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India really developing more fast than china? [Copy link] 中文

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With energy - you can synthesize petrol too!

ha ha ha

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there is 0.15% chance that india can surpass china.

the list is long and never ending.

just to give a few.

china have a long history of superpower house, longest living civilization still in one piece.

One government have flaws if the leader is a fool. but look at the leadership compare to every other.

growth in every area of life is in china, some part more then other.

but that is not happening in india.

India is a country where the people hate the government to a extreme kashmir, maoist rebel (hugh in india), most of the poor in the north.
there is too much for india to fix. the way they are now. their future look bad.

if you think their is a gap between to rich and poor in china then you never seen india.

at the very least chinese government don't face this much hate for their own people.

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everyone know the next superpower is china

the fact that america mess up so bad.
just jump start the era of china super power level by 20 year ahead of most people prediction.

even with the war america fights. i was think china will be the superpower in 2040

but because of the mini depression USA cause for themself. they lsot trillion wealth that is not coming bad soon.
the USA went for a crediter too the world biggest debter.

so i would say china will really reach the sole superpower at the year of 2021

their is many reason. just think of the basic. if you think different please give some reason that is not stupid.

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Ah..Come on guys..Indians love their country.

You wouldn't even know how it is like to live in a free country. You are happy about your life style( I mean city life style) but  think about the people who got displaced forcefully by your authoritarian government to construct those huge buildings and dams. How many of those whose livelihood is taken away. Last year there were 540000 demonstrations in your country( for rights).Do you guys even know that?

China is developed faster than india in the last couple of decades because there were sanctions on India after our nuclear tests. Technology driven business was restricted in India. But things changed now. Also,In last 2000 years, India was richest for more than 1300 years ( while china was richest for about 500 years). Ancient Chinese used to revere ancient indians as their gurus.

India is a free country where one can abuse our prime minister on his face if he doesn't like his policies. Can you do that in your country?

If there was injustice meted to you by any government official,would you be able to talk back to him? Right now, china is developing because of its autocratic government based solely on its decision and not consenting to allits citizens. What will happen when people are pushed to an extent and they snap? there'll be a civil war.

India, is a democracy, it is slow in development sure, but it moves forward with consent from all its citizens. Thus civil unrest is highly unlikely.

I agree that India has a lot of challenges ahead(corruption, bureaucracy, poverty),  but things are changing fast. Government of India is addressing them. It wont be long before we catch up with you guys. It might take us another 10 years , in the course of history 10 years is a minuscule number.

In 2000, chinese GDP was 1.08 trillion, right now it is about 4.97 trillion. Currently, India's Gdp is 1.3 trillion, so it'll take about 10 years for us to get to where you are right now (assuming we grow at the same rate as you).

Let me tell you this, a free country will produce people who are innovative, a authoritarian state will produce people who are subservient but hard working. You guys lack innovation which is essential for product development

Copycat'ing will help you to an extent, but to seriously become a super power you need innovation. I hope your government understand this and hopefully one day you'll all be free.

PS:  The article suggests that by 2020 India will be growing faster than china and not that India will be bigger than china economically. There is a significant difference between the two.

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NO !!!

The Indian government does not have the same controlling power over its labor class and the Indian people in general and the Indian media in particular.

But it will prove to be the more "healthy system" in the long run.

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Originally posted by zhenghg at 2010-6-30 09:37
The government must boldly take the lead to implement quality assurance for the private sector.

no, that the opposite of what should happen

the government is full of bureaucrats

only industry, in competition with itself, ensures quality

government always leads to regulation and then mediocrity, and then, when mediocrity is blamed, the government makes more bureaucracy to find out why things are mediocre and makes it even worse
(beast ex machina)

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products are inferior because there is a market

people like to buy things which break
(beast ex machina)

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