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Freedom of Speech is an Oxymoron. [Copy link] 中文

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The needle in the hay - "denying the holocaust".

That isolated (and quite controversy) case has become an all about excuse for China's heavy censorship.

If you have no better argument:  SHAME ON YOU !

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Sorry guys even it is Oxymoron, I view it more than my life

I just can't stay away from criticizing New Delhi

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Have you read 'White Tiger' by Aravind Adiga.

If you have can you give me a small comment about what you think about the contents.

I would be very interested in your thoughts on how representative it is.


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Here we go.

There is more than one case and, also the banning of M.Ps to travel to England because their comments.

The castigation of anyone German or Iranian for even saying anything not authorized by the establishment.

This is real and a fact, and a fact is a fact.

Prove me wrong.

I welcome it.

Shame on you for not having a real argument.

I am sure there is one there, but you won't want to find it.

I do not feel any shame at stating the truth.

Sure the holocaust happened, but if you deny it you go to jail.

It is clear cut and dried.

This is Germany, a democracy and the land of free speech.   

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you think repetition will make your argument stronger.

You are still talking about the holocaust issue (nothing more - nothing less).

This exception of the rule had been the subject of an ongoing controversy debate.

The argument of those who critisize this exception was exactly that we supply those with munition who want give "evidence" that we do not practice freedom of speech.

How right those critics were I can see quite well in a person like you.

I consider this exception a mistake (even considering the special situation for Germany in this case).

But to use such a rare exception now as an excuse for China's heavy censorship is laughable.

I do not take you serious. I know that you are intelligent and I know that you know the situation quite well.

You are just cynical and dishonest.

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It is you who are repeating Old Boy.

Not true.

I also referred to the jailing of someone in England for 5 years (first offence) for the printing and distribution of anti-Semitic materials.

Whereas our old friend who got the 11 years, is on his fourth encounter with the authorities.

Guess some people are slow learners.

In comparison, quite a fair sentence.

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Hi emu

I agree. With incident with the Brazilian, the police did cock-up big time. The officers that did the deed, made the mistake and should therefore be accountable to the law of the system. I know we can agree that we would not look to indict Tony Blair and the Labour Party for murder.

As for the other situation:

QUOTE: ………… was not mistaken identity. It was a bunch of young kids from a group not particularly noted for terror attacks, trying to gain refuge in a neighbouring country.

In this particular part, and only from what I know, some of these ideas make no sense.

For example:

‘mistaken identity. For who?

‘a bunch of young kids’. What a school outing to

‘not particularly noted for terror attacks’. So only a little bit of terror then?

‘gain refuge’. They were illegally crossing a dangerous border?

All the news about this incident is unavailable in China, but there are ways to access material for research purposes. It would seem that everything released to the press was from the very worst foes of China, because coincidentally that is where the travellers were headed.  Just about every anti-China quorum jumped on this and gave it life or even extra life.

My personal opinion is that crossing borders in this region, given the violence there since 1959 and the current activities in the west of China, it would be a very dangerous affair and that the safe way to do this was via travel visa. OK, let’s assume it is not that easy, then the alternative is danger. Crossing any border in Asia illegally can be dangerous, but it should still not result in a tragedy such as this. In International law you can only shoot when in mortal danger and this does not seem to be the case.

From what I know this group of 75 people were of mixed age from kids to middle-aged and they were travelling to get a blessing from the DL and maybe possible refugee status. I am not sure.

At this point I will make a leap of faith and say that the border guards acted outside of their orders and created an international incident. As this is an isolated incident, I believe that it is not government policy as with the open old East Germany policy and therefore a matter of poor process rather like the Brazilian shooting.

What I find difficult to accept is the whole Chinese government and its systems being held personally guilty for one incident by one or two of its border employees, which became a public relations coup for the DL financiers and backers.

In making this statement I would also criticize and castigate the Chinese Government for not taking the European or American line and ordering an inquiry. This can go on for up to 10 years until everyone has forgotten the matter and no one cares anymore.  

More than that though it shows an open process, and China is still very poor at the sophisticated methods of the western governments.

China needs to understand that even manipulating open procedures, is still far better than silence and a closed door which is open to every accusation.

Needs more work China.


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