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Crisis Looming for China K-12 Schools [Copy link] 中文

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I am devastated by the destruction of Chinese K-12 education system by Westernization.

Obviously, textbooks are watered down like in the dumb US. Chinese Children no longer find school interesting because the remaining material cannot make them see the forest. They are struggling and starting to hate math like their American counter parts.

China can learn, to some degree, K-12 education from a few nations in Europe, but NOT, repeat NOT from the United States.

Another problem is the Education experts are usually not good at math. Their suggestions are stupid and limited to their own areas. To get the best idea on how to educate Math, ask Math scientists. To get the best idea on how to educate Chemistry, ask Chemists. Do not ask Educational majors, they are as useless as English majors.

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Education in Europe is not always better than in US: in fact, I consider the primary school superior in Europe, but US university better than Europe.

I think problem is not copy US or Europe.

The problem is how you consider children: are they just machine that must swallow brainwashing tons of informaiton, just to see among them the genius in the name of country progress?

Or are they human that learn all with their own interest? do you want to teach them how to build an atomic bomb and how build the biggest company, or do you want to teach them how to build an harmonic society where people know how to be happy, how to eat, how to respect peoples and environment, how to read, write and find their place in the society?

Now I can see so many brainwashed children here in china, they know how to play the last videao game, but show them a butterfly then they are scared about...this brainwashing is frightening. See  USA system too where Macdonald subvention education: yo see young children learning to read "I ..go day...every week..every monday..."


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I'm now only relating to China's primary education up to high school, as this is what needs to be improved the most in china - universities can be (and will be automatically) improved when there is a profound base.

China's education system is, as I think, too competitive - there is not really a second chance once you're a "bad student" and you figure out that you're approach sofar wasn't what you really want. Also, the classes are too big, especially for foreign languages but also for other majors.

Anyway, I don't agree that math experts are better at teaching maths than educational experts, if the educational experts understand what they're teaching (and high school maths is really not rocket science). In Europe, however, we have a mixture of both: my maths teacher held a Ph.D. in physics and also studied education during one year before teaching at my high school. But of course, a person with such an education is not cheap - and if this person, like in my case, teaches only 15 students, it might be considered a waste of money, especially here in China. IMHO it wasn't, tho.

This shows, what China finally needs to improve it's education: more financial means for it's schools. And it's unlikely that society will provide one million yuan for educating people who are just going to earn 1000 Yuan a month afterwards...

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Yasaw, I appreciated the information that I remembered during Chinese K-12 schools. My American counterparts never learn to remember, and they really know NOTHING. The dumbness is amazing. Many are masters of alcohol and sex, real trash.

The most destructive view is that science is not important: you only need to learn to eat and to do business. Without the insight of science, without the training of science, people become dumb. As we have observed in the US.

China should ban all computer games in elementary schools!

Everynow, I think China's education system gets it right for being competitive.

The bad students should not waste money. They should just go become a migrant workers. China does not need those. We do not need those fake degrees and dumb college graduates like the West. What a waste of money!

You probably do not know, Chinese colleges are totally bought out by money. They NOW admit rich and dumb students for money. Westernization will destroy China successfully. Most Chinese have no clue.

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"My way or Guantanamo Bay"

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Originally posted by Baiquen at 2010-6-14 12:22
Have fun in this fail thread!

Your grammar is strange. *Israel is a fail state.*         

BTW, the US colleges are pumped up by first-class researchers from around the world. China cannot attract people of that level.

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what we are is what we are...

me and you aint no superstar, and i kno is thatwe have so many distractions in our learnin process either in skool or after skool (the classrooms are just aint there) these days are just aint books but rather FaceBook & wii  

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