by Hong Kong pop star Andy Lau resonated deeply among male audiences.

Lately, people advocating for the establishment of a men's day are looking back wistfully the song's theme of compassion.

In a notable example, the famous Chinese pop band Yuquan recently composed a theme song for the "2010 international men's day" co-organized by the four major men's magazines on the mainland, including Esquire, For Him Magazine, Men's Health and Bazaar Men.

The pop duo said they are seeking to illustrate men's tough and gentle sides in the tune.

But different voices are being heard, too.

Wen Qiang, an editor of Shanghai Foreign Language Education Press, said that he finds that the so-called men's day simply doesn't make sense.

"It is totally unnecessary to set up a men's day. To me, the source of men's stress is their craving for recognition from society," said Wen, a self-proclaimed chauvinist.

"If a man has his tough appearance threatened, and his weak inner heart exposed, he will feel even more stressed. After all, it is not widely accepted that a man can boldly show his feminine characteristics on the outside."

Men's day, he said, is a tool for those who worry about the rise of women's social status.

"It is true that some women are overtaking men in the fields of economy, culture and politics," said Wen.

"But here in China, and all over the world, men's dominance has not been threatened."

Xu Anqi, a researcher at the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, agreed that the concept of a men's day does not hold water in terms of addressing the balance between men and women and their roles in society.

"As far as I am concerned, the people who voted 'yes' for the establishment of men's day are mostly youngsters with higher educational background," said Xu.

"They have seen plenty of women who have excelled in the workplace.

They feel their status is threatened, but they should bear in mind that improvements in women's work performances will not impair men's mobility."

Earlier retirement ages and a lack of education - especially in rural areas - are among the many problems women face, Xu added.

Moreover, "only a society with diversity", said Xu, "will be good for both genders".
I am a Beijing girl.

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Gender role reversal is a banker funded abomination.Death to the cursed New World Order !!

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Just heard Men's Day

Nice post,I just heard the words "Men's Day", very interesting.

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Why don't those men who wish to coin a men's day  become pregnant themselves?

Well, welcome them to stay at home and be househusbands. Is it time for womenfolk to wear pants now?

Viva for gender equality.

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Yeh. The shops and restaurents will take the chance making more business.

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Reply #1 polaris1120's post

I think it's only a hope for men, actually there are many unfair laws/policy between men and women...
women have 3/8 holiday (men NO), have maternity leave for almost 4~4.5 months (only 3 days for men),women can wear pants, mini-skirt, slipper, gallus in office, but...

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it is the first that i heard this,it is a new concept.i don't know the essential meaning  of  “Men's Day”.

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