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Crisis Looming for China K-12 Schools [Copy link] 中文

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I would argue that European Universities are also better than American Unis for the following three reasons:
1. Many of the worlds best Universities are American, but does that say anything about the average tertiary education Americans get ? Hardly, it's but a small elite that can study there. European Universities, especially in the UK and Germany, are much more consistent in quality I'd dare say.
2. One of the biggest factors for University ratings are the number of articles published in English peer review magazines, which naturally favours English and British Universities
3. Europes economy and innovation is largely self-sustained and developped by European University graduates whereas the US does not manage to produce enough smart heads by its own, and heavily relies on top scholars and engineers from abroad. I understand this as an indication of the quality of tertiary education in the US.

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Reply #59 - for in_ningbo - Top Standards

"It's clear that China by now manages to produce some top students through its own education system, but the majority are still well below international top standards"

Thanks for the comments, in_ningbo. China needs to build more top ranking universities for sure, which will take time to happen. Equally, or perhaps more pressing, there have to be more colleges across the country to meet the growing needs for post secondary training, and naturally not all those colleges and universities will be top ranking, or up to international top standards.

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Reply #67 - For seneca - Bad News?

Obviously, not all news is good news. Seems some of your students come from parents who blindly disparage China's education and revere western education. They think if their kids can go to a western school, including a poorly managed and financed western school set up to lure exactly this kind of parents and their kids, then they have found the right future for their kids. And their kids will think they have secured something they are not even sure about.

For these people, they need to unfold the blindedness regarding Chinese and western schools. And their kids really do need to "open" their minds. They will realize, so will their parents, that not everything western is to be admired or is what they expected. Then they will re-orient and proceed with a better sense of reality and purpose.

There are also kids who think nothing but a western boarding school or elite school style of experience. This again is mostly instilled by their parents who tend to think so long as they have money to spend, they can buy a good future for their kids. Those kids and their parents will eventually get educated about reality.

Which kind of kids will likely become successful or more successful? The worshipping type, or those who seek to enrich themselves through western education? Who will experience more fulfillment or more disappointment?

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Reply #65 - For seneca - A Teacher's Job

Exactly what I meant. A good teacher will instill as well as inspire. And you seem to suggest that teachers in China do not know how to inspire, and that's not true. Many Chinese students grow up to become successful because one or a few particular teachers of theirs left a profound impact on them, inspired their curiosity, or challenged their intellect. In fact, many students can tell you one or two of their teachers who made a difference for their future.

There should be more of this kind of inspiring teachers, of course. Unfortunately, teachers cannot inspire creativity when their students do not learn anything.

And of course, if you know all the zip codes of a country, you are most certainly more learned than someone who cannot tell directions or locations on a map.

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Reply #22 - For indiefan - Speech Contests

"Whenever I see students giving speeches for UNI competition (and I have been invited to many), they are always in front of the podium reciting the speech like a robot"

indiefan, in fact, many Chinese university students are very elequent speakers and sharp thinkers. There was a regional university students' speech contest between Mainland students and Manderin Chinese speaking college students from other parts of Aisa, which was broadcast on TV. The Chinese team scored the highest and won the championship. Their team worked together nicely and handled all the questions and the debates spontaneously and beautifully.

And how about the following response by a former competing American Pagaent?

Question: If you could live forever, would you and why?

Answer: "I would not live forever, because we should not live forever, because if we were supposed to live forever, then we would live forever, but we cannot live forever, which is why I would not live forever,"

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For All Concerned - What Is Knowledge?

Have you learned something? How good is your memory based knowledge? See this quote:

"The word "genius" isn't applicable in football. A genius is a guy like Norman Einstein."

By a football sports analyst.

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Reply #77 - For seneca - Speech Contests

Those contestants were all fluent Madarin Chinese speakers. No question about it. And you know how many people speak Mandarin Chinese (and Cantonese, which has the same syntax and and culture root as Mandarin Chinese) across the South East Asian region.

That pannel of judges awarded points regarding logical reasoning, strengths of arguments, examples cited, persuasiveness, team work, resourcefulness, speech manners, and so on.

And that was a debate type of speech contest. Not a "recitation" contest.

Many English speaking foreigners and teachers tend to judge their Chinese students or counterparts in terms of their English verbal language skills only in workplace or classrooms. They conveniently forget that when their Chinese students hold an English language speech contest, the students can only depend primarily on rehearsals prior to the contest, and their non native language speech is significantly restricted by their limited vacabulary, limited cultural background understanding, limited listening comprehension in the area of English as a whole. No wonder these native English speakers are prone to judge their Chinese students as "dumb", "unresponsive", "unspontaneous", "unimaginative", etc.

They should really go to speech contests (debate type) held in the Chinese language and appreciate how lively and smart the speakers are. Of course, those English speakers will find themselves somehow "dumb" this time.

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