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Are Yellow Skinned People More Intelligent ? [Copy link] 中文

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Your comment then deals with people in the university system in China.

That you have been in contact with.

Do you mean the students or teachers, or both.

This Professor who worked in a UK university seems to think that there is much empirical evidence to support his theory.

Can he be wrong?

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Interesting thread, XP

This is an old "nature vs nurture" chestnut in a way

With the exception of Japan, which does not have emigration pressure, Asians migrate looking for a better life. This means that those who are relatively unable to emigrate stay at home. The more able ones, who wish to move, do so. The Professor only sees the offspring of these people, or at least, that is how he is portrayed.

In Australia, there is preferential migration for skilled migrants. Students also can gain permanent residency following their academic course, provided that it fits with the government agenda of "areas of need".

The skilled migrants speak for themselves. Their children are likely going to be brighter than the average student in Australia, because the skilled migrant is likely to be intelligent, educated and with superior motivation to succeed, passing all of this goodness on to the child.

The child, if born in Asia and youngish, will cling to the family, their network and mores, when in Australia. They will have a developmental experience concentrated in a relatively small sphere, at least, at first.. Socially, it will be hard to branch out beyond Asian immigrant culture for some time. This all draws the focus of the child to academic pursuits. And, as the child will be mixing with similar children, this will enhance their behaviour.

If the child is born in the foreign country, the child may well adopt the ways of the country, eg in Australia, becoming "Aussified". But this is only a dilution of the parents' ways, which still exert a natural force.

If the Professor is right, he needs to go to Asia. If his sample is just the students in front of him, back home  in the Old Dart, then he's a knob.

And he should be duly informed.
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Reply #16 lebeast's post

Gives a quite good explenation.

Any further Questions?
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Very good comment.

The premise of the question above hinges on what epistemological        knowledge the Professor is using as a foundation.

And you hit this very squarely in the eyes.

Although, in the case of the UK, most immigrants are those that can get two toes on the shoreline which then qualifies them then for entry.  The UK is just simply stymied when they want to turn them away, and there are something like 1 million illegal migrant residents. Not that Labour even tried to stop them and this may have contributed to the massive budget deficit.

I am acquainted with the immigration procedures in Australia and New Zealand, and although they can be claimed as racist or even anti-HR.

They do set a standard to protect the current indigenous society, after a certain manner.

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I didn't know there are 1M illegals in the UK. That's huge.

The UK must be more selective with immigration. I'm strongly of that view. When I say selective, I mean mainly, only skilled people, preferentially from certain countries. Call me whatever you will, but there is a limit. China has a much stronger policy, and despite the rhetoric, is not inherently socialist. The NHS is far more socialist that Chinese health policy, which actually is mostly user pays

But the UK is not the New World, yet it risks becoming so, and what is interesting is how the whole colonisation enterprise is being turned on its head. The colonies are all coming home to Rome for bread and circuses. It is as though the UK is becoming a new New World. That has huge implications.

Germany has been more sensible. France has not.

Although there is a lot of bagging of Australia for being racist, what is not as widely promulgated is the fact that immigration is absolutely massive here. The population of Melbourne in just 10 or even five years has taken a staggering influx of Asians.

So, there were a few bashings. If just one Chinese or Indian city had this level of immigration, the howling would be deafening. The bashings would turn to riots. There is simply no precendent in Asia that compares. Theclosest is Singapore being kicked out of Malaya after the race riots on Mohammed's birthday, because the Chinese were rich.

Still, all of this is off topic

However, it will be interesting as China develops, if there a Western brain drain to China. Only China can facilitate this.

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I believe and many others believe that the UK has almost ceased to exist.

The capital penalty on the internal financial system is now destroying it from within.

If we see rioting in the UK within the next 10 years it will not just be financial.

But also racial.

The worst combination.     

Western Brain Drain.

I saw in a Chinese paper the other day that the Chinese are actually holding job fairs in the US.

And actively recruiting US citizens to work in China.

I am also off topic.


Orientals brighter than whites as proved by a Professor ?

Are they?      

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I say this to the UK

get your house in order

this is your country, make it clear and say it

political correctness has no place when we are talking about sovereignty

Have a look at the migrant countries. Do they have similar levels of PC. If not, it's time to call a spade a spade.

The UK is the Mothership. Why is the current political environment so lost?
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