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@China needs to show the world its plans in case trade war breaking out@ [Copy link] 中文

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That's a sign of well prepared and standing on strength instead of keep yelling

1) Yuan is Not your business
2)Raised Yuan would not help US economy.

China is acting like a weak lady, trying to be stubborn with the mouth and explaining too much.

Its standing on one leg .   And its weak!

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no need for any plan...

wherelse can you pimp anythin that cheaper to produce & cheaper to buy it from & not to mention ontime delivery guarantee (you guessed it)  

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By showing its contingency plans if trade war breaks out means China is Not afraid.

Showing Plans==Showing Strength

The plan has to be very specific showing how China's economy fucntioning under the condition and how to retaliate against US actions.

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Originally posted by jordan_c_fan at 2010-6-26 09:05

Extremely simple and doesn't worth a thread, its plan is to build more plants.  
(plants=industrial buildings)
But its doesn't mean I approve of that.
[co ...

China will be in very deep $hit if it follows ur plan.

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I find it funny watching people attacking each othe over the US VS China trade war idea, you do all realize that they are so entertwined at this point a trade war would be suicide for both right?

China still only has a small internal economy at this point, it's growing but no where near the level that China needs to stop it's export based economy and the USA has no money and is in desperate need of Cheaply made products to maintain their life style, the US is slowly waking up after the economic crash but, just like China, it's no where near at a point where it can sever economic ties with China.

Speculating that one or the other would win is just blind, neither would win, Both governments know this and both governments are very aware they need each other. They argue and pretend to be strong arming each other but neither side is anywhere near a position for any real strong arming. China knows it needs to slowly raise it's yuan and it will, the USA knows it needs to respect China's soverignty and it will. I'm very glad people here don't control either country's foriegn economic policies or we'd all be up a very large creek without a paddle.

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What will happen if trade war broke out  ??

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