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HK election aims to pressure Beijing for democracy [Copy link] 中文

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Humiliating Defeat for Great Leap Democracy!!!

Glorious CCP!  Even HK supports you!

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Originally posted by chinawatcher at 2010-5-17 18:24
For you probably have never been aboard and see the world. Don't read what is in the news. Go and see it yourself ...

Who is this guy who claims to have seen more of the world?

Today is a great day!

I celebrate with Chinese patriots for the HUMILIATING DEFEAT OF Great Leap Democracy in CHINA!

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You mean the-MOBS_cracy?

That's a little better than demon_cracy.

But I am a gentle well-mannered person (95%).  I rather say democraZy.

In democrazic India Thailand Indonesia and Phillipine, they are still shouting and killling.

What's the deal?

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A complete waste of Hong Kong taxpayers' money.
These 5 worthless morons should be send packing, preferably to Austin's backyard.

Chinese patriots should unite and apply moral pressure and ask them to pay up for the ABUSE OF THE DEMOCRACTIC PROCESS AND LAW.

Discount 50%  non-negotiable.  Offer valid for 30 days.  After that, 100%.

Alternative:  they should all resign a second time, and they parties dissolved!

How can we entrust them with democracy when they only know how to abuse the democratic process?

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... humor me, but is there or is there not a Hong Kong C0mmunist Party?  Figured they would have been active in this whole situation - in terms of rallying the masses and prepping people for the coming "intergration" with Beijing, yes?
China's Eccentric 'Uncle Laowai' from Chicago, IL

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HK's election maybe the last hope of Chinese people.

I 'm not going to say anything, but there are some infacts you must know, The right will be abused if there is nobody supervise it. And perhaps many people didn;t know we lived in a  non-democracy country for a long long term. Thus this maybe the final hope in my opinion. In deed, maybe many  people know this, they have no encouragement to say their feels about this. You know it?

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I don't understand why these pro-China people choose to offer a brunch of insults rather than actual reasons.

You don't understand?  Really?

Because the Chinese have been insulted left  and right and centre here and everywhere!

But they are foolish!  Because Chinese patriots only unite with CCP even more!

I am a Christian!  I do not agree with your off-text interpretation of "equal"!

OBEY CAESAR!  ( i don't care how he became Caesar or who is he)

Need I say, OBEY JESUS?  Jesus is (fully God and) FULLY MAN!

I am a Catholic.  If this HK Bishop is in Singapore, I will petition the Vatican to retire him, because he will cause serious division in Singapore's Catholic Church!  And I will be very on-the-ball collecting signatures to make sure I have a big enough number!  And I will also petition my government to pressure Vatican to retire him!

And for non-Christians out there,

please do not forget there are many Chinese Christians united with you, loving China as much as you, in opposing Great Leap democracy!

We believe in ONE CHURCH!  And you "freedoms" people and "rights" people have fragmented the Church into little pieces!

That's good enough reason for China not to follow your ways!

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