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Is Democracy Holding India Back? [Copy link] 中文

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Originally posted by satsu_jin at 2010-3-7 04:58 PM

I try to give my opinion as short as possible.

India is a highly decentralized country where political interests between New Delhi and the states clash ever so often. India's Federal States  ...

I agree with Satsu with a few modification.Naxals do get foreign aid most probably from a country on our western border whose intelligence agency  had always targeted India without even their governments consent.

Second thing the fact was why India chose service sector as its first priority was because there were simply no money to built infrastructure. If anyone could remember that India had zero dollars in forex reserves and India has to sell its gold inorder to pay for debt and to buy fuel from middle east. Dr.Singh's plan was to go for a sector that needs less investment and reaps good profits with in a short time. And the service and softwares comes first. Having large skilled university students produced in renowned universities meant software industry in India can be developed into one of the best and at the same time earning valuable forex reserves. The plan was a huge success. India's forex reserves jumped from  -80 million dollars to 287.35 billion dollars. Note : The Indian software model was adopted by Chinese cities such as Dalian as a role model for software and service development.

The second part of the plan was to improve infrastructure in pace with the economic growth. If you can see Egypt, it invested huge amounts of money on upgrading infrastructure while its economy stagnated. In the end it was a disaster, an infrastructure which has nothing to improve an agricultural based economy. This was the time when the first phase of the plan was going in successfully that the Congress government of Dr.Singh who was the finance minister then, lost majority and the government crumbled. The next government was formed under Mr.Vajpayee, although his leadership have been quite questionable especially the sectarian violence, however his government rigidly followed economic liberalization proposed by Dr.Singh. The Indian economy started to run high with confidence. It was at this time, the first phase of development had resulted in India's superiority in software and service field. And Mr.Vajpayee started the initial phase of developing infrastructure with golden quadrilateral project and the Indian economy grew significantly under his government. His government was toppled in the election and the next government headed by Dr.Singh but significantly supported by the Left parties assumed role.

Ecomic reforms continued with the first government headed by Dr.Singh although with little speed considering the pressure from the socialist , left parties. As India started to develop the increasing need for energy and an estimation to increase energy production to 8 fold, pushed Dr.Singh for Nuclear agreement with US. Which was quite a hard one to get passed in Parliament with considerable socialists opposition. The government finished its terms and the left parties broke away from the alliance for the fresh elections

In elections 2008, Dr.Singh reforms and plans which resulted in prosperity made people to choose him the next leader. Dr.Singh's congress party swept the election with a majority of its own and the left parties lost their support. Remember his first term congress could only sustain in a coalition government now he has a majority of his own which made the reforms to be accelerated at much larger pace. This term of Dr.Singh's rule is to increase infrastructure and at the same time concentrate on limited High tech manufacturing capability resulted in establishing new SEZ's across all country. And here comes 2010, with a predicted growth rate of 9%. And I am typing this in my beautiful house, an luxurious life and the upliftment of my family from a lower middle class to a prosperous family with in 10 years, only because of Dr.Singh's reforms.Who would have thought a minority middle class family that finds hard to make the both ends meet could be prosperous with in a decade. And I would always be grateful to this great leader of ours without him millions of Indians won't be living in peace,dignity,wealth and prosperity and many more millions who would profit as the time goes on and economy grows. And India, my country would once again dawn on earth as one of the greatest on earth. :)

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Originally posted by manoj10 at 2010-3-8 01:10

I agree with Satsu with a few modification.Naxals do get foreign aid most probably from a country on our western border whose intelligence agency  had always targeted India without even thei ...

Good post Manoj

Chao Ren

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Is Democracy Holding India Back?

First of all you have to know what thw word democracy really means. Democracy is when 51% or more of the people support the government, or government programs. In western countries like the US democracy only applies to the wealthy who control the media and limit public education; corporations rule many western countries. Democracy is not a two or three party political system, it is rule by the people.

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Are we all heading for a technologically advanced Utopia ? How wonderful ! Tell me when we get there !!

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too freedom, orgies of freedom is not a good thing, I think. every thing should have a limit.

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