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Ugly Chinese And The World Expo [Copy link] 中文

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Queue jumping or spitting is a kind of selfish behaviour. Not that severe as cheating money like those in Wallstreet or in China 30-year-non-stop corruption which are more shameful.

Why overseas Chinese use "Ugly Chinese and the World Expo" title?
I think they know too much new improvement of modern China and at the same time they hold the concept of "China has 5000 year history--a civilized country". China is very beautiful. Then when they experience the negative side, the impact is strong on them. They have to use the opposite adjective. Kind of mentality swing.

Chinese people are developing in different regions in different resources. Do you know how many kids still have difficulty to access clean water and education? So said 9 year free education has been implemented, still it can't reach to them. Who should be more shameful?

I agree that queue jumping and spitting behaviour should be bring up to talk but not using eye-catching phrases.
Vision without action is illusion---Y.J.

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Originally posted by timbatu at 2010-6-2 12:00


You are criticizing the Chinese people not China or her government. Do you realize that you are simply not qualified to do that.

I personally find that massacr ...

Oh Timbo, you even didn`t bother to read all the posts otherwise you would know that OP is Malaysian born Chinese. And by the way....the only one really obsessed with "GHOD" here is you.....far more than any Christian I`ve ever seen. I can`t believe i still pay attention to your posts,not to speak of replying.....

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Originally posted by Kbay at 2010-6-2 16:13

Taikor is an overseas Chinese diaspora.
Like ABC, AUBC, BBC and CBC, their loyalty to Motherland China is no more than 51% at best of times.

Many will have found new wealth, and far better ...


You mean, just like you?

Another BBC mouthing off that he is really Chinese and not from a UK territory.  Where you and your mates 30 years ago ... didn't hear too many of you proclaiming your love for the 'motherland' back then, did we?

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Originally posted by Kbay at 2010-6-2 16:18
Taikor is probably a toffee nose English trained geezer. ...


You mean unlike you?

Who was brought up in a UK colony, educated in a UK related education system and attended a UK university?

Yup, none other than YOU, Kbay.

What a hypocritical loser!

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Originally posted by taikor at 2010-6-2 10:50
Yes, Chopstick guy. I'LL BE BACK!

You should find it painful a long time ago, not now when people start talking about it.

What is even more painful is when foreigners start to take videos of  ...

Hello Taikor,

I hope you are not tearing as you sound like you are.  I am a pretty tough person and if you are on the brink of tears, you'd better stay away from me.  I don't like cry babies and I won't be easy on them.

Do you know Bruce Lee?  Yes, I am referring to the legendary Chinese kungfu actor in the 70s.

To be honest, I am not a fan of Bruce Lee.  But recently I bought a collection of his old movie DVDs and I enjoy them very much. I became interested in Chinese martial arts movies after I watched the movie "IP MAN" starring actor Donnie Yen.  I also watched the sequel IP MAN 2 (starring Donnie Yen and Samo Hung).  I think ALL CHINESE should watch IP MAN and IP MAN 2 --- excellent movies showing real Chinese kungfu and humanity, as compared to Hollywood violent and wasted junk !


In one of the movies he acted, Bruce Lee (a Chinese) was outside a park where only the foreigners (white men and japanese) were allowed in.  When he tried to enter, they stopped him and pointed to a signboard outside the park which says "No Dogs and Chinese Allowed".

Angered, he fought those foreigners and kicked their ass off.

The setting may be a movie but it reflects the real life situation in those days but not too long ago.  The park is in China and yet Chinese are not allowed to enter.

Imagine yourself a Chinese (a farmer) and you are prohibited from entering the park (Shanghai Expo) because of your colour or who you are -- Chinese, or a farmer with little or no opportunity of education.

How would you feel?  What will you do?

What I find your account at the Expo admirable and very encouraging is that CHINA has not forgotten this segment of her people who also make up the majority of her populatoin -- the hardworking farmers and labourers who may dress shabbily and their behaviour appear "uncouthed" in foreign eyes.  


In fact, the discrimination or absence of discrimination as in Shanghai Expo is something I had not given thought when I argued in another thread complaining Chinese's push and shove (Wanderer123).

If Shanghai Expo had been something different   ------- no criticisms but only praise ------- I would be VERY VERY DISAPPOINTED.

Because of what you share with us here, Taikor, I feel encouraged to visit Shanghai Expo even though I have not made any prior plans for it.  How many days do you need to see the entire Expo, do you know?

As for you, Taikor, as a person and a Chinese from Malaysia, you are a TOTAL DISAPPOINTMENT and a SHAME to all Chinese (just like that yellow- white man wannabe, Wanderer123) because

you are not a Chinese farmer

you have not experienced a hard life

you have not experienced loss and not having enough

All you know is to feel shame because the foreigners are clicking their cameras away and laughing (or angry).

Instead of confronting those idiots and giving them a piece of your mind (if you have any), you only know how to turn to the Chinese and say CHANGE CHANGE CHANGE !!!

If I were you at the Expo, Taikor, I will ask those people to fck -off.  Did you?

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I`ll visit the Expo end of this month and will post my report here. Spitting is fine with me, already got used to it, but if I encounter any queue jumper they`ll get something to hear.....this really pisses me matter who. I encountered this so many time buying train tickets.....

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This is some very good information.

Can I please look at the breakdown of the data on that.

It would sure be most welcomed.

Thank you in advance.   

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