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Behind Dalai Lama's holy cloak [Copy link] 中文

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Originally posted by seneca at 2010-4-20 18:13
11: "...I think many westerners have  a romantic perspective of buddhism..."

What's that got to do with the DL?

In what way does the DL do 'harm' to a foreign country called 'China ...

The Tibetan government is no different from the monestary.  Do you know what seperation of church and state is?  Supporting the DL would be like supporting the pope for president.  It doesn't matter if westerners or easterners follow the DL, they are both ignorant about Buddhism itself.  

Although Tibetan Buddism claims to be a sect of Mahayana, they are reviled by all other sects of Buddhism because they do not follow the original teachings and resort to idolatry by way of the DL.  It's like how evangelism is reviled by other Christians.

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Originally posted by expatter at 2010-4-20 19:53
Seneca has been rescued from his collapsed building just one day after the earthquake struck. He was a given a tent, blankets and food.

Here is our intrepid reporter.

Reporter: Well, y ...

haha so true!  

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Originally posted by seneca at 2010-4-22 07:40

And that is why I get rubbed the wrong way by people in the Party or the media, or just posters such as some here, that badmouth, slander and lambaste the DL apparently on cue from the CPC medi ...

This has nothing to do with "CCP media".  I was raised in the US where for a long time I was taught that China was evil and the DL is good.  All of my views have been independently researched taking into account both sides.  If anything, I am far more brainwashed with western media because of my upbringing.  I realized that everything on the news or media cannot be trusted and decided to seek the truth for myself.  

You have a one-track, black and white way of thinking.  Not all monks are bad and not all monks are good.  Just like not all priests are pedophiles, but some are.  

I have seen monks who carry cellphones and gorge on meat.  One of my tibetan american friends asked them why they were feasting and they just stared at him blankly and left.  

You will say anything and believe anything just to badmouth, slander, and bash China and it's people.  You are worse than any traitor.  At least I do not go on American websites and bash America.

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Originally posted by seneca at 2010-4-22 07:45
(Continued to Wettie) Post 20:

It is obvious that you are even less of a Buddhist expert than I am. Your worst problem, however, is your partiality and therefore total lack of objectivity.

' ...

You know ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about buddhism.  The only thing you know is whatever news you hear in the west or whatever trendy band supports tibet.  Just like all the other blind followers of the DL.  

I have been around buddhism my whole life, My family has had Buddhist monks stay at our house, I even took an advanced course on Buddhism in my university.

If you know anything about Buddhism, you would realize that the tibetan sect of Mahayana is totally different from all other Buddhist sects including Zen and Theravada.  You would know that before Buddha reached enlightenment under the fig tree, he first realized gnosis under the rose apple tree and realized that Buddhists must detach themselves from the world and conflict because everything changes.  If you knew the parable of the mustard seed you would realize that suffering and pain is an inevitable cycle and one must embrace it.  On Buddha's deathbed he told his disciples to take ultimate responsibility for yourself and not to rely on Buddha or any other ascetic.  By worshiping the DL, you are breaking all the teachings of Buddha.  

The DL has broken the teachings of Buddha.  He is supposedly an enlightened being who is a boddisattva - someone who has reached enlightenment and nirvana but has come back to the world in order to help others reach nirvana.  It is obvious the DL is NOT the boddisattva because he has fully immersed himself in the world and taken on conflicts which is prohibited in order to be a buddhist ascetic.  

You claim I know nothing of Buddhism.  What do you know?  If anything.  You claim to know so much, you even talk like you are living inside my head.  Yet you have never once proven yourself to be knowledgeable and worthy.  You claim to know what Asians, blacks, and women are thinking, yet you are not any of those things.  You assume you know everything, yet you know nothing but ignorance.  You would even tell a electical engineer how to build a mosfet without even knowing what Ohm's law is.  

You are the kind of person that would tell a bird how to fly.  The only thing you are an expert on is how to be an arrogant bigot.

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QUOTE: "Aren't the CPC legally and morally 'compelled' tocome to this community's rescue?"

They are there, or are you blind?

After all, if some can leave, they must have been there in the first place.   

But had the little matter of the high altitude and blocked roads to sort out to get there.

Whilst your band of loafing fidimplic ergophobic monks were already reposed on the spot.

A little bit of expiation will certainly not interfere with their normally supine lifestyle.

Now tell me again if you can.

Who was the closest when the quake struck?

The ergophobic monks or the CPC?

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Originally posted by seneca at 2010-4-20 19:17
I just wish to bring to everyone's attention an observation made by many who watched the rescue operations at Yushu.

Who distributed food, clothes and fuel to the survivors of the earthquake?


  1. There were at certain times near-riots over tardy distributions of food.

  2. Don't forget the survivors now are shiverin in the open at temperatures around freezing point - or below. And they are starving.
Copy code

I don't know where you got your informations from but there were and still are teams from all over China helping the survivors and doing their best to bring the lives of all of them back to normal. No, nobody rioted over distribution of food but they patiently waited until this problem was solved and it was solved indeed. Nobody is shivering in the open. There are tents all over the place but if you had a clue you'd know yourself that tents aren't equipped with central heating systems and as we speak the temperature on the Qinghai-Xizang plateau is far below the freezing point.

It is really sad that everything you say, everything you comment on is an outburst of hatred and far, far from reality. The fact that China acted swiftly and decisively must be a real big pain in your @ss. In Youshu the monks couldn't do much to console survivors. Nobody expected the monks to lead the rescue work. Rather than talking nonsense over here you should make yourself familiar with the situation in Qinghai but I believe that will never happen because a blind man, and this you are,  is unable to see.

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Originally posted by satsu_jin at 2010-4-22 22:06

[code]There were at certain times near-riots over tardy distributions of food.

Don't forget the survivors now are shiverin in the open at temperatures around freezing point - or below. And  ...

well said

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