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Why doesn't China respect life? [Copy link] 中文

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Originally posted by mikel at 2010-8-6 20:21
China has too many people, too few resources, and relatively low levels of economic and cultural development. It still has a long way to go before it becomes truly modern and prosperous, even by Ch ...

The problem of you and many naive Chinese is that you have no clue that the West while criticizing China, is doing worse things than China: check the hunting websites if they are not banned in China. Check out a US prison in California. Or simply look at the WiliLeaks videos.

When you look at Abu Grab photos, do you really understand them?

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How is the West respecting life!

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I live in the US, and I know about the US. I never said the US or any western nation is "good". I am simply making a comment on Chinese cultural habits, and whether they are "civilized" or not. If you spit on the street, have no sense of personal or public hygiene, and treat animals horridly before killing them for "food", you are uncivilized, period. And I dont care if you are Chinese or American.

China has many people like this because China's level of development is still very low. I see many Chinese recent immigrants to my town who hang their underwear outside in front of their house, they plant every inch of their back and front yard with vegetables, and dont care about how shabby their house looks with overgrown weed etc etc etc. These are all traits of a "peasant" lifestyle and they just dont know any better. They also talk very loudly on the streets, throw trash like it's none of their business etc etc etc....many many Chinese tourists are like this too when they travel outside of China. Imagine how they live inside China.

Face it, these are uncivilized behavior, and only time and education can fix it. In the mean time, this also explains why Chinese people are generally looked down on by foreigners, and why Japanese people, who tend to be much more attentive to their appearance, behavior etc, are much more welcomed. This is a fact, and every Chinese know this.

By the way, the Japanese are also cruel....every seen the video of japanese harpooning whales, or bludgeoning trapped dolphins in a bay red with blood. But at least the japanese are polite, and know how to form a line.

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Are those photos some people show on big posters at the Star Ferry Terminal in Hongkong also  Abu Grab photos ?

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too many low quality

people, eveyone from merchants willing to  poison laced goods to venders peddling captured cats and  to  to a population that will eat anything, including cockroaches and other ignorant peasants who still hate/drown girls because they think fat boys are better...etc etc etc. In China, life is cheap, and there are plenty of cheap people. This is why the recompensation for death in China from a plane crash is something like $500. And this is a huge used to be nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! See how an awful mudslide or earthquake kills thousands because some #### cut corners to make a profit building crappy and unsafe schools? Chinese dont respect the lives of other why should anyone else in the world respect Chinese lives?

Chinese officials dont enforce safety laws because they are corrupt and bought off....and everyone is out to make a quick buck, then try to sneak out illegally into other countries so that they can spend their days and nights working like slaves in the back of dirty Chinese restaurants in the middle of NYC etc. The whole thing is disgusting and a testament to the lack of moral standard in China.

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Google child labors.

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Originally posted by mariame at 2010-8-2 15:20
It is reported that the death toll from an exposion at a coamine in Linfen city of North China's Shanxi province early on Saturday has risen to 17. For most Chinese people, coalmine accidents have  ...

Since 2000, China has lost at least a thousand coal miners every year. In between 2002 and 2004, the number of deaths per year climbed above 6000, 200 times the number in the US for the same time period. In 2009, China lost 2630 coal miners, 77 times more than the US. In the long term, China’s output only amounts for 35% of the world’s coal, but China has 80% of the world’s coal mining deaths. Every year four times the number of coal miners die in China as die in the entire rest of the word combined. These statistics are not plain number, but many valuable lives.

It is a condition we all acknolwedge about China and in China but it is also a situation we understand.

What is scary or outrageous is not the number of lives lost, but whether China is doing something about a bad situation.  If China totally ignores the dire situation, that is bad.

If China is taking action, there is HOPE.

For me, I see China is more open with reporting on coalmine accidents these days and punishing those at fault in implementing safety rules, including executing the perpetrators.  This is a good sign as it shows enlightenment and willingness on the part of the authorities in transparency and dealing with the occupational risks in coal mining including severely punishing those convicted of putting the coalminers' lives at great risk.

China is in the DEVELOPING stages of IMPROVING the conditions of her people.  All implementations and changes (improvements, especially) take time and are especially hard.  

Losses and tragedies are indications of how hard any advancement is and should be treasured and not taken for granted.  

Besides punishing the culprits, EDUCATION for the people is equally or more important.

I see the host in this thread using "US" as her benchmark to compare and decry the dire conditions of China coalmining accidents.  Is she being realistic?

Wake up, my dear, if you sincerely mean to solve problems for China and so must all her people.

It is and it will be HARD WORK that brings you where you are today, not dreams or baseless criticisms.

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