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I Don't Believe In God [Copy link] 中文

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Originally posted by chansee at 2010-7-15 18:14
For those who believe in god, it is called 'faith' as there is no scientific proof that there is a god.  If you believe that god created us and the world, then you should ask yourself who created god.  If you believe there is a Creator, then who created the creator.  

Science has presented ample proof that the world and everything in it evolve through natural evolution.

You use science to justify your belief. I use reason.

Reason tells me there is no way to go from non-living objects to the most complex object in the universe - the human brain - in a gazillion years, without some sort of guidance.

It'll be more honest to say God is irrelevant to your life.

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Originally posted by lukezhao1 at 2010-7-15 13:41
God should be the one with highest power
I use the above God as what we mean God here which is unique and who has created our universe including human.
Who can say there is no God given everything in the universe was created by Him? It's ignorant if we little limited human turn blind eys on this fact.  

Do you understand species are evolved themselves? With modern genetic capability, evolution is a scientific fact now. It is ignorance if you shut out rationality and worship a irrational form of childhood indoctrination - called religion.

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but who created the creater who created the world, brainwashed chair?

Originally posted by chairmam at 2010-7-15 18:44
who create the world?
Who create the natural Law?

No one creates the world or natural law.

It is we human who study the world and find some so called laws to help us in understanding the physical world.

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Originally posted by matthew5_3 at 2010-7-16 00:19
Tian di.   Lao tian ye.  Shan di.  Tian shen.  
Tian Dao is the real Dao.
Jesus is Dao.

I have explained this to you in full a year ago. You are sooo thick.

Dao do not love you, period.
Dao is NOT human period.

How can Dao be Jesus?

Tian Di is the Chinese king under the sky. You have no fking clue about Chinese language. You are wishfully distorting things to protect your religion.

I bet you feel we are tearing your religion apart here.

But, you need to realize that there is no such place, in enlightened China, that ignorance can be maintained.

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Tian Di is the Chinese king under the sky

Tian Di is The Emperor abiding in Heaven.

He is God.

I do not want to argue with you here.  Maybe I will re-resurrect that old thread I started some time back, and I will argue there.

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Originally posted by chairmam at 2010-7-16 20:01

Before it, science have no idea.  

Hmm, sounds like you

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