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Ugly Chinese And The World Expo [Copy link] 中文

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I'm just back from the World Expo and I find many 'surprises' there.

Unpleasant experiences

While I was amazed by the many fascinating things in Jiangnan, its peculiar trees, beautiful mountains, lakes, rivers and forests and its beautiful women, I was also stunned by the uncultured behaviour of farmers and workers from rural areas and remote provinces that had swarmed Shanghai for this event.

They bring along their bad cultures. They spit anywhere on the ground. They are loud and noisy. They cut queues like nobody's business. Children as old as 9 years old are wearing specially designed pants with a convenient zip below their groin to allow them to pee anywhere in Nanjing Road.

The World Expo is a great event but it has some disappointments too.

On my last visit last Saturday, visitors topped 500 thousand people. It shows that the organisers are capable of handling more than half a million visitors to an event in a single day without break down.

Unfortunately, the cutting queues was a great discouragement. People don't follow orders. They try to take advantage whenever they can. Always rushing and pushing and removing dividers. And the spit on the ground!

The big event

The event is not meant to showcase each countries' technological achievements and ideas for a better city living. It is designed to attract China's 'country folks' to their products and commercial brands.

The U.S.A. Pavilion is one of the most 'fey' (nonsense) and insincere pavilions in the Expo, showing only video clips in 3 of its 4 halls. The last hall promotes American products and brands like Amway, Microsoft, Dell, Chevron...etc.

Of all the eight pavilions I've visited, only China's is up to expectations. It shows their aspirations for renewal energies. They show off their electric cars. In fact, China is already using electric motors on their bikes. People as far as in Anhui Province are riding the soundless and environmentally-friendly electric bikes. This is one of the greatest astonishments I've seen in all the 5 cities I've visited in Jiangnan. Police in Shanghai are driving patrol cars that are powered by the noiseless electric motors too.

I hope to see better people in my next visit to China.
Malaysian-born Chinese

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Taikor, learn to love farmers because Westerners do not share your sentiment. Your feeling is a self-hatred of yourself.

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Taiko or psycho whatever, I doubt you are a Chinese.

I am more than 100% sure that you are a disgusting coward indian. Because only indians can use such disgusting words that you deliberately used.

But if there is any single Chinese who thinks the way you think, my serious suggestion to them:

Instead of using some bad words against the farmers for their non-urban behavior, why don't you just teach them urban manners? Why don't you teach them the urban way of life? Why don't you try to accommodate them into the city life? Why don't you try to be a different person and a responsible citizen by helping them out?

It is your fundamental duty to ensure that no body in China is left out from the ongoing progress and deprived of his shares of the fruits of economic prosperity.

And try to respect the farmers who live in the villages and grow crops. It is because of their labor that you get food stuff for your lunch and dinner. Try to respect the soldiers who sacrifice their youth, lives and everything to protect the nation. It because of them you feel safe at home.

No matter how rustic the farmers' behaviors appear to you, they are part of the nation, they are also sons and daughters of Mother China like you yourselves are and you can't simply insult your blood brothers.

If you do, Mother China will be angry with you and you will be cursed. Your life will be spoiled and you will punished for that sin.

Long live Mother China.

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Originally posted by communistsec at 2010-6-1 05:35
But if there is any single Chinese who thinks the way you think, my serious suggestion to them:..

Then try to understand the minds of the Chinese, when they insult others by calling them ... 'farmers'!

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communistsec: I doubt you are a Chinese

I doubt you're Chinese too. Any old timers on this board knows that I am Malaysian-born Chinese. And you sound like the old Jew who trolls here trying to con Chinese readers of his pro-China sentiment.

The sentiment about the unruly behaviour of rural farmers and workers is not mine alone. The same feeling is also shared by those living in big cities in China. BBC even had an article about this issue. And many overseas Chinese had returned with disappointment. I hear them saying that. It is a big problem China has to face.

I've always been speaking out for China and the Chinese people. This time, I had to be critical in order to help them. They have to know that overseas Chinese and foreigners do not like their behaviour. This message has to be clear
Malaysian-born Chinese

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A forumer by the name wanderer123 has a similar post above.

Clearly, I am not alone. In fact, there is the silent majority. Those who come out to speak against it are only the tip of the iceberg. There are many who remain silent about their shopping experiences and with the unpleasant sights of these farmers and workers.

Farmers and workers contributed to China's growth. Without them, China could not grow. However, it doesn't mean that doing one good thing, entitles them to behave badly in 10 other things. That one step forward, ten steps back.

Make this a national issue. Speak about it on the national television programme to bring about awareness of this problem
Malaysian-born Chinese

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taikor, it is time for you to leave China, immigrate to, say, Canada.

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