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Should China relax one-child policy? [Copy link] 中文

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Originally posted by greendragon at 2010-7-14 15:14
Couple unlikely to have more than 2 or 3 kids, anyway!
and likely only 70% will actually be full time married!

Expect many SINGLE MOTHER's - can be 5% to 10% of the population!
So, improve soc ...

Single parenthood?

It's going to be tough really as China progresses and advances and as she relaxes to give her people more freedom or let the market place dictates,

But all is not gone and bad.

China can still check on any regression through -





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Originally posted by communistsec at 2010-7-14 15:13

I believe China should have relaxed the one child policy years ago.

China is a big country. Here population is not a burden if you treat the population as human resource. China must invent ways to manage the population. Still Xinjng and Tibt regions are under populated. No body wants to go to those regions and explore opportunities. Everyone wants to stay in the coastal region. This kind of mentality is not good for any nation. You have to be adventurous and enthusiastic to explore more in life. Distribution and presence of population should be same everywhere in China.

Brother Communistsec,

very well said.  

That is WHY China still has a long way to go .... into developing the many remote but fertile lands of hers.

I am sure that is work in progress.  The Chinese people must be PATIENT -- Key To Success, no. 1.


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In the ancient times in China, Jiang Hu, those shaolin fellows..

.....are single fellows who don't have "regular employment". Up to 20% of the population didn't get married, were "bonded maids, coolies" or were "shaolin" members!. This helped ancient China sustain a 400 million population except when famine hits due to the weather, wars, invasion by nomads!

Didn't you watch the movies, it's equivalent to British Desparadoes, Pirates!

ha ha ha

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Why China can't tolerate millions foreigner?

Now numorous Chinese go abroad and more
and more foreigners come to China for working as well.Due to booming economy and safe & harmonious environment.Though China can't
tolerate 150 millions foreigner right now.But you should believe China
will within upcoming decade.

Every coin has two side.Both EU and USA also must bare lots of low-cost immigration.Sometimes low-cost and high-cost shoud exist at the same time.

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My dear friend,China should insist one-child policy in next ten years.Pls look   
at your parent's Family tree.Almost every parent have more than 4 or 5 brothers or sisters.The result is blowout population rising  made our parents unable to enjoy their edcudation and living with high quality.

One child policy is in favor of whole Chinese upgrade living quality.As for one child support 4 parent.Government and company should take over its responsibility.

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Even with "controls", the "Foreign Migrant Population" is nearer the 22% Worker Number in the Malayan-Singaporean federation!

In China, even with controls, I would expect at least "50 million foreign migrant workers" post 2018!
Now we see Africans in Pearl River Delta, Indians in Hong Kong!

ha ha ha

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