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Do Miners in China need a union? [Copy link] 中文

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Unions developed over the last 100 years here not 20 years and the recession here was started by the irresponsible banking madness both in the USA and the UK.

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Hey, I am talking about the debts your country owns to other countries.

With the development, why did your government have to borrow money from other countries ?

Where did the money go ?

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Union cant protect the miners.

In Mumbai India, servants must be willing to work 7 days a week, otherwise no1 would hire them. They can go strike, but there are so many poor out there willing to take the offers, the strike would only cause them lose their jobs.

In China, the result would be the same. If miners can have unions, the gangsters and mafias can also unit together LEGALLY, and become extremely powerful, the mine owners will pay gangsters to protect them.  Strikes wont help, as there are people out there willing to risk their life for the money.

Such situation will continue until China's economy developing to a extent that people have a choice of not having to working in mine, or serious penalty on mine owners like death penalty.

Please always remember Chinese Ying and Yang, no 100% Ying, no 100% Yang, they complement each other.

The bad complements the good, the good complements the bad.

Very very few westerners understand this, they usually ask for 100% Yang, which makes them so naive.  That is why with so many smart and extremely intelligent consultants, western politcians still dont understand Chinese.

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They currently borrow about 35% from foreign investors. trade imbalances are something else, most Countires have a plus or a minus with one Country or another.  The banks were bailed out by the taxpayers in this case the government printed around 200 billion pounds and lent it to the banks.

THAT is the main cause of our debt crisis-banks irresponsible lending.

But none of this is a concern to the ordinary worker, they are not paid millions of pounds unlike the greedy bastards in the banking sector all they want is a fair deal and without Union representation they usually get ripped off.

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Let me ask you the other way :

You have a union that protects from government, and fights for your benefit from government, right ?

That is the good side.  Ying & Yang means that there is a bad side complementing this,  do you know what you are losing when you gain those benefits ?

have to go, talk to you later.

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Originally posted by seneca at 2010-8-7 15:27
So, ztoa, explain to us lay folk how our debts kill Chinese miners that are worked to their bones by Chiense slave-drivers in cahoot with public administrations (completely run by the Party)?

A ...

Seneca, that is about Ying vs Yang, OK ? I didnt link the death of miner to the debts of US, OK ?

I only say that based on the situation, at current economic stage, unions wouldnt help.

Like in Brazil, there are 4 million child labors, while their average income is 3 times that in China

When you are s elling  your political system, you  are s elling that "people have choice."

When you help the poor, it is also about "people have choice". Without choice, those poor people would still go down to the mine, it wont change.

You think those parents in Brazil rather let their children work ? hell no, they did that cuz they have no choice.

and this choice, the financial choice, is not given by voting, (voting gives you political choice, but not financial choice), financial

choices are given by economic development, so people have other job opportunities instead of risking their lives to make a good living.

Get it ?

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