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Western media play along in the disinformation game [Copy link] 中文

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It is allays best to rely on "eyewitnesses" - there are thousands of Chinese citizens living in China and abroad who could tell it as it was.

Links to such eyewitnesses are available all over the internet.

Covering up historical events does not lead to any solution.

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w ww.gregoryclark.n et

He promotes himself with a huge "personal web site" - a "one-man-show", with biographical essays like this:

"deadlocked in Canberra"


"Good bye Australia"

"A new life in Japan"etc.

Obviously a frustrated diplomat whose carrier exceptions were not met

desperately craving for attention - but no one really is interested in his opinion ....


a few "history deniers!"

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??? "disinformation game"  ???

I wonder what the "game" is called when a government is blocking half of the internet ???

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Originally posted by seneca at 2010-6-28 18:21
provoke Westerners and those that depend on the Western media ...

"depend on"

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IchiNiSan, I think you make one major mistake with your argumentation: You say that all media is biased, therefore uncritical people should be banned from reading these media and indeed fed what a party deems appropriate for that cattle to know. But that is a bit like saying "every place is dirty", which may be correct but isn't helpful to determine how dirty a place is... Now when it comes to media there is inevitably a bias, coming in many forms, but the question you have to ask is whether or not it is deliberately and consciously misleading and distorting facts or is it a bias due to political agenda, information gap etc...
There are many excellent (Western) media which have an open discussion of its articles and whose facts are being thoroughly cross-checked and examined by many critical minds. If you use either CNBC or Fox News to inform yourself about US politics you're doomed of course, but for many other topics even they are a valid news source. To say that all media are intentionally and deliberately biased to serve a specific purpose is simplicistic nonsense. Nobody ever claimed that Western media, too broad a term without specification anyway, is unbiased. It's just important to know the nature of this bias to fully appreciate an article. It is much better to come somewhat close to the truth by informing yourself as earnestly as possible than to simply say 100% factual and unbiased reporting is impossible therefore I prefer to remain ignorant. Again I am one of the Westerners who don't blindly criticise China's handling of Tian An'men demonstrations, I think many more Westerners start to reluctantly accept that stability, even if ruthlessly enforced, was a necessary precondition for Chinas growth which most Westerners appreciate I dare say.

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Originally posted by ZhangKuang at 2010-6-28 19:04

You, as well as some other posters, have an interesting understanding of democrazy. People who are not sharing your view are defamed or have to shut up, correct?

I'll continue to post this kind of information. It's proof that not all people in the "free world" are brainwashed. However, I fully understand your position and where you come from. Your understanding of democrazy is limited to news/opinions which serve the purpose of regime change, isn't it?

Btw, G. Clarke is not the only prof./diplomat/correspondent/politician etc. etc.  who owns a web site.  Didn't you know this?

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Western media has morphed into a disinformation and propaganda monster...

There was a time when the western media (principally the US) were independent and thus far more reliable. All that has changed:

1) salon dot com; "Former FCC chairman: Deregulation is a right-wing power grab" by Eric Boehlert;

"May 31, 2003 | In a historic session on the future of the U.S. news media, Republicans on the Federal Communications Commission voted Monday to ease long-standing rules so that more and more of the nation's newspapers and broadcast stations can be concentrated in fewer and fewer hands." (In other words Big Business and which has since happened) my brackets...

And again:
"Clinton-era FCC chairman Reed Hundt saw something more primal unfolding: an extraordinary conservative power grab that could shape the political landscape for generations."

"A company like the News Corp., owned by conservative world-media mogul Rupert Murdoch, will be able to hold newspapers, television stations and radio stations in the same market." (In other words the once independent US news media will become less so and eventually belong to just a handful of people, thus making it more susceptible to having a common agenda and all that entails)

And this telling observation:
"Hundt warned that the massive media deregulation will exacerbate the dangerously close relationship that's emerged between sprawling U.S. media companies and the government. "If Dwight Eisenhower were alive today," he said, "he'd be warning us about the dangers of the military-industry-media complex.""

Note the final phraseology, "military-industry-media complex." (An update of Eisenhower's famous warning about the 'military-industrial complex'.)

The Pentagon

2) The late Smedley Butler (1881-1940), major general in the Marine Corps and twice awarded the Medal of Honour, "I spent 33 years and four months in active military service and during that period I spent most of my time as a high class muscle man for Big Business, for Wall Street and the bankers. In short, I was a racketeer, a gangster for capitalism."

3) The late President Eisenhower, another former army general, warned the american public in his final address of the 'military-industrial compex' (Big Business joining hands with the Pentagon and which has already happened).

4) It was an independent media that made the Vietnam war unpopular and helped bring about its end. The Pentagon learned its lesson. Ever since reporters are 'embedded' with the military and reported what the Pentagon wanted them to report ie disinformation as with Jessica Lynch and Pat Tillman, and which the media timidly reported.

Of course it would be easier for the Pentagon if they could join hands with the media as it had done with Big Business, thereby fulfilling the 'military-industry-media complex' Reed Hundt spoke of in 2003. And it seems that they have...

more to follow....

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