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Awesome Expo but Uncivilised Behaviour [Copy link] 中文

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Originally posted by wanderer123 at 2010-5-13 11:09
Dear fellow ethnic Chinese
Or, you can take it positively and reflect on how a more civilised society can be achieved. If more of you fall into this category, there is hope that one day, the “white man” will respect us, the ethnic Chinese, as individuals and not just for the great achievements made in economic prowess and infrastructure development. ...

Don't do anything to make "the white man" respect you.
All you should do is respect yourself and each other.

When that happens, when the Chinese government respects the various opinions and beliefs of Chinese citizens, then you will find that the rest of the world respects you more.
"他不是救星, 他是一个非常淘气男孩" - Monty Python

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Pushing, spitting, manhandling.

TIC, as we expats say.

But, this is China and we accept it for that, as it is a part of the overall that is China today.

Many people spend their life criticizing China without ever thinking of why in 2010 it is like that.

There is much criticism about the recent past, and this fails to take into consideration that China has progressed maybe too fast and not all things will keep pace with the economy.

But it is still China, and the people in it Chinese.

When the manners catch up to your required level, then maybe the boom will be at an end.

And wonderful manners will signify a time of too Westernised and too conditioned.

Of course, you could always go to your favourite pampered spot in the world and enjoy your ideals of what a culture should be.

And not bother to experience the difference.

But then again, many travellers expect the abroad experience to emulate their own ideals, otherwise the experience is not true.

Try Disneyland next time, I believe they cater for many fantasies.   

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that's only one facet

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You're joking, aren't you....? (At least I hope so...!)

Originally posted by wanderer123 at 2010-5-13 09:09
Dear fellow ethnic Chinese
Thank you for your responses and comments.
There are basically two options in responding to my feedback.
First, you can join in the melee and lynch me for my comments. ...

What the 'white man' thinks of you is the motive behind your post? Your very existence? In other words some Chinese need to develop good manners not because it's common sense and good overall, but because of what others (in this case 'white man') think of them. Ummm, uhhh, yeahhhh....right... chuckle, chuckle, chuckle....

You are aware that your post reveals a lot about you, don't you....?

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do you mean that all the foreign countries' people are civilized ?  you can see the scene everywhere ~~~

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Aw senny, senny, senny...

Originally posted by seneca at 2010-5-13 07:00

Not a good idea!

He wouldn't 'report back' from the scene. He would make things up on the go from just about anywhere, probably against his hickville, Usania, backdrop.

He thinks the SHa ...

You sure know how to hurt a guy's feelings, don't you? I feel like you're ignoring me! That's why you replied to wowzers and not to me directly. Is it something I said? Or did? You don't like the way I tango....? Whatta guy....!

Anyway, as to your cowardly post: "He thinks the SHanghainese are China's 'worst'."

Actually I don't. I believe that expat losers who observe "butless (sic) cute little kids' and who live in China and yet hate the Chinese are the worst.

As for Shangahinese, well, you describe them far better than I ever could, to wit, "The Shanghainese, flashy, flamboyant, extravagant though they may be, do have a certain reputation as hicks. Males blithely ignore No Smoking signs in every place, indoors, outdoors, buses, taxis, waiting-rooms.  May it be their wealth-fuelled vulgar tastes, may it be their arrogance - sophisticated they may be, but that doesn't make them immune to being rowdy."

I'd hate to think what you think of the rest of China, Ooooops! we already know that, don't we.....?

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Originally posted by ganzhuolin at 2010-5-13 00:00
And from the bad behaviour of some Chinese in Shanghai you extrapolate it applies to all of China? So what bad behaviour was reported during the Beijing Olympics? Not much that I can remember. So how about assessing China based on the good behaviour of Beijingers...? Does that apply? Or does it not? Or that has never occured to you....?

OK, I will make it clear.

You can see people pushing, spitting, manhandling, dodging lines in every Chinese city everyday.

Is that an extrapolation?  Hardly, because in every Chinese city i have visited over the last 10 years of my time in China, I have seen it and continue to see it.

Time for you guys to stop being so sensitive. Sensitive to the truth.

You know it happens here. You just can't seem to accept people discussing some of the negative aspects of life here.

Is it China-bashing? Absolutely not. It is a normal observation. One that many Chinese people share (just don't want their dirty linen washed in public).  

If you don't want to see anyone making JUSTIFIED criticism of life in China, why do you consider it A OK for you to criticize oh so many aspects of foreigners behaviour in China, foreign political systems, foreign leaders, foreign people etc.

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