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Ugly Chinese And The World Expo [Copy link] 中文

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Originally posted by Kbay at 2010-6-1 16:05
Same as your western 'farmers'.
It's all about education and culture.
Schooled urban wankers looked down on these grassroots.
Like Taikor's 'Middle Class' shyters.

My parents were farmers.
Many successful people with good careers in Australia, used to live on farms.

The difference is that here in Australia we try to ensure equal access to technology, government services, education and health care, for farmers and others who live outside the big cities.
Another difference is that we allow rural people to travel freely and to live and work in the cities and access services in the cities without any prejudice.

Rural people in Australia are subject to the same social expectations as people from the cities.
An Australian farmer who milks cows might smell of manure at some stage during the day, but after he has had a shower and dressed up, you would not be able to distinguish him from anyone else at the cinema or the opera.

Kboy might like to look at his country's own official prejudice against his rural countrymen which causes the problems in the first place.
"他不是救星, 他是一个非常淘气男孩" - Monty Python

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Australian Eum, in the US, rural populations are considered relatively more racist, intolerant and ignorant. I guess they are the same everywhere in backward Australia.

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[url=]China Tour[/url]

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Yes, Chopstick guy. I'LL BE BACK!

You should find it painful a long time ago, not now when people start talking about it.

What is even more painful is when foreigners start to take videos of your beloved rustic farmers spitting on the ground and let their children pee in Nanjing Road and the Oriental Pearl Tower! That would be 10 times more painful.

Face it! It is not your problem. It is not my problem. If you are Chinese national, you have obligation to improve your fellow countrymen's behaviour.

If you do NOTHING about it, you're doing a great disservice to your country!

Am I wrong to speak out? No. I want them to be better.


If you don't do anything about it, they won't change. And they shame your country.


If you feel inconvenient to do it, then let us foreigners do it! After all, most of us do did are Chinese too
Malaysian-born Chinese

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Timbatu commented that famers in Australia are probably just as backward and racist as those in the US
Other forumites have called farmers rude and disgusting.

Has everyone taken into account that we can only act as we are taught to? If you are looked down upon by "City folk" all of your life, if they sneer at you for the dirt beneath your fingernails and wrinkle their nose at the disrepair of your clothes, who is to blame?

The food you eat, the cloth you wear, the fuel you burn, it is all provided to you by these workers and farmers who are looked down upon.  Day upon day they labour for the spoils you waste and yet are they rewarded?
Usually they receive a tiny amount of money, not enough to buy the luxury goods we cherish, the high speed internet you are using right now, the mobile phones you carry around.
What do they get for the labour?
No respect, poor living conditions, second rate educations and the knowledge that unless they leave they are destined to curse their offspring with the same lifestyle. When they try to get into the city they are removed because they have no stable work, no permanent address, they become itinerant labourers working for a pittance.
You complain that they spit and defecate on the streets but do they have a comfortable bathroom to use?

If you already know that those around you will treat you like dirt because of your profession, why care what they think.

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queue jumping confrontation

My Chinese girlfriend took photos of people jumping the queue and later was confronted by the people who demanded that she delete their photos, saying she had no right to take their picture without their permission. A loud, interesting arguement took place inside the Polish Pavilion and a distrought pavilion worker tried to make everyone calm down. Of course, I added a little fuel to the fire by taking a photo of the confrontation. The jumpers never admitted that they were wrong to jump the queue.

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your awkward Chinese shows you are not from China

Originally posted by taikor at 2010-6-2 10:50
Yes, Chopstick guy. I'LL BE BACK!

You should find it painful a long time ago, not now when people start talking about it.

What is even more painful is when foreigners start to take videos of  ...


You are criticizing the Chinese people not China or her government. Do you realize that you are simply not qualified to do that.

I personally find that massacre of civilians in Afg is more heinous than spitting.

If you think love your nation means change it, can you stop wars? or, can we remove your stupid Ghod, namely the imagined nonexistent Jesus Christ, from your nation?

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