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Ugly Chinese And The World Expo [Copy link] 中文

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i have to say,even the phenomenon exists,it's understandable.they are not you.if you call them shouln't judge them as  city man.maybe in their eyes,you are the  filthy man.i kmow cutting queue is a bad behavior,i think these people know can tell them,change them.but not come here,murmuring how disgusting them,they can't know you.i'm not looking for excuse for them.i'm telling the better way.
farmers are growing vegetables.tthey live in rural.and maybe it's the first time for them to shanghai .of course nobody tell them rules about how to behave in shanghai.

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Originally posted by Mandy J at 2010-6-1 15:01
but not come here,murmuring how disgusting them,they can't know you...

This is not a them and us situation i.e. Chinese opinion versus non-Chinese (mainland) opinion.

As zhiran said, can you please explain why mainland Chinese people when they want to insult other mainland Chinese call them 'farmers'?

I'll give you a hint: uncultured, poor education (tks Kbay) and yes ... poor social behavior.

But wait ... who said the only poorly behaved people at Expo were farmers?

Yup, the Chinese here on the boards. As usual it's always someone else's fault. "Not us!" they shout. "It must be people from the poorer provinces. You know ... <whispering> ... farmers!" It's a bullsh!t reason for trying to save face, blaming others who are not so fortunate.

And now that you've laid the blame at their feet, you are insisting that non-mainland Chinese shouldn't have the right to criticize them.

Like that should only be the right of the mainlanders - even when falsely accused!?!  

This is turning into a farce.

If I were a mainland farmer I would be hopping mad with you guys!

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the internet can turn boys into men but can also turn men into dogs if we let dogs do as they wish.

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Originally posted by Desaview at 2010-6-1 15:31

It's ok... wealthy educated people in China queue jump too. There is no city vs rural war.
Do you enjoy being queue jumped?

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Originally posted by drwatson at 2010-6-1 15:22

This is not a them and us situation i.e. Chinese opinion versus non-Chinese (mainland) opinion.

As zhiran said, can you please explain why mainland Chinese people when they want to insult ot ...

1.i don't think farmer is a kind of insulting, maybe you have mock sb with farmers,or heared sb say that,anyway that's not what i mean.the poster say the farmers are bad behaviors.i mean what he said.

2.i hope when he saw the bad behaviors ,he can point it directly. he should come here,say how to change the situation, but not just complain.
you don't like the food,but you still eat them.then come here,say how gross it time ,he still eat today ,he complains about this .a fewer days later,when he saw again, he still complain.u think it's meaningful?and i said the bad phenomenon exists, i didn't cover that.

and did i ever say he have no right to criticize. can you think about my words all-sidely.i hope he can understand there are so many people in's impossible for everybody do whatever he want.

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Don't just look at outward appearances,
these humble folks may display poor social behavior,
but on the insides, they're sincere, warm hearted & kind people.
Talk to them and get to know them better,
you'll agree with me.:)

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Please don't shoot, I'm just a babe.

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Originally posted by taikor at 2010-6-1 10:19
communistsec: Shame on you

It's even more shameful to remain silent about it and allow those people to continue with their shameful behaviour, isn't it?

The people ...

It would have been better if you had said, shame on me!!

Did you understand what I wrote in the first post of this thread?

It is very natural that a farmer of rural background appears to be rustic to the city people. It is very natural that their manners appear to be very odd to the city people. How can you expect a farmer who used to work with mud and water all the time in the cultivating fields to act in a same way as the successful businessman of Shanghai city does? The difference is natural. But this does not mean that you have got a license to insult them.

Insulting them will not solve the problem. You see, I am not saying this problem does not exist. What I am talking about is the proper solution.

As I said earlier, the city people should accept them, train them and accommodate them in the city life. The city people have no other option than to incorporate them within their fold of their life styles. The rapid urbanization will reduce the rural areas and sooner or later the remote rural areas are going to be urbanized. A farmer who lives in the remote villages will one day become an urban citizen. This is a natural course.

We need to encourage them to embrace the urban life styles. But how can we train them if we hate them? How can we encourage them if we rebuke them? No matter, how much odd their manners seem to be, we must be patient and we must continue our effort to teach them the urban social behavioral pattern. This is the challenge we face and we the sons and daughters of Mother China must accept this challenge. You understand?

The Hukou system is a very disgusting system. A very discriminatory system. How can we discriminate the rural sons of Mother China against the urban sons of Her?

China is the People's Republic of China, not urban elites' republic of China. We must remember the founding stones upon China this modern nation state was founded. The people include soldiers, farmers, doctors, engineers, students, businessmen, entrepreneurs, political leaders, writers, teachers and even the unemployed common guys --- each and everyone is the son of Mother China. Everyone has the right to worship Mother China, everyone has the right to be patriotic, everyone has the right to contribute to Mother China. Mother China does not discriminate, She loves everyone equally. A Chinese man's first identity is that he is the son of Mother China, his occupational and social identities are only of secondary importance.

Therefore, every patriotic Chinese must consider other Chinese from different backgrounds as his blood brothers. We are a big family. We live for each other, we die for each other and thats what the Chinese nation is. If any of our family member is found in trouble, we all feel we all are in trouble, if any of our family members progresses, we all feel we all progress. This is fellow feeling. And we the sons and daughters of Mother China feel this way and this is what makes the Chinese nation different from barbarian countries. The concept of unity first came from the Chinese nation.

If we don't feel this way, barbarians like indians will start colonizing us. We face a portential external danger from the barbarians.

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