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Vice-governor in mental breach [Copy link] 中文

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what about sending the governer himself to the mental hospital to receive electrica shocks? fortunately the victim didn't successfully killed himself and went out of the hospital after six years' suffering. i wonder whether he become a mentally illed person because of the treatment there and whether he was influenced by other patients' spiritual conditions. if not, that's so good, otherwise it's too crude to force a normal person to become a mad one.

global times

Zhao Tingyao, a vice-governor of Daliu township in Henan Province, was suspended last week after he reportedly forced a petitioner to live in a psychiatric hospital for more than six years, the China Youth Daily reported Sunday.

The saga began years ago when Xu Lindong, 56, a farmer in Daliu township, began his petition in 1998 after he and his neighbor, Zhang Guizhi, lost lawsuits against the township government over land disputes.
A new lawsuit is in the works.

Instead of getting his petition answered, the local government sent him to the hospitals starting in 2003.

Xu was sent to Zhumadian Psychiatric Hospital in 2003 and was transferred to Luohe Psychiatric Hospital in December 2009. His neighbor, Zhang, was sent to Luohe Mengyu Psychiatric Hospital in 2004 and left the hospital a year later.

Xu's medical record indicated he suffered from paranoid disorder in November 2003. The contact person on Xu's admission form is the vice-governor Zhao Tingyao.

The medical record said Xu received electric shocks five times.

However, Xu said he was tied up 48 times and received the shock treatment 54 times. He tried to commit suicide and escape during the six years he was detained in hospitals.

Xu's family members said they did not know Xu was sent to mental hospitals until one of them discovered it while visiting a doctor in 2007.

Family members also claimed that Zhumadian Psychiatric Hospital refused their request to remove Xu and take him home, saying it was up to the township government, the newspaper reported.

A district director surnamed Zhang said last Friday that they were entrusted by Xu's family. Zhang also said they did not know about the case before and that the government had started an investigation.

The vice-governor was suspended Friday, according to a notice released by a district government department Saturday.

Chang Boyang, Xu's lawyer, told the Global Times Sunday that the family will sue the township government and the two hospitals to ask for com-pensation due to the illegal detention.

Zhang Danwang, one of Xu's relatives, told the Global Times Sunday that Xu had a medical exam.

"The result of Xu's medical check is OK; we will take him home and go to do mental tests in a hospital appointed by the township government a few days later," Zhang said.

Zhang Zanning, a law professor from Southeast University, said hospitals have strict procedures about receiving psychosis patients and local gov-ernments have no right to send citizens to psychiatric hospitals.

Zhang said if the government sent someone to the psychiatric hospital without agreement from the person concerned and restricted one's liberty for over six years, both the government and hospital were involved in an illegal detention.

"Paranoid mental disorder is only a psychological obstacle, which doesn't require hospitalization," Zhang added.
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Mayor fired for ignoring hundreds of kneeling petitioners

south china morning post

The mayor of a city in the northeastern province of Liaoning lost his job for ignoring hundreds of petitioners who got down on their knees to seek fair compensation over a government land grab.

At a city government meeting on Saturday, Sun Ming was ordered to resign from his posts as Zhuanghe's mayor and its Communist Party deputy chief under the official accountability system, Xinhua reported yesterday. Zhuanghe is a city of about 900,000 people under Dalian.

It is rare that principal officials are held accountable for mishandling petitioners. The only similar case was last December when Shi Guozhong , party chief of Niuquanzigou county, Hebei , was fired after a Net posting revealed he told an elderly petitioner to jump off a roof.

The accountability system has been under fire for its ineffective enforcement. Its credibility was in doubt after a large number of disgraced officials were sacked but then quietly restored to new positions.

Sun's sacking came after more than 1,000 petitioners demanded to meet the mayor over land compensation and corruption. Many had even got down on their knees for more than 30 minutes, but Sun refused to meet them, Xinhua said. Sun was later penalised for the negative impact caused by his mishandling of the petitioners.

The Xiaoxiang Morning Post in Hunan quoted petitioner Sun Zhihong as saying the complaints were about embezzlement, corruption and negligence of officials on the local land reclamation project in the Longwang Temple village area in Lushunkou district.

"More than 1,000 of us arrived at the city government headquarters to talk about official corruption problems in our village," Sun said. "We waited for a long time, but no leaders received us. There was nothing we could do but kneel down in front of the city government, but even then, the city's mayor did not step out of his office to address us."

The People's Daily reported that an official said during Saturday's meeting that the seriousness of the incident would be a lesson for officials handling petitioners. The Dalian government was very concerned after the incident was revealed and told officials to process the petitions. As of Wednesday, at least half of the residents had agreed to compensation for the requisitioned land.
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Originally posted by seneca at 2010-4-26 20:51
Good news, but the GLOBAL TIMES needs to get its English up to scratch - yet.
Since when are towns in the hands of 'vice-governors'?

Oh, I thought it meant that those in charge of the towns were also responsible for gambling, prostitution and other areas of corruption and vice.
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Since this story is getting recycled...

... figure to restate my answer that I gave Tamson in his thread,  Chinadaily BBS >> News Talk >> China Watch» Mayor is pulled down by people's knees:

Originally posted by tamson at 4/25/2010 10:36 PM
But if we think it agian, the main point is to not to ask the officials to meet the villagers but to ask why these villager chose a so extreme way to express their appeal.
Originally posted by tradervic at 4/25/2010 10:39 PM
<smile> Because the "masses" have become hip to what is and what is not working in other parts of P.R. China.  The CCP thus is forced to adapt to the new environment - or dare suffer the wrath of a ten, hundred, or thousand fold counter response.

Flipside what would the CCP rather be dealing with in terms of protest?  The passive approach of Gandhi/King - or the aggressive approach of M@0/Pol Pot?
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