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Awesome Expo but Uncivilised Behaviour [Copy link] 中文

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The young lady at a neighbourhood restaurant...

Originally posted by wowzers at 2010-5-13 01:38
When was the last time someone held the door open for you?

My students do that everday, as well. They even buy me popsicles... and one of my adult students presented me with a package of vacuum packed camel meat a week ago!

But I have to say, as I indicated sooo many months ago on this very site, that I detected a change in the attitude of the people, especially toward foreigners....(although some on this site have denied this)...

It's another stage of development, I'd say...a necessary stage....

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Originally posted by wowzers at 2010-5-13 01:44
No rub, it is what it is.
Ask my wife and she wouldn't know what we are talking about cos she doesn't really notice it. (And if it's pointed out she just dismisses it with a shrug and her phone ri ...

The country and people are growing.... g'night....!

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Chinese people do need to change their behavior to suite the national image
that they tried so hard to establish. Not only Shanghai, I was in Beijing in 2007, when I expected to see more cultivation and civilization in people on the
streets, I saw spitting, littering so horribly awesome.

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Dear fellow ethnic Chinese
Thank you for your responses and comments.
There are basically two options in responding to my feedback.
First, you can join in the melee and lynch me for my comments. But please remember that this will reflect on you as a person and help to perpetuate the impression that a “white man” may have of you.
Or, you can take it positively and reflect on how a more civilised society can be achieved. If more of you fall into this category, there is hope that one day, the “white man” will respect us, the ethnic Chinese, as individuals and not just for the great achievements made in economic prowess and infrastructure development.
Thank you.

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World Expo

I'm a newcomer. I really expect to go to Shanghai to see the World Expo. And my Dad just came back yesterday. It only took one day for him to have a brief look at the expo. He said it was really so tired because so many pavillions that he was unable to visit all...

For the author's experience that he says he was pushed by many times. and also his wonderful experience on the other coutries. I want to ask that if other coutries also have such powerful" human resources" like China?? if so, maybe they're doing even worse than us.......

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Reply #1 wanderer123's post

Try Tokyo metropolitan subway, even Osaka! They still haven't solve this mystery of URBAN planning!

Quite bad too!
It's just HIGHLY DENSE city of Shanghai, that such attitudes grows!
Hey! Hong Kong is quite bad too, but i guess the people don't shove, push as much nowadays compared to long ago!

Perhaps it's the design and pedestrian control design knowledge of the EXPO designers!

In modern Cities such as in warmer climate of Hong Kong, Singapore, even Kuala Lumpur - yes our city is almost 6.5 million people, not so small! People tend to walk with BIGGER PESONAL SPACE.

There is an area of study call PEDESTRIAN FLOW.
i REMEMBER it was a subject in Singapore's Urban Planning, and our local TEXTILE elite!

I understand in SEOUL, once upon a time, in a poorer time 1980's,
People tend to cluster, walk in close proximity due to warmth and of poorer performing INSULATING clothes
So, these habit persist of walking in close proximity, and when an OVERSEA CHINESE who has better clothing, walks with traditional BIGGER PERSONAL radius, tend to cause DISPLEASURE of local Shanghai Chinese who are not used to the condition of the URBANE OVERSEAs Chinese!

so, it's only a matter of HABITs, and condition of the people in Shanghai!
IT shows to a CLOSE OBSERVER of humanity that Shanghai has certain inhabitant perculiarities!

FOR YOU, it must be an honest expression of disgust.
If it's an AMERICAN PROPAGANDA fella, it's obvious BASH CHINA attempt!
but for the knowledgeable, it's a condition of development, NO BASHING AT ALL, an observation!

Green DRagon
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In other words!

This create uneasiness with him versus the other pedestrians, mostly Shanghainese walking with SMALLER PERSONAL SPACE.

So, they shove you!
You feel disgusted, and complain aloud!

Urban planners solve this - changing Pedestrian Volume to reflect the condition expected of visitors!
Ie. they must understand the cultural background of visitors, estimate the mix, undertake PERSONAL SPACE pedestrian walk conditions, and create conditions to reduce instances of SHOVING and PUSHING!

and if anybody feel UNHAPPY, DISGUSTED, want to KILL SOMEBODY over this explaination......i feel sorry for you!

ha ha ha

Green DRagon
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