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American websites that translate what Chinese people saying on the internet [Copy link] 中文

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Originally posted by wetac0s at 3/25/2010 05:31 PM
That is why I think there should be Chinese websites that translate what Westerners are saying online into Chinese so that Chinese netizens can discuss it.  An eye for an eye.

... thought that was already going on - MOP and other sites.
China's Eccentric 'Uncle Laowai' from Chicago, IL

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Nope.  Chinasmack gets its content from MOP.  Chinese people could careless what Americans are saying.  Most of them are quite clueless.

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Yes, but most chinese don't know what Americans think of chinese people!  If you only knew the horrible disgusting things they say about us.

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Originally posted by wetac0s at 2010-3-26 05:02
There seems to be a growing trend of English websites like Chinasmack and Chinadivide that cater to China bashing.  They basically translate what Chinese netizens are talking about into english so  ...

Why the obsession ...

I rather would say ...

Why the "interest" in Chinese opinions ...

This is rather positive.

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Here is what one westerner on chinasmack said about Chinese women

lostinsz says:
Thursday, July 23, 2009 at 4:17 am

"I should add. Chinese women are very good looking even into middle age. Have a great way of walking. On the negative, they lie, manipulate and generally think men are there to to used. Lesson: use them and forget them."

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Another comment on chinasmack

the kid says:
Thursday, July 23, 2009 at 3:11 pm


THE WORST & MOST UNINFORMED CHINA SMACK POST TO DATE. need to get your facts straight girl!! i’ve seen one girl like that in the last 3 months and no one thinks there hot
……………………..that being said i will

Back home, white guys think nothing of asian women espeically chinese women, when thinking of hot asian women the only thing that comes to mind is Japanese…,
but when here in china, not all, but hardly any hot white girls even want to be in this country…… we have no choice but to mess with the local chinese girls, which have proved to be more hot cuter than thought back home, and im acutally into now a little bit.. thankfully enough…….

but have seen some serious monkey looking ones the last little bit…. anyway, armpit hair, the odd nipple hair, bad attitudes and bad mannors are the majoirty…..( not all… ive met a decent amount of chinese girls are really cooll,).but after being back in N.america i forgot the multi cultural aspect of all the women, ( clean women with nutrition !!) white to black to mix blooded from many generations of culture…not even white anymore just a complete mix…to south American ( hottest girls in the world) to malaysian.

It’s just too bad 75% of chinese girls personality ruins it all ….especially when they eat…..not a pleasant sight

ps. where I am right now, if there is a hot chinese girl, she is either married to a old creepy looking man, or a hooker….very unfortunate"

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