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Propaganda media piece from the UK against China. [Copy link] 中文

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Originally posted by emucentral at 2010-3-2 18:34

I rest my case, ganzhuolin, and Expatter is on YOUR side !

What case are you resting? First we were talking about my liking the outcome of the Han Chinese defending themselves. Then you begin to talk about human nature and the discrimination therein. Now it's filtering by CD. So what? So the media in the west news agencies don't filter? Or refuse outright to post posts they don't like? Where the heck have you been....? You a newcomer to the internet or something? Or you think you're so special that only your posts should go unfiltered by CD while the rest of us are filtered....?

As for taking sides I couldn't care less who do or don't in my case. People who care about such things tend to stand on shaky grounds. Evidently you do...and do...

I don't...and don't....

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Ahhh, today's slither.

QUOTE:  As per THREAD TITLE, you were examining specific cases in the UK; UK, Hombre, not 'West', and not 'U.S. of A.'

Lead of Thread:
Propaganda media piece from the UK against China.

It is not very often you get a real tasty piece of western media biased propaganda that they use on their audience to keep them dumb.


Again it seems your reading level is far lower than you think it is.

You will notice that the case (singular) and not cases, is an example from the U.K. You will also note that the lead paragraph clearly states; “western media”.

Western media, as in, media from the west.

And your point is?

Slimy Worm  

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Sorry, away for some time, had things to do...

"I never set out to prove the government or face of democracy controlled the press.
I said that the money did."

You did however suggest that big companies and the government colluded to delude the people.  So.. if the press can (and regularly does) attack government leaders- what is this mysterious 'the money' and what does it want?  If its agenda is to keep the people happy (you seem to suggest that's why it attacks China), why does it devote much more space to criticising the situation in its home country? If it has, as you suggest, a unified agenda, why do different newspapers compete and regularly criticise each other?

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Well, duh, duh...and duh again....!

Originally posted by seneca at 2010-3-3 13:36

What were these 'Han' thugs "'defending themselves'" against???

They went on a rampage in factory dorms, attacking Uis and murdering two of them. And youcall that ...

Yes, that is sad, isn't it? Your 'concern and outrage' are both touching and understanding. Now who did the uighur thugs attack on the streets...? Evidently you don't have any sympathy for those victims coz they were Han Chinese... would you be more sympathetic if they were "butless (sic) cute little kids" of the Han variety...?

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