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Western media play along in the disinformation game [Copy link] 中文

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Originally posted by expatter at 2010-7-1 01:47
Many thanks for those very interesting thoughts.

The time you have put in will be lost on most.

But, for myself I am very much appreciative.

Thank you .................   


The time is not wasted if only one more person awakens after reading these posts. And it is very often the passive observers that these kinds of posts are for. It is a public forum after all.

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Here is a quote from Larry King (in today's SCMP):

"The daily grind is tough," King said in a phone call moments after his tweet [announcement to leave Larry King Live] went out. "And there are aspects of it, you know, when you've got to do tabloid shows, which is the nature of the business, you've got to do the girl that's missing in Aruba. It's hard to make the case that that is major news, but that's what news is today. And my curiosity runs to that, but not nightly."

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The usual wild cards and straw men. Create an enemy, attribute him with fictional, negative qualities, and then start throwing punches.

The people of Hong Kong are not so deluded, as the half a million people who gathered this year to commemorate the event. Mostly young people too, so this is not going away. Nobody outside the PRC is stupid enough to not see what this thread is. Some on the inside the PRC are just 'educated' enough to be incapable of forming an independent opinion.

Video footage of the event is freely  available online, as soon as you cross the border from the country where nothing happened in 198nine, and which didn't do all the killing.

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the fact remains

that transplant organ availability can be correlated to the number of executions of death row prisoners in China

that is not a straw man

all governments lie, and media is the servant of the lies, even creating their own lies to please their masters

the masters of government are those in control of the money supply

who control the supply of the RMB?
(beast ex machina)

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I would like to ask you to substitute "Western media" with American media IchiNiSan, as your criticism re CNN, Fox News, CNBC & co. of course is correct, as can be easily seen with the case of "WMDs in Iraq", where almost all American news outlets were adamant there are WMDs in Iraq, whereas all major (Continental) European media were very critical of this claim and cited International experts. The rest is history, nobody in Europe was surprised no WMDs were ever found. That's why I think it's dangerous to substitute English/American media with Western media, as many of its most reputable newspapers mostly aren't written in English. References in serious and reputable journalism include Le Monde (French), der Spiegel (German), Frankfurter Allgemeine (German), International Herald Tribune (UK), Le Figaro (French) and many others. For documentaries and background reports both the BBC and Al Jazeera are mostly excellent. Few American media can claim to be reasonably independant from either politics or corporate influences.
That's why I think your view of Western media is distorted by corporate media from the US.

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XINHUA - what more do you need in life ?

One source, one opinion, one harmonious society !

Everything else is simply rubbish, full of lies, gossiping, brainwashing, manipulating, controlled, censored, bias, just garbage.

Time to come out into the open and to admit that we have been wrong all the time.

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Reply #95 in_ningbo's post

Why this asking for substituting gives me a feeling we are negotiating, and trying to find a consensus to define, pinpoint and specify?

I don't deny the fact that there are indeed some excellent authors, reporters and editors in the West, and for a huge variety of different topics you have different experts in that field. But my main criticism still is that no matter in what range of the "bias", all the Western media are reporting from a way that is to be understood in the Western cultural context, the Western Style of Liberal Democracy dogmas and values.

The world and in particular the Western world (US, UK, Continental West Europe, Australia, Japan etc etc etc) get most of the (international) news sources from the three main news agencies. Reuters, AP and AFP. So, in the hectic of providing the fastest and most ing news, even normally "qualitative" media like Der Spiegel would simply brainlessly re-publish wrong pictures of the L.a.h.s.a. riot from Reuters with misleading lying commentaries. Something you would only expect from Bild. Yes the argument is that Der Spiegel would claim that it is because of lack of time blablabla, yet, these excuses to uphold their own reputation does not take away the fact that the main reason for not doing any due diligence is because their news also need to as they are also profit-seeking, and the lack of motivation to double-check the info again is because a Western Mainstream media like Der Spiegel has a pre-conceived bias towards the Western dogmas and values of liberal democracy. And therefore would rather go with the stream in reporting what they pre-conceived believe is most reasonable and logical. After all, why would a bunch of riot police only using the shields to defend themselves, they are in uniform and are communists! And that picture of that Nepalese looking "Chinese" riot police hitting a monk looks cool enough to attract enough readers and fit very well in the pre-conceived belief that uniformed communists use violence on peaceful monks, who cares it is a Nepalse police in nepalese uniform. This is the so-called well "reputable" journalism of one of your examples.

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