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"Thought Police Muscle Up in Britain” [Copy link] 中文

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An internet ‘ blogger’ is going to be arrested when he returns to England for incitement to racial hatred.  Paul Ray, aka ‘Lionheart’, left for the Middle East two years ago. He claims he was receiving death threats from Muslims which made it too dangerous to stay in his home town of Luton. He is a born again Christian and reformed drug addict who had reported Muslim drug dealers to the police when, he alleges, the police told the dealers and gave them his address.

Paul, a Christian Zionist, went to Israel and met a fellow traveller who was also looking for a hostel. Together they got a bus to the old city in Jerusalem, and went to the hostel that the other traveller had written down. The International Solidarity Movement were recruiting there. The ISM website mentions Paul by his original name of Paul Cinato, and they deny that he was photographed with them. But Paul’s blog has photographs of him and the group brandishing AK47s! The leader told them to delete the pictures but he kept his. The International Solidarity Group recruit at universities and colleges around the world and are trained to attack Israel by Palestinians. Later, walking around the town he met a member of the security services who advised him to get his stuff, and then drove him to another town.

On January 3, he received an email from Bedfordshire Police.  It was from Soviet-style “Hate Crime officer” Ian Holden: “The offence that I need to arrest you for is ‘Stirring up Racial Hatred by displaying written material contrary to sections 18(1) and 27(3) of the Public Order Act 1986. You will be arrested on SUSPICION of the offence. You would only be charged following a full investigation based on all the relevant facts and CPS consent.  ‘Paul I will see you on the 19/02/08 when I will tell you everything that you need to know. ‘Due to being out of the office for six weeks I will not have access to my emails as of tomorrow 04/01/08.”

Bedfordshire Police said, “We are aware of this particular internet site and we are taking action.” Paul fled the intolerance of the British state to America where he was trying to get asylum, but is now planning to return to face the thought police!

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The UK legal profession and the judiciary have between them fcuked up Britain.

They apply EU and human rights legislation to the letter not as a noble cause just to line their own pockets at taxpayers expense.  On the continent other members apply what suits them and throw out the rest.

Our governments have never done much by way of overuling them as they are themselves a collection of lawyers and they look after their own.

They are STILL totally out of touch with the common people in other words the majority.

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Absol. agree. Ive just come back for a holiday. Britain is now a police state. There is more freedom in China.  Seems like law alone is used without common sense. Now people get fined for everything (cameras catch people throwing cigarette butts out car windows) while real crime is probably rising!

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Aramaic is the language Jesus spoke.  Aramaic Christians are one of the oldest Christians around. I am glad that the language is alive.

Father Samuel's remark is a bit over the board, and it would get him in trouble in many nations with strong laws over racial and religious issues.

I am a Catholic too, and I kind of pity him and his predicament.  His experiences in Turkey have molded him and influenced his thinking. Islamophobia.

There are a lot of moderate Muslims around, in China and in S.E. Asia.

And, here's another news story: Catholic churches let in Muslims by Belgian Bishops.  What a world of difference!

Allah Takes Over Catholic Church
From the desk of Paul Belien on Sun, 2006-05-07 12:40

The Belgian Bishops have opened their churches to illegal immigrants in order to pressurize the Belgian authorities to allow the immigrants to stay in the country.

Most of the immigrant squatters in the churches are Muslims. They display banners in the church showing the name of Allah (picture taken in the church of Our Lady of Perpetual Succour, Brussels).

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Let's begin with the beginning... does China have 'world class leaders'? I don't think so. It has national leaders, and always
will have just that: National leaders. None of them would be capable of managing a consortium of states, a union, an association
of independent states. China will always pursue purely selfish, i.e. national, interests.

What a fool you are!

China has too many businesses at home.  And with friendly nations - it will be WIN-WIN formula, unless the other party chooses to fight !

Big wars are the nurturing ground for "world class leaders" like Napolean!

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Which puppet does seneca believe to be ...................

A world class leader ................................. ?  

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